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Chapter 1:

The time was midnight. A stark moon shone down on a poorly lit ally in Tokyo. Trashcans and garbage combined with scattered debris did little to distinguish this particular ally way from any other ally throughout the big city.

This ally was special though, for it was home to a Hanyou, or half demon. A Hanyou named Inuyasha.

Inuyasha's Perspective:

I shifted for what felt like the thousandth time, trying to get into a comfortable position amidst the junk that made up my bed. Frowning down at my stomach, I scrunched up into a tighter ball as it shouted another protest at me. God, I was hungry. Even so, all things considered, the day had gone fairly well. I had successfully managed to steal an entire slab of raw steak from the butcher down the street, when the delivery truck had arrived. After that it had been a simple matter of waiting for the damn thing to thaw out before eating.

On the other hand, I had almost died again, when that damn street gang jumped me, but I'd at least managed to get through it without getting shot. Only little cuts and bruises really. It had been my fault for dropping my guard. I had fallen asleep in the wrong spot, right after devouring that tasty steak. That had been stupid. I had been on the streets since I was a child; I should have known better.

The first half of my life, my bastard of an older brother, Sesshoumaru, had taken to giving me some tough love; by beating the crap out of me every time our paths crossed. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he did it to build my character, but let's be honest. He was just a cold-hearted bastard. That was my pet name for him. Or, if I was feeling a little sour, he was "fucker". Personally, I think his abuse of me as a child was his outlet for the anger stemming from our father abandoning us right before our mother died, a few years after I was born. But again, I think that's giving him too much credit. He really was just a bastard. Which is ironic, seeing as technically speaking, I was the real bastard. Which is why by the time I was ten and grew a brain, I ran away from my loving brother and took to a life on the street.

This lead to the second half of my life, where I am today at sixteen years of age. As a street kid, I was a spectacular failure. I was no good as a pickpocket; people with silver hair, golden eyes and white dog-ears tend to stick out in crowds. Begging was also out. Again my appearance was too unusual; I would ether gather a large crowd that just stood staring at the dog eared freak, or someone would try and catch me for scientific study or some other foolishness. All in all, I'd say my half-demon heritage has pretty much screwed me out of ever having a normal life.


Did I say normal? I'd settle for a humane life.

Shifting again, my head smacked against the cold concrete of the building that made up one side of the ally. I groaned, clutching my stomach harder. I was cold, alone, and above all else, HUNGRY. I'm a growing boy, damn it! One stupid steak is NOT enough.

Finally, I could take it no more. So, with a sigh, I got up once more, leaving behind my bed of Coke bottles and other things I didn't care to think about. I was in an area of Tokyo I had never been to before. I'm fast; probably faster than anyone else alive, thanks to my supernatural background, but those gang guys had been pissed! It had taken me all day and into the night to finally give them the slip. Now I was lost, but satisfied. Kicking that gang leader, I think they'd called him Kouga, in the balls had been GREAT! Maybe next time, he would think twice before fucking with someone while they were trying to sleep! I sniffed myself, gaging on the stench of unwashed clothes and piss.

I moved out of the ally and looked around. Traffic was non-existent this time of night, bringing with it relief from the bustle of humanity. Across from me, I saw a rather large compound that looked like a church or a shrine. Long steps lead to a walled off section where a fairly sized tree dominated the area. It was pretty, if one stopped to think about it, which I didn't. I was more interested in whether or not this place had any kind of food lying around.

Grinning to myself, I darted across the street, knowing anyone looking directly at me would only see a sort of blur. I was confident in my speed. Stopping at the entranceway, I looked in, ears alert for any sign of barking pets. The tree seemed to cover the sky this close, it's many branches streatching out like a plea to the heavens. A two-story house sat in the center of the compound, with a shrine close by. Not a church then. Not that it mattered really. 'I AM a half demon', I muttered to myself, unsure what a church would do to a creature like me.

The windows in the house were dark. No lights anywhere. 'Well it IS midnight, you moron'. I chided myself. Could whoever lived here be away? The house across from was silent, giving no clues one way or the other. 'Maybe I should watch this place for a few days in that case', thought as I leaned up against the tree. If no one was home, I could make myself welcome while they were gone. Nothing like a fresh shower and a full stomach to improve your outlook on life, I always say.

My plan decided, I searched around for a good vantage point for my stakeout. Seeing a branch high up on the tree, I grinned. Perfect! Leaping up to it in one jump, I settled myself in for a little sleep, and ignored my hunger pains for the moment.

Morning came with thunderclouds that day. In the tree, the hidden figure of Inu Yasha shivered in misery as sheets of rain fell, plastering his long hair to his head. For the girl living inside the house, the experience was a little different. It was a Saturday morning, and Higurashi Kagome was just getting up, getting ready for a day at the mall.

Kagome's Perspective:

I woke up to the sound of rain pounding the outside of my window. Yawning I started for the shower, humming to myself a tune I had heard yesterday on the radio. After washing up, I changed into a skirt and sweater, checking myself in the mirror. Putting my jet-black hair up into a ponytail I smiled at my reflection. Today was my date with Houjou! For the last year, Houjou, a tall good-looking upper classman at my high school, had been trying to get me to go out on a date with him. I don't know why I always refused him. He was cute enough. Something inside me just never let me accept his advances. He had finally worn me down though, and so today I was going to meet him at the mall for some shopping, and maybe a movie.

Giggling to myself, I hopped in a circle. This was going to be my first real date! 'I can't wait!', I thought, as I pursed my lips in the mirror. Had I put too much on?

Coming downstairs, I noticed how quiet the house was without my annoying little brother. Even though was fifteen and Sota's twelve, the age difference between my brother and I felt more like ten years. He was such a baby! My mother, grandfather, and brother had all left a few days before for an entire month, on a vacation to America. I could have gone too, but my idea of a vacation was any time spent away from my family, so I'd gladly stayed behind. My mother had left behind a credit card and a phone number in case of emergency, before leaving, knowing I could be depended upon. I loved her so much!

Looking at the clock I saw that I still had a few hours to kill before I had to meet Houjou, so I settled down in the family room and turned on the TV. A weather alert was warning people to turn off all electric appliances, since the storm had turned into an electrical storm.

Ironically this was the last thing I saw on TV, as all the power in the house suddenly turned off. I hardly paid that fact any mind though. I was too busy jumping up screaming, when a huge CRACK sounded outside in the yard. The sound was deafening. 'What in the HELL had that been?', I thought frantically.

Rushing to the door I opened it to check for damages in the yard. And damages I found. The great tree, the largest one in the entire yard, was smoking with a huge branch lying smoking on the ground. Luckily nothing was on fire; the rain must have put it out before anything could start, but wow! Lightning must have struck and blown something out in the house because it hit so close. The poor tree!

Resigning myself to clean up duty once the storm passed, I started to close the door. I paused, frowning, as something white caught my eye. What was that under that branch? It looked like... I squinted... A person?

With an oath I ran outside, rain immediately plastering my sweater to my body. Getting closer to the branch I could see that it WAS a person. Long silver hair fanned out, completely covering any features I might have seen of the persons face, but the body was completely still. Assuming it was an old person who got caught on his way to pray at the shrine, I knelt down next to it. (Although WHY someone would be out in this weather I chose not to imagine) Heaving with all my strength, I moved the large branch just enough to get it off the person.

Suddenly, I noticed something odd. This old person had fake dog-ears on its head! Oh well, I shrugged to myself; old people were weird like that. Turning the body over I jumped back, startled. This was a BOY, about my age! And he was... beautiful! That was the only word I could use to describe him; his features, framed by that silver hair of his, were just perfect. He had a large bruise over one temple, and blood was flowing down his face, getting washed away by the rain as soon as it appeared.

Shaking my head to get myself to stop staring, I prepared to drag him inside out of the rain and grabbed his shoulder. As soon as I touched him his eyes shot open, which was when I got my second (Or was it my fifth?) shock of the day. His eyes were gold! I mean, really gold, and I could swear on my life these weren't contacts. These just seemed too genuine. All I could do was stare open mouthed like an idiot at this boy as he looked back at me with something like fear in his eyes. What, did he think I was going to bite him?

Suddenly I realized he had said something, and I had completely missed it!

"Huh?" I asked intelligently

He looked at me like I was one of the kids that rode the short bus. "I..." he said groggily, attempting to sit up, "I have to go." Swaying, he climbed to his feet. He made two steps, and promptly fell flat on his face.

"Are you ok?" I scrambled after him. My question had fallen on deaf ears; he was out cold. 'I guess that's a no.' I thought to myself. With a huff, I bent down, hooking my hands under his armpits, I dragged him into my house.

To be continued...