" The Morning After" Disclaimer: I do not own Kate, Dade, or any other character. This is for fun only.

The light peeking though the curtains was the first thing Kate noticed. Then she realized what had happened last night and a smile lit her face as she untangled herself from Dade to role over and look at him. He was still asleep with a light smile on his face. 'He looks so cute' she thought. She remembered his laugh the night before he was ticklish in place, she'd never would have guessed and his eyes showed so much love and trust in them. She was so much in her little daydream that she didn't realize Dade had woken up and was giving her a strange look. When Kate finally snapped out of her retrieve she realized the object of her, affection was staring at her with a little smirk on his face. 'Well I'll get that off' Kate thought. With the element of surprise, Kate kissed Dade hard on the mouth, but not before looking into his eyes, she found the same look of love and trust that was there the night before. Dade smiled against her lips were here own smile was laid. When the air supply was to little they broke the kiss, but both not ready to let go of each other so Kate, who was on top of Dade just snuggled up to then crook of his neck. Once there she let out a passionate sigh and said "Good Morning"

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