Sonnet for a Lightsaber

Created on the crystal caves on Yavin,

A rite of passage for thousands of years,

Making your own.

Held hotly in the hands of handsome, honey haired Jedi, it twirls and swirls,

Slicing and dicing evil maggots on steroids.

Red, blue, green, purple, Padawan to professional:

"This weapon is your life."

"It is clear that this contest will not be decided by our knowledge of the Force,

But by our skills with a lightsaber."

Yoda is a little nasty green master;

Leaping, jumping, Mr. Hoppity gives the Dark side a run for it's money.

Little green light sword flashes, dashes,

Glows with the flow of the Force, his most powerful ally.

Do you know where yours is?