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14th century Volterra

Year 1346


I had come to the Volturi young, coming to them in a barrel on the back of a demon. During the time of the Roman gods and emperors and when the Anglo Saxons were seen as barbarians. He was a soldier who had captured my wandering camp. We were heading back over the wall, to continue our journey to find a new encampment before the snow. We were nomads, making the journey over the wall to sell items and buy items that couldn't be found in the wild. Da was the leader, leading my mom and I and four other families across the continent. The men protected and hunted, and the women took care of the cooking and cleaning and the child rearing. We didn't have a home spot but pitched our tents wherever we were and as long it was safe. My happiest of memories are of laying under the stars. A single soldier laid waste, killing everyone, including my parents but I ran deeper into the woods, hiding and sobbing silently, covered in mud in hopes that the demon would continue its way and that I could…

I could what?

My parents spoke of no family, and I was on the other side of the wall, far away from the part that held civilization. Too far to scream for help…

It didn't take long for the red eyed demon to sniff me out.

"I hear your heartbeat, little one…"

"Bella?" I came back to reality to find Renata, dressed in light gold, looking up from the book she was reading. I smiled gently at her, reaching for her and she wrapped a sparkling hand around mine. I had been with the Volturi, a large coven of vampires, since what seemed like an eternity. Humans were only given to the Volturi as either food or to become a vampire and join the coven, but the human had to be gifted. I had two gifts…

I'm not affected by gifts that affect the mind. Master Aro hates that he can't read my thoughts and Jane…I've seen what she can do with her gift, and I am grateful that I can't feel the pain she gives.

My other gift…

When vampires bite, they inject venom in the system and that's what starts the transformation process. I have been told that it feels like one's insides are on fire, and they are thrown into violent fits of pain, screaming, and thrashing around. It is not an easy process becoming a vampire or being bitten by one. That's why most vampires break the human's neck before feeding so their feed isn't interrupted by screams and the human fighting back. Lucky for me, I don't feel pain when I am bitten by the red eyed creatures.


Complete and utter pleasure, pure and sinful runs through my veins when I am bitten. With the pleasure, my body is unbreakable and no matter how the venom is given to me…the mere smell of it, makes my insides twist sinfully. With this revelation, I have become the treasured whore of the Volturi leaders and if they were feeling generous enough, sometimes to Felix and Demetri.

I wonder, what ever happened to the vampire that "gifted" me to the Volturi?

It was the first bite from Master Aro in the throne room, fresh out of the barrel, that my moans echoed off the throne room walls instead of screaming.

"Oh my, che bella sorpresa!"

"My love," Renata called out again, stroking my cheek.

I must stop dazing off, they'll think I've gone mad.

Renata's red eyes looked at me with concern and I offered a smile of reassurance as I leaned into her touch. Renata was my best friend and confidant; it was after the signing of the Magna Carta, that Master Aro took myself and a few of the guard to Malta. In exchange for gaining Renata, her Uncle Luca had my blood and body for a few nights. During that time, when her uncle wasn't cleverly finding ways of trying to remove an ornate fixture that was tucked into me anally,

"This part of Bella is only for myself and my brothers…under no circumstances are you to remove it…"

Renata and I became fast friends and inseparable.

She's seen me in my most depraved, obscene state.

Her gift, like mine, was a barrier but in a way to keep whoever distracted and away from her. Sometimes, she and I would sneak away, and she would use her gift to keep everyone from looking for us. I sighed loudly. We could not sneak away this time. The guard on patrol says that there is a death sweeping through Naples and Florence, decimating the human populace. It's spreading quickly and some of residents of Volterra are exhibiting the black swelling pustules, the coughing, and it was a mere night ago that someone just vomited right in the middle of plaza. It was then that I was swept up with a quickness and placed in the tower with my Masters' wives. I wore nothing but a white dress and wore none of the jewelry I possessed, my hair was even cut to my shoulders. I was bathed every night and certain dresses of mine were taken and burned. The guard, when they came back in from patrolling, their cloaks and clothing were quickly disposed and burned as to not expose me. Our Masters didn't want to take chances in Heidi bringing humans for them to drink from so for now, they were allowed to hunt on their own accord. Usually, hunting wasn't allowed within the city the Volturi resides in but because…

Everyone's dying anyway…

Our Masters have been lax. The rules still apply, burn all cloaks and clothing. While vampires couldn't catch anything, they weren't sure if I could. The first plague that came through only produced a fever for me, while for others, such as now, were fully infected. My slow aging and immunity to venom did not allow my Masters to rest easy when it came to me. Renata has, of course, volunteered to keep me company when I am not otherwise being fussed over Sulpicia and Athendora. I am their living doll, to dress and pamper. They make sure my rooms are kept clean and decorated to the latest fashion and make sure I have food kept in my belly. They treat me like a daughter where their husbands treat me like a princess while taking my body, rocking and biting, growling and moaning.

The smell of burning hair reach my nose and I see Renata frowning at the smell.

"They must be burning things…" She explained, referring to the humans below.

"Do you think it will last long?" I asked, going over to sit next to her. She placed the book down and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Heidi says that whatever illness this is, it's spreading further west so it might be a while before the smell of burning flesh disappears. Master Aro is considering moving you, temporarily," She explained.

"I don't want to leave without you," I pouted. She chuckled and caressed my cheek.

"I will be with you."


She didn't need to say it, but I knew and I scooted closer to her, laying on her lap and quickly falling asleep.

I woke to dim candlelight and Renata absent from my side but there was someone…

I see the tall figure of Master Aro outlined in the darkness. I know it's him because my body knows. It reacts subconsciously and I feel my skin tingle and my nipples harden.

"Did you sleep well, my love?" He asked softly, coming into the light. Like my beloved Renata, he had the deep red eyes and the icy pale skin that was warm to the touch. Vampires were cold and hard as stone to humans but to me, they felt human as ever. I nodded as he glided over to my bed. He sat and squeezed my toes and I giggled sleepily. He was beautiful as all vampires tend to be. His long black hair was wet from the bath, and he did not wear a cloak over his attire. He was from the age of the Etruscans and seen the rise of Rome. Even though there were three leaders, everyone answers to Master Aro.


"I worry for your health. I don't trust that this will be a brief affair. I have sent Felix and a few others to scout out places that are safe," He explained, running his hand up and down my leg, leaving small jolts of thrill to awaken.

How did my blanket disappear?

"M-Master…what about y-you?" I asked, my eyes watching as his other hand join my other leg and casually rising my dress, exposing the milky pale skin that lay underneath. I gasped as more thrills caused my stomach to twist.

"I cannot die, il mio adorable cigno," he whispered.

Venom, when entered my system, rather it's being injected or spat into me, turns me wanton. I would be executed if humans found out how wanton I could be when the sweet thick fire runs through my veins.

I feel high

I feel pleasantly drunk

I feel like I am in heaven and in bed with God.

"Ah!" I cry out, my skin labeled in glittery red kisses along my neck, the small bumps of my teats, stomach, and in between my thighs. Master Aro continues his ride of me. The first time I was bit, I thought I had melted into nothingness.

I still melt

I still hear the erotic pull of my blood and the searing heat and freezing cold that follows behind it.

The room turns into a swirl of colors that contain only black, white, and red. My fingers gripped the soft linen beneath me. I groaned loudly as I felt the ball of hedonism spread, mixing with sweet darkness through my veins. I met him thrust for thrust urging him to give me more as my vision became distorted and the overfill of fire and cold pleasure spilled out between my legs and splashed upon him. He moaned loudly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he continued to move his hips against me.

"More…" he whispered. The stamina of a vampire could last for days, the venom allows me this as well and I briefly wonder if it was going to be one of those nights. I was drowning, my flesh was on fire and my blood hummed pleasantly. I found my mouth opening wide and Master Aro crashed his lips upon mine. I cried out sinfully as I tasted myself, blood and essence and tasted the glorious drug blessed by the gods. I suckled his lips, slicing my own open, along his teeth. Master Aro growled as more of my blood entered his mouth. We were locked in an erotic dance that allowed me to breathe and then seconds later suffocated me to the abyss of pleasure, pure and sinful.

Renata tells me that humans don't last long when they lay with vampires because vampires are akin to stone and can rip and break a human into a bloody pool of muscle and sinew. They lose control and don't know when to stop. I have that luxury as I've seen countless times when my Masters would lose control and many dresses, sheets, and furniture had been destroyed by their hands.

Felix is the worse.

They are so poised in public, but I've seen their very eyes roll to the back of their heads. I've heard them speak languages lost to the developing world as I engulfed them and drank their seed like a woman dying of thirst.

I have Charmion and Heidi to thank for that.

My toes curl and I sucked on my tongue to get whatever sweet bliss was left. The room was filled with sounds of vulgarity. Our sexes meeting, the sound of my sopping peach swallowing him. I was whining and whimpering, my legs shaking. Soft, masculine, and explicit growls mixed in, and I cried out,

"M-Master, p-please…sputa su di me!"

In the throes of post orgasmic bliss, I was still high and quivering. The venom still danced through me, and I knew I wanted more.

I want to be desecrated…

Don't leave me thirsty…

What about my forbidden mouth?

My asshole twitched and I struggled to sit up. It was completely dark, the candles burning out and my room was illuminated by the small fires that burned in the city. I whimpered softly as the smell of burning death threatened to fill my room and completely overcome the smell of soft sweetness that came off my skin and permeated from my nether regions from Master Aro's venom.

"The smell of death is awful, little one." I jumped and squeaked as Master Aro's naked form came from the darkness of the room. He was slowly pulling his long black hair back into its neat low ponytail. His trousers were on but not buttoned closed and his red eyes were bright and smoldering rubies against the fire light. I smelled it but not to the extent that he or Renata could. They probably smelled all the fires burning from the different cities of Italy.

"I-I smell it t-too," I said, bringing my blanket closer to my body. I jumped slightly when I felt him sit on the bed.

"You do? Then that gives me more reason to have you moved. I don't want your delicate nose breathing in this filth." He said, his rubies flashing over to the window in disgust.

"M-Master…I-I don't want to be sent away from y-you or Renata," I said, reaching for one of his hands that was massaging one of my feet. I pulled him and he came to me. I placed his hand between my thighs and began rubbing. I was still high, so it took no time for me to awaken and start the ride back to heaven. He moved my hand and began sucking the small slender fingers into his mouth. His red gazed burned brighter than the fires that burned the dying humans away as he held my own.

"Be sure to know that only death would part you from me…" he growled. He spat on my blossom, and I felt it liquefy and heard my blood vessels melt. I squealed and before I got the chance to collect myself, he was in me, teeth and cock.

Over the next few days, things got progressively worse in the human realm, and I found Sulpicia and Athendora fussing at our masters more about my movement from here. Italy has been hit hard by the Black Death.

"There is nowhere safe, my love. Until Heidi, Demetri, and the others get back with their findings, Bella cannot be moved anywhere yet. I instructed them to keep themselves as clean as possible as to not spread it to potential safe spots."

It was growing uncomfortable in my tower, and I missed the comforts of my room and my dresses. I hated to admit it, but I miss Sulpicia and Athendora dressing me up and doing my hair.

"This isn't the first plague, you know. I lived through that, the Plague of Justinian? Why is this one so different?" I asked Renata. I was stripped down to my small clothes and laying on her on a pile of blankets since the ground was cooler than the bed. It was summer in Italy, and I was forced to keep my window shut. It was sweltering and she found me lying in a pool of the pot of cool water I was left with to keep me hydrated. She chuckled,

"I keep forgetting that you're older than most of us…" I pouted at her words and buried my face deeper into her lap. I was born some time after the Roman emperor Hadrian built a wall to keep the barbaric tribes out of the Roman Empire. My father was the son of a tribe leader that led many battles against the Romans before the wall was built. He decided, after his father's death, that he would part ways from the tribe and travel. He came across my mother, and they married.

"We just want to protect you…Master Aro says that you had a bad fever the last time…" She replied, peering down at me with worried red eyes. She subconsciously placed a hand over my forehead as if she was checking my temperature.

"I just want to sleep in my own bed again and go swimming and it's hot up here!" I whined at her. Her body shook with fits of laughter, and she bent down and kissed the top of my head.

"I know."


It was in the middle of the night that I was woken by Renata. It was winter and the Black Death ripped through Italy and the rest of Europe. It devastated lives and crops. I didn't know how I was still able to eat lavishly when so many died from starvation, as well as the plague. As if a miracle, Felix came back, with good news. The kingdom of Poland had an outbreak, but it was minor, and their crops were in abundance. Poland's king quarantined the borders and enforced internal quarantines as well. Milan was another place to send me, but my masters thought it wasn't safe enough. So, Poland was the best route, and it was naturally isolated from the rest of Europe. By horseback, it would've taken days, but vampires were fast, so it took maybe a day's worth of running with me on their backs. I arrived in a manor hidden by woods and a creek. It was freezing the night Felix placed my bare feet on the cold hard ground and I squealed and jumped back into his arms.

I had been living here since five moon turns. Renata guards me but it's not so much her guarding me, it's like we are a couple and living with one another. I get to wear my pretty dresses and jewelry again.

"Come, look at how big the moon is," she whispered. I blink sleep out of my eyes and I am gently lifted in her arms, wrapped in a blanket.

I probably feel like a piece of paper to her…

Renata carried me to my opened window and stood on the ledge. I was not afraid because she has done this many times and if she somehow drops me, her speed and reflexes will catch me.

The moon…

It was huge and full. It was bright and with the absence of clouds, it was able to illuminate the sky. I gasped at how clear and bright the night was. I could see the glitter in the snow and in Renata's skin and I smiled softly as I reached to touch her cheek. She turned to kiss the fingers of my hand and I snuggled closer to her. She stood and we watched the moon in silence until I complained about not feeling my toes. I've been around winter, survived many winters and yet, I still don't like the cold.

I send letters to my masters that Felix or another guard comes to pick up and deliver. They give us news of the happenings at home and still there is little to no change or things are getting worse. The guard lingers when they visit, which is about almost every day. Our masters don't like that we are far from them. Vampires are growing in a panic because humans are dying in droves, some are taking this time to make their presence known and creating a bit of a mess. Some are attacking whole villages, feasting on the dead and the living. It's dangerous for me and Renata, she's a vampire but she can't protect me if multiple vampires decide they want to turn their attention to the Volturi and my presence in the vampire world is a known fact, often being referred to as the il cigno immortale or the swan whore of the Volturi. The Volturi is powerful but right now, with the human populace diminishing, many of the guard are away from the castle as well as my masters, that gives many an opportunity to try to take over.

Especially the Romanians.

The guard lingers, in and out around the castle. Felix begs Master Aro to stay where Renata and I are, but he is needed to protect our Masters. Renata is part of the elite but she's here with me as it was the only way to sell me the idea of moving, and so Master Aro can't afford to give Felix up, so he sends another guard to help Renata.


There are little to no people in the market, but it was still nice to see people out and about. It is summer but the sun is low, so it's safe for Renata and Darius, the other guard, to be out. The people in the market, do not stay long, buying the things they need and hurry back to their homes. I get a couple of sweets, some books, and a scarf and that reminded me of my masters' eyes. Renata instantly put it in the river and washed it before I allowed it to touch my neck. Some soldiers watch us intently as I went to each market stand. Going out is a rarity these days, I wanted to take advantage of at least a moment of normalcy. Renata and Darius don't mind being dragged around but they watch the soldiers too until the soldiers can't hold their fiery gazes. As we are leaving, I see the guards point at us and whisper among themselves. I clutched Renata's arm tighter and shivered. Darius drapes his gray cloak over both of us and leads us away.

I am awoken to a hand over my mouth in complete utter darkness. I hear someone outside my window.

"Those people…I hear they are from Italy, the hotbed of the Black Death. King Casimir, wants them gone and the girl given to his nephew."

It is Renata with her hand over my mouth and I hear…

Is someone climbing up the wall?

My eyes widened and I am carefully lifted out of bed and placed under the bed with my blanket. I could make out Renata's bare feet and then she was gone, as if she leapt in the air.

"Why not kill the girl, as well?"

"The king's nephew fancies her from afar and thinks she will make a good queen."

"Isn't the girl a princess? Why not talk to her father and join our kingdoms together?"

I curled tighter into a ball and stilled my breathing.

I then heard screams of horror and gore as Renata and Darius attacked. I placed my hands over my ears, but it meant little to nothing as the sounds of bones shattering and skulls crushing. Twistedly enough, with the potential danger being eradicated, I felt my eyes grow heavy. Renata and Darius found me tucked under the bed, they were covered in blood. I knew how deadly vampires were, but I had actually never seen them attack or hunt, but I did not shy from them, so I began reaching for her.

With me in her arms, Renata took me to where she was "sleeping", and I quickly fell back to sleep.