Hi everyone! So here I am with a new story. This is a Jacob x OC, my first story (with long chapters and so on). English is not my first language, so please forgive me if some sentences aren't quite right. However, I tried my best to write it in the best way possible. I paid a lot of attention at the characters psychology and the general background. I like the details too, I hope that those things will be reflected in the story. Hope you'll like it too, so that I'll have a good reason, other than the pleasure of writing, to keep updating.

Enjoy ^^

-Seth, leave those candies alone and come here! – I ordered, glancing down at the part of the shelf where the hot sauces were arranged. On the evening of that day there was to be a Tacos Party at Sam and Emily's house, and part of the pack had been assigned the task of buying the ingredients for dinner. Soon after, the boy appeared behind my back, grabbing a small bottle of Frank's RedHot Original Pepper Sauce without hesitation.

-This one does the trick. - he nodded his head contentedly and showed me the sauce. I nodded, pointing the finger at the trolley and proceed along the supermarket aisle. Ready to turn into another aisle, I was intercepted by Jared and Quil, the latter had a packet of blue cheese slices under his arm.

-Let's use this together with the tacos.- he proposed.

-Aylen, trust me, blue cheese in tacos doesn't go, it sucks! You usually put cheddar. And, you never use cheese slices. - interjected an irritated Jared, elbowing him.

-You're the only one who thinks that sucks, have you ever tried it?

-No, and I don't care... - but was immediately interrupted by Quil. -Then you can't say it sucks!

-Did you get the rest? - Sam's voice behind them interrupted the bickering between the two boys. Sam placed the package of tortillas, red onions, turkey breast, greek yoghurt and spices in the cart.

-Yes, but Quil wants to kills us with blue cheese. - Jared replied, emphasising on the last word, annoyed.

-Let's let everyone fill their tacos as they want. - proposed Sam, pausing then, as if remembering something. -Beans?

-Yeah, Jared, where are the beans? - repeated Quil, teasingly, looking at Jared.

-If you hadn't distracted me I would have taken them. And by the way, I'm going to get the cheddar. – he muttered, disappearing around the corner. Sam let out a sigh and pulled his phone out of his jeans pocket, checking his missed calls. Emily had tried to reach him but he hadn't heard the ringtone. I started pushing the cart in the direction of the checkout, followed by the three of them. I had woken up that morning and went down to the kitchen only to find uncle Billy, but there was no sign of Jacob. According to him, he was supposed to replace Leah in patrol, because she had driving lessons.

I sighed, snapping back to reality and starting to put the contents of the trolley on the checkout conveyor belt with Sam. In the meantime Jared ran up to us, past the people lined up behind us and placed the cheddar on the belt in turn. -Et voila.

I tried to look at the forest through the rain-streaked window of my room. I couldn't see much, during the afternoon a heavy thunderstorm had settled in and a thick fog had pervaded the forest, making it as bright as 10pm. Who knew where Jake and Paul were. I laid back on my bed and watched the small splashes of light that the lamp reflected off the wooden ceiling. My room was my refuge, a place with a warm atmosphere where I could spend hours drawing and reading. Billy had furnished it with care and made sure it was as cosy as possible in order to make me feel at home, when I joined the Black family after the tragic accident that had taken my parents away so long ago. I left the Makah reservation and went to the Quileute reservation where my mother had grown up with Billy. I didn't miss anything, I had family, friends and a roof to live under, but every now and then an uncomfortable feeling of emptiness would expand in my chest; a feeling that I was fortunately able to send away immediately thanks to their presence. I told myself it was normal, you may not remember them well, but when your parents are ripped away from you obviously feel something.

-Knock knock...- crooned an unmistakable voice beyond the door. A smile lit up my face and, a little surprised, I sat up. I was convinced he was still in the forest as I didn't hear him enter the house.

-Come in.

The door opened, revealing a russet face framed by long, water-soaked raven hair. It was a tradition to have long hair for Quileute people. Together with Seth, he was the only one who still had long hair, while the others for convenience - especially when it came to being in lupine form - had preferred to cut it off. A huge, dazzling white smile contrasted with the dirt on his face, a smile I had always envied in spite of the many toothpastes and natural treatments. -Hi.

-Jake, you're flooding my room! - I complained, laughing. The boy pretended to wring his army green shirt on the floor of the room, laughing back. -Stop it! Go and take a shower.

I got out of bed and joined him on the threshold of the room. We walked down the hallway, Jacob pinching my cheek. -Did you go to the grocery store?

-Yes, we got two kinds of cheese because Jared and Quil quarreled. - I answered, resting my hand on the stair railing overlooking the ground floor. In my heart I wanted something else, not a pinch. This gesture, however, was enough to trigger movements in my belly and warm my heart. If only he knew.

-Jacob! I told you not to go upstairs when you're wet! - thundered Billy, leaning out with his wheelchair from the ground floor and looking up. Jacob sprinted into the bathroom on tiptoe and closed the door behind him, even though he was already wet all over. Billy offered me an annoyed and impatient look, triggering an amused laughter from me. -Get ready, we're going to Sam and Emily's in half an hour. - he said, this time softening his tone.

It was probably the ninth taco in a row that got the better of Paul: asleep and comfortably stretched out on the sofa, his hand held his head while his elbow occupied the entire armrest. I had managed to get half of the seat exactly in front of the TV with Embry, but the rugby match they were showing at that moment wasn't exactly the most interesting thing in the world, so I opted to give my seat to someone else and stood up. I glanced quickly at Jacob, who was sitting cross-legged in front of the screen with Seth and Quil. His long hair covered half his back; I smiled inwardly, how I loved to stroke it and curl it around his fingers. It was something he only allowed me to do, as it generally annoyed him that anyone could touch them. Turning to look in front of him, I rounded uncle Billy, who had positioned himself next to the armchair, and headed for the kitchen, hearing him utter an exclamation of exultation, probably for a marked point. Emily, Rachel and Kim were seated around the round table in the middle of the room, a large wooden table that could accommodate the whole pack. Emily was pouring Rachel some tea when she saw me approaching and suggested she I with them.

-How could I say no when you use that teapot? – I joked as I approached. That teapot was a symbol of luck; dark green and made of cast iron, it was decorated with small feathers. When I took my seat next to her, Kim smiled at me, her hands clasped around the mug she had brought close to her lips to blow gently on it. She had been working late, and the drive to Emily and Sam's house had certainly chilled her from the storm. I deduced it from the color her nose had taken on, a soft red. The temperature reflected what was the last week of September, plus the Indian reservation was located right by the forest, which gave off a very cold air.

-So, how did you take the news? – asked Rachel. I frowned, confused.

-What news?

Rachel's face changed to a surprised expression. -Ah, Jacob didn't tell you? I'm not surprised.

She raised her eyebrows and runned the fingertips of her right hand over the rim of the cup.

-Rachel...- Emily sighed.

-What's that?

-We're not the ones supposed to tell you. - Emily replied. -We shouldn't have even mentioned it.

-We've started now, let's tell her. – Kim chimed in. Emily scolded her with her eyes, serving herself. -Isabella Swan is coming to live in Forks.

-What? Are you kidding? - I blurted out with an incredulous laugh. I wanted to believe it was a misunderstanding, Jacob would have definitely tell me.


Jacob's voice echoed behind us. I turned sharply, seeing him leaning against the doorframe. He had a hesitant expression, veiled in guilt. I intercepted Rachel's rather displeased look; she was one of the few people who knew of my feelings for Jacob and she didn't like that her brother, even if unconsciously, could hurt me. Charlie Swan was in the habit of inviting his daughter Bella to Forks for the summer holidays. She spent most of her days on the rez playing with Jacob and consequently with me, while Charlie and Billy went fishing or watched sport games.

I tried to look disinterested; I didn't want to risk Jacob noticing my jealousy or my annoyance. Moreover, I didn't want to act like a child.

-Yuppie, aren't you happy? - I asked him, smiling with mock exultation. Jacob couldn't hold back a laugh.

Jacob could not hold back a laugh at the sight of that overflowing expression of sarcasm.

-Come on, she must be different now!

-Nah, I don't think so. I'm curious to see how you're going to keep her from knowing you're a shapeshifter.

At that statement Jacob's expression became serious again.

-You know she can't come to the reserve too often, right? - Sam intervened, appearing behind him. The tone and timbre of his voice, typical of a situation where he had to give an order, resounded in the room.

-I know. If we hung out, we'd meet in Forks.

I have never had much of an affinity with Bella, her awkwardness and slowness in everything she did was boring to no end; moreover, she sometimes had some kind of dead cat behaviour towards Jacob, which got me so jealous. One episode in particular, during a summer when all three of us were about ten years old, had triggered my hostility towards Bella. It had still not disappeared seven years later. Since that summer I had carefully avoided the girl, playing only with Quil, Seth, Embry and Leah. Even them found her too weird and not so interesting. The only one who was mysteriously fascinated by her was Jacob, who would not leave her alone for a second. One of my great fears was that the same exact situation might happen again. On the other hand, now that most of the guys transformed it wasn't the case for Bella to wander too much around the rez, no one but us needed to know the secret.

I held the front door open for Billy to pass, glancing quickly at the light mist that had formed around the house. The blowing wind made me shiver, urging me to close the door behind me, and with it the darkness of the night. Rachel was missing, but she had moved in with Paul about a year ago.

-Good night kiddos, I'm going to bed. - informed Billy, heading for his room on the ground floor.

-Night Dad.


Once in my room, I closed the door behind me and leaned back against it, breathing a sigh of relief.

-That's all we needed. - I mumbled, thinking about the news I had just heard. I decided not to think about it again until it was time to see her, if I could not avoid it. I untied my bun, letting my wavy, dark brown hair fall down my shoulders, heading for the chest of drawers and pausing to look at myself in the mirror hanging on the wall. I brushed my face with my fingertips, where the acne had disappeared completely thanks to numerous treatments. Billy said I had my mother's eyes, because of the almond-shaped cut and the very dark colour. I put that thought out of my mind, it only brought me great sadness. I stripped and opened the chest of drawers, taking out my favourite pyjama, a lilac colour with white flowers. Once dressed, I lay down on the bed, when I heard "Can I come in?"

I rolled my eyes, I didn't feel like talking about Bella and hoped he would come in for another reason, but how could I tell him no anyway? -Yes.

Jacob entered my room and lay down next to me, on his side, moving a lock of hair from my face. He was so close that he could smell her perfume. I looked into his eyes: I loved the way he looked at me, even if it didn't mean what she wanted, she could feel his affection for me from his gaze.

-Did you like the tacos? - he asked me, knowing how long I had wanted to eat them. At this question a satisfied smile appeared on my lips.

-Triple cheddar and fried chicken...- I murmured. Jacob chuckled a little, feeling his stomach gurgle. -I'd like more.

-Me too.

He pressed a moist kiss to my cheek. Shortly after he turned serious again. -I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Bella.

I shifted my gaze away, hoping he didn't perceive anything.

-You don't have to, - I shrugged. -I mean, yes, you could have told me, but it's no big deal. It doesn't change anything for me. It changes to you right? - I continued, trying to use an indifferent tone. Jacob frowned, stroking my chin with his thumb.

-Nothing will change between us. - he replied, in a lower voice. I looked into his eyes again, I had the impression that our faces were closer, perhaps because I could see the details of his lips and that they were parted, letting out his warm breath. That sentence caused my heartbeat to increase, I cursed myself for it, Jacob could now hear any sound clearly -You'll always be my little sister.

After hearing those words, my heartbeats suddenly decreased in frequency. It must have been because it had just shattered into small pieces.

-Better be. - I replied, trying as hard as I could to sound credible.

-Tomorrow afternoon she arrives in Forks. Will you come with me to welcome her? - he asked. I twisted my mouth into an annoyed grimace.

-I won't waste my afternoon seeing Bella Swan. - I replied, huffing. To see Jacob drool all over her? No way.


But suddenly a grave howl from outside interrupted Jacob's sentence. The wolf was obviously lurking at the edge of the forest. Jacob sat up and looked at the window, suddenly very tense. I realised that this was not the normal patrol call, besides he had already taken his shift during the day.

-What's going on, you have to go? - I sat down too, searching Jacob with my eyes. He looked at me for a few seconds, before standing and taking off his shirt.

-Yes, there's something wrong. - he lifted the window pane of the room, opening it. -Try to get some sleep, I'll see you tomorrow, alright? - and jumped down. I ran to the edge of the window, but Jacob was already gone. I squinted, annoyed by the raindrops that kept me from seeing well ahead. The blanket of fog only allowed me to see the small garden at the back of the house, bordered by a line of large dark fir trees. I sighed, shivering at the temperature outside, and lowered the window pane. I saw Jacob's shirt on the floor and took it in my hands, smelling his scent. I was no longer calm now, already trying to imagine what might be in the forest, or even worse who might be there. I got under the covers, clutching Jacob's shirt to me and hoping that nothing would happen to him or the other wolves. Would it be a coincidence that just as Bella Swan was returning, trouble began? I turned over in the blankets. That girl was bad luck.