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Edward parks his car in the parking lot of his girlfriend's office building her father owns that she works. He is here to pick her up for their lunch date.

His girlfriend.

It took him a long time to be able to call her that. For a couple of years, he refused to give what they had a label. He was waiting for things to change.

For her to change her mind and take him back. For her to come back.

For her to tell him that they were lies, the words she shouted at him in his nightmares, that she still loved him.

In his head, if he didn't give what he has with Tanya a name, it won't be real. He can swipe it under the carpet and pretend it never happened when Bella comes back.

She never came back and he got tired of waiting, so with a heavy heart he moved on.

She forced his hand.

It was not a choice he made.

She made him move on.

He held on for five years until it got old.

Waiting for her got old.

Waiting for her was like waiting for the dead to wake up.

So, six months ago he made it official with Tanya. After all, if he can't be with the one he loves, then he will be with the one that loves him. It's safer that way. Don't get it wrong. He cares for Tanya. She is a lovely person. In another life, a life in which he never met Bella, Tanya would have been perfect.

Exhaling loudly, telling himself he is doing the right thing, he gets out of the car and heads toward his girlfriend's office. She works in the PR department of her father's company. He has to give her credit, instead of demanding a job, she decided to work her way up the ladder, and now six years later, she heads the company's social media and online presence.

He knocks on the door and hears her soft, come in, before he enters her office with the customary flowers in hand. If he can not be honest with his feelings towards her, the least he can do is behave in the utmost way, and do the thing she loves, which is to buy her flowers.

Plus, buying flowers doesn't have any painful memories attached to it. He never brought Bella flowers. She never saw the point in having dead plants as gifts, so he brought her living ones instead.

Two years into their relationship, she had over 100 plants in her dorm room. That was how he convinced her to move in with him, more space for her plants.

He was a trust fund babe with a large condo after all. Not that it did him any good, when the plants were dying and getting thrown one after the other, he didn't pay it any mind. He was busy with the bar exam, and she was busy with her graduation project.

He always told her that he will buy her new ones. Till he arrived home one day, to an empty house. Not a single plant was in its place. Not an article of clothing, knick knack they picked together, or picture frame was left behind. It was as if she never existed.

Turns out the plants were not dying, they were getting packed.

All that was left behind was a note with the word sorry in the middle and the shattered edges of his broken heart.

That is why he never lets Tanya near it, cause its shattered edges can only inflict pain, not love. She is safer this way at a distance. She is happier this way. No need for her to feel the pain he is capable of conflicting. It takes everything in him to be a good person, and not a bitter one.

He gives Tanya the obligatory kiss before he takes her elbow and leads her to her dad since she has some papers she needed to drop at his office. As they reach the office, he freezes in his track. The voice in the office is one he knows all too well.

"Each one of us needs insurance from the other. You know what you have to do."

He takes a couple of steps backward, looking to his left and right for a place to hide. He doesn't want to be seen.

He doesn't want to see her.

He doesn't want her to see him.

She can't see him like this, in this building, with this woman. He can not have that happen. But he doesn't have that option. Before he can find a place to hide, the door is open and Bella is standing in front of him in all of her glory.

"Hello, old friend."

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