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Chapter 8: Sex

"Sex is a flame which uncontrolled may scorch; properly guided, it will light the torch of eternity." --Joseph Fetterman


A very nervous house elf wrung his hands as he cautiously approached his master's laboratory. "Excuse me sir, but you have a visitor."

"Humbert! What did I tell you about coming down here!" Growled a dark man leaning over a swirling caldron; beads of sweat pooling on his pale forehead, causing his greasy black hair to stick to his pallid face. A strange green mist swirled beneath his long hooked nose; one wrong move could ruin this very delicate potion. He needed absolute concentration.

The very distraught house elf shuffled his feet, "I know sir, I know, but there's a very pretty lady come to see you, she says it's urgent."

'A pretty lady?' Severus looked up at the elf with curiosity.

"A Ms. LaStrange."

His hand automatically jerked causing him to spill the entire jar of newt brains into his invisibility potion.

"Damn it, you impotent toad!" He cursed as he took up his wand vanished the now defunct brew. As his anger momentarily subsided, a new realization formed in his chemical riddled brain.

'So, Thaleia LeStrange is on my door step,' Severus mused as he wiped back his greasy black hair from his moist forehead with a handkerchief. 'This should be very interesting.'

Then, straightening cravat and dusting of his frock coat, and of course, giving Humbert a swift kick in the arse with the toe of his boot for interrupting his work, Severus Snape walked to the parlor of his home to meet his much unexpected guest.


They arrived in the bedroom, where Remus tentatively released his hold on Tonks. Even as she regained her footing, her arms were still wound tightly around his neck, holding on, pulling him closer. Surrounded by her warm body and sweet scent, Lupin melted in her arms.

This time it was Tonks that led Lupin's hands to her breasts; her dark eyes giving him permission as she began unzipping her dress.

"Oh Nymphodora," he moaned as he kissed her ear lobe, his scarred hands skimming over her satin bra, delving in, and fingering her tender flesh.

Her palms were as just as needy for the feel of his warm skin and she began to make fast work of his oxford buttons.

It took a few moments before Remus realized that Tonks was undressing him. Catching her hands in his, he stammered, "Wait."

"What?" She whispered, searching his pale eyes for a sign.

Remus laughed lightly, "It's just that, I want you to know what you're getting."

Together they sat down on the edge of his bed. "I'm considerably older than you and my body," his voice became faint, his eyes avoiding hers, "my skin in scarred."

"The wolf?" She asked unshaken.


Slowly, her small hands; warm, soft fingers reached between his buttons and glided across his chest. Closing her eyes, and smiling lightly, "You feel nice."

This time it was Remus's turn to tremble as Tonks, eyes closed, continue to unbutton him. Now, her palms pushed through silken chest hairs, over his broad shoulders, and across his warm abdomen.

There were scars, tiny ones, and jagged ones that felt like lightening bolts, but nothing that was frightening. Even as her hand ran over the deep welts in his thick shoulder muscles, wounds that she could only assume were made by the wolf that bit him, she was not afraid.

Then, opening her eyes, she looked upon his naked torso. A light dusting of grey and brown hairs covered his chest. He was thin, but muscular and although, his body had obviously received a multitude of lacerations from his encounters with the wolf, she thought him beautiful.

Leaning forward, she kissed his warm skin. "Remus, there is nothing wrong with you." Her dark eyes now looking up into his, "You're perfect."

A sigh of relief shook his body as she wrapped her arms around his smooth flesh and put her head to his chest; listening to the steady thump of his heart.

"What did I ever do to deserve you?" He asked, kissing her dark crown.

"I've wondered that same thing," she replied, tilting her head upward and renewing their passionate coupling.


She was sex in stilettos. Severus felt instant arousal as he looked upon the black leather mini, clinging pink sweater and long smooth legs anchored with four inch heels.

Calming his initial reaction, a sardonic smirk twisted his lips as he eyed the snow white cleavage pushing out of her cashmere sweater. A woman didn't dress like this unless she wanted something, Snape reminded himself, snapping back his self control.

It had been a very long time since he had shared a woman's intimate company, but even cold hearted, greasy haired, hooked nosed, potions' masters desired the heat of feminine flesh upon occasion. With that in mind, he decided that he would play her little game, for now.

"Ms. LeStrange, it is a pleasure," he addressed the woman in his entryway, taking up her hand and kissing well manicured fingers.

"Severus," her red lips purred his name, "It's been ages."

"It does seem as such. May I offer you a drink?" A dark eye brow raised, he tried his best to be charming. It was, of course, very difficult.

She nodded yes and he showed her into the parlor where they shared a whiskey.

"I'm curious what has brought you to my doorstep."

"Does one need a reason to visit a..." She paused briefly, "a friend."

Severus lounged idly in a leather chair. "We weren't exactly friends the last time we parted company."

"That was near sixteen years ago," Leia answered, her lips curling into a knowing smile, "I hear you are a changed man."

"Indeed," Severus reflected, not wanting to dwell upon his role in the Order.

Leia fingered her empty glass, blue eyes distant, "But it's been my observation, Severus, that men rarely change; at least not those in service to the Dark Lord."

Her words were an obvious jab.

"And do women?" He asked idly, raising a dark brow.

She smirked, her eyes dancing with mischievously. "Come now, Severus. Aren't we past the blame?"

He didn't reply. Forgiveness wasn't one of strong suits. Then setting down an empty glass, he leaned back against his desk, "Why are you really here, Thaleia; to question my loyalties or to reminisce on the past?"

"Severus," Leia tisked, "You were a very different player then. Let's just say you were expendable, but now..."

His face contorted, arms crossed, "But now?! Now that I'm not a convenient scapegoat for your mother, you're anxious to be my 'friend'". The last word dripped with acidic mockery.

Leia stood up and crossed the room to where he was now standing, her demeanor somewhat softer. "I guess you could call it an attempt to be 'friends'," she answered, voice husky as she adjusted his cravat.

His breathing intensified at her touch. A woman's tender touch was so rare.

Then, her blue eyes turning upwards, "You're a very powerful man Severus. All I want to do now is get to know this new you. " Then smiling, she ran a slim finger down his hooked nose and across his tight lips, "I could use a powerful friend."

Raising her self up on her tiptoes, she sealed her statement with a licentious kiss.


Remus and Tonks were taking things slowly, or at least trying to.

Now both half undressed and lying on Remus's feather bed, a once playful mood now turned serious as Nymphadora finally beckoned, low and hot, "Make love to me."

It was the one thing he wanted to hear the most, but a cobweb of doubts lingered. He pulled back from their rocking, searching her eyes for reassurance, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Her fingers ran through his dusty brown hair, "Yes. I want you," the last words whispered, "inside me."

Without hesitation, he kissed her deeply; hands dipping lower, reading her body for love making. As their bodies joined, it was a strange twining of pleasure and pain, human need and spiritual union.

Time was nonexistence as lovers slowly melded into one another and cradled in a cresendoing rhythm until mutual ecstasy shattered like a thousand shooting stars.


Back in Snape's bedroom, Leia lit a cigarette and sucked deeply on the noxious fumes, lamenting on the speed of their hasty and awkward coupling.

"I'd prefer that you not smoke in here," Severus stated firmly, tucking in his rumpled shirt.

Leia smiled cajolingly, as she pushed the tiny butt into an empty whiskey glass, "Of course, pet."

He nodded quietly, then looking at her with confusion, "I've got work to finish tonight."

Leia produced her most innocent look, "Go ahead. I'll wait up for you."

A passer by would have thought she'd sprouted a griffin from her head with the odd look he was giving her. He finally answered, "Alright then."

Leia rolled her eyes as he shut the door; this man had no idea what to do with a woman. This little mission was going to more difficult than she suspected. Seducing Severus had been the easy part, keeping him in the state of constant devotion, now that was a dilemma.

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