An Interview With CATS

Sesshochan: Aaaand, welcome to another exciting, yet pointless interview, from me, Sesshochan. Today we will be interviewing someone whose phrase is known worldwide, it is none other than CATS!

CATS: How are you, Gentlemen!?

Sesshomaru: Now, CATS, please do tell, whose bases actually belong to you?

CATS: They had no chance to survive, make your time!

Sesshomaru: Riiight.


CATS: What happen?

Sesshochan: Main screen turn on! (I can't believe I just said that :p !)

Blonde Dude: How are YOU Lady and Gentleman?

Sesshochan: Oh my God! It's that blonde commander guy!!

CATS: Blonde Dude set us up the Bomb!

Sesshochan: What the heck is that guys name anyway??

Blonde Dude: Its Captian!! Oh, and by the way, YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO DESTRUCTION!

Sesshochan: What kinda name is Captian?

Mechanic: Oh no! I forgot to set them up the bomb!

Captian: What you say!?


Sesshochan: *Beats Captian and Mechanic to the ground* Shut up! Shut up!! You glory hogs, YOU didn't say those famous words, HE said them, and so HE gets the interview!

Battered Captian: All your Base. *Gets kicked in the mouth*

Battered Captian: You know what you doing.for great justice. *extends hand to Battered Mechanic* Battered Mechanic: *Takes hand* Take off every 'ZIG'

Sesshochan: *Stands on Battered Mechanic and Captain's skulls*

Sesshochan: *Fuming* If they say one more word, I swear, I'll. I'll EAT SOMEONE!

Mechanic: You have no Chance to.

Sesshochan: *Zooms out of site*

Captian: What happen?

Sesshochan: *Appears slowly, nibbles on Mechanics arm*

Mechanic: AHHHH!

The End

Live it. Love it. Fear it.