It had been almost two months since the end of the war and Christmas approached. One would not have not known it looking at the home. Oh if one went to the manor there would be decorations for show at least, there was to be a Christmas eve ball as always. But this home had been mainly an office. Oh his son and his wife had used it as a home but it had been years. Orion dead near on two years, and her sons gone, Wallburga tended to remain at a manor. One grandson dead and the other in prison there was very little to celebrate that year but they would for show. He'd be expected at the ball and family dinner.

Closing his book Arcturus walked to the family tree. He looked at where his grandson should have been. Wallburga had blasted the boy off when he ran away from home. Arcturus had ensured the boy got money through his Uncle. He knew the boy innocent.

A voice came from behind. "Are you coming father?'

He turned slightly to his daughter in law. "I was unaware you were leaving tonight. The party is not for two days."

She had her cloak over her arm. "Father summons for dinner. Besides I find little reason to be here."

"You and my son once lived here happily.'

"That was before." The woman trailed off. 'Your son is gone, and mineā€¦."

Arcturus saw her eyes on the tree for a moment. "I work to free him.'

"I don't know who you speak of."

He smirked at her. "We both know he was too loyal."

Wallburga turned to leave. "Too bad to that blood traitor family and not his own."

He reminded her. "Your aunt married one."

"At least he was a pureblood. Not like that nephew of his marrying a muggle born. And corrupting my son."

Wallburga rued the day she had ever been convinced to send her son there. Old tradition of fostering be damned. She was closer to her Aunt Dorea in age then her father was. Dorea had married Charlus Potter, a son of a family not even of the old list, and a second son at that. Their own son had died young. She had been convinced Sirius would benefit from time with his aunt and uncle. She thought it harmless enough. That was until her son fell in with Charlus' nephew James, his elder brother Fleamont's only child and heir. She should have known James was no good for her son before and him being Gryffindor was not the first sign. He had convinced her son that her and Orion were black and to run away from home. And now the fool was locked up in prison for killing him.

Arcturus watched her and shared his own anger over some. He hated that his grandson ever had doubt they were white magic. But unlike his daughter in law he had not given up on the boy. If nothing else he needed an heir.

Wallburga went to leave. "Should I tell my father you are occupied?"

Arcturus sighed. "I will be at the ball.'

Wallburga said as she left. "The boy is not worth your tears or your worry."

"Are you saying that to me or yourself?"

Wallburga stopped one moment before. "He made his choice."

Arcturus walked over to a photo of his son when he was alone. His watching out for Sirius was not for him alone. He knew his son had wished to reach out to Sirius before he died but his wife stopped him. He would see Sirius free and back where he belonged for his son and even for Wallburga though she claimed she had nothing left for him.

He was surprised to hear a sound behind him. "I thought you left."

He got a response but not from anyone he expected. "Grandpa."

Arcturus turned in total shock. Not only were both his grandsons gone but he could have sworn the voice was that of a child. He turned around wondering what trick his mind was playing on him. There had not been pranks here since the time of his grandsons. At first he didn't see anyone until his eyes traveled down and on the ground sat a child. He could have not been more than 17 months and had a messy mop of black hair. And the most amazing green eyes starting back at him.

Arcturus was startled by the child. "Who are you?"

The little boy smiled. "Harry, Grandpa."

AN: So Harry and Arcturus meet. How did baby Harry end up in the house? Wait and see.