Chapter 14 Victims

Moody turned in shock as he watched Sirius crumple to ground. All the blood and call of Fleamont had caused him to turn around. The man who had sent a hex at Sirius had been apprehended as had two of the other attackers. The other three were fleeing into the distance and seemed to have gotten away. Kingsley and the other men had come out of the ministry just in time. There were several bodies on the ground and sadly two were muggles caught in the crossfire. Another was an older wizard who had been coming into the ministry and been hit in the back before he knew what was happening. Parihealers were soon appearing.

Moody saw Kingsley had the men under control and headed to Sirius. He was relieved to see the man was not only alive but he was conscious as well. He was leaning against Fleamont on the ground, blood soaking his robes.

Moody knelt. "We need to get you to the hospital."

Sirius shook his head. "See to the others. I am fine."

Fleamont didn't buy it. "You are bleeding out."

Moody agreed with the old man. He motioned for a healer. "We need help."

Sirius had always hated healers. "I am fine."

He was shocked by a voice. "You were always horrid about healers."

Sirius was shocked to see his mother. "I must be hallucinating."

Narcissa was with her. "We got word from Augusta."

Sirius was amazed. "Not the two I'd have expected."

Walburga simply said. "The others were occupied."

Sirius was worried. "What happened?"

Narcissa knew they needed to keep him calm. "Lets get you checked out."

Moody forced him to let the healers take him. "This is why you are not doing street work."

Sirius groaned. "Okay dad."

Glad the man was showing some humor Moody knew it was a good sign. He had been happy when Sirius wanted to come back but not as a street auror. Not that he would not love to have the man back in the field for without Frank and Alice,Sirius was one of his best. Kingsley was older and good but not at his level. But Sirius had a son and he needed to be there for his baby. He could still be a great asset as he could train new recruits to be top of their game. He needed to make sure the man got home to his son.

Sirius allowed himself to be tended to at the hospital. He had been struck across the chest by a severing charm but it had not hit any organs or done real damage. He simply needed some magic stitches and a blood replenisher.

Fleamont sunk down next to him. "I could have killed you."

Sirius stopped him. "I would protect you any day. You're more then James' dad."

Walburga spoke from the door."You have a son to worry about."

He looked at his mother. "Why are you here?"

The woman smirked. "See the gratitude I get."

Narcissa stepped in. "Like I said Augusta put a floo to Grimmauld."

Sirius had heard but was still confused. "To an attack? I'd have expected the men."

Walburga didn't deny it was odd. "Your grandsire would have come but there was another place he had to go."

"I know he wants my son as heir."

"Your grandfather would not try to kill you. He can make Harry heir without it."

Sirius knew. "Then where is he? Or Lucius and Moony? There is a reason they sent you."

Narcissa sighed. "They knew the aurors would be here and you didn't need the same back up."

"Back up?What are you not telling me?"

Sirius knew there was something happening that they were not telling him. Lucius and his grandfather would not have sent the women. The Blacks were as traditional as they came and even though Bella was a top death eater, the older Blacks tended to think fighting was a man's work. There was no way his mother or cousin would have come unless there was something seriously wrong. The fact that Remus and none of the Black men had come told him something was very wrong.

Narcissa was pale as she admitted."Kreacher came for help."

Sirius was in a panic as he knew the elf was with his son. "Help? What do you mean?"

Fleamont tried to calm. "You need to calm as the potions work."

Sirius demanded. "My son. My son."

Walburga admitted. "We don't know. Lucius, your grandsire and Remus left at the same time as us."

Narcissa added. "Kreacher only told us wards had come and the kids could not leave."

Sirius went to stand. "I have to go."

Moody pushed him back down. "You need to wait."

"My son and little cousin are in danger."

Narcissa reminded him. "Help is on the way."

Walburga added. "Your grandsire will protect him. Both of them."

"And if you bleed to death your son will lose you." Moody finished.

Sirius was reminded that as cold as they could be both his grandsires cared about Harry. He knew Pollux would even try to protect Tonks who had been there as well. He thought about Andromeda and wondered aloud if anyone had contacted her and let her know what was happening. It was not only his son who would have been at risk. Her biggest worry had been lunch with her mother.

"Where is my daughter?" Andromeda answered for herself from the door. She was flanked by her husband and her mother.

At the coast emotions were high as they raced down to the beach. Arcturus brought down the wards which had been put up to keep Pollux and them in. It was easy enough to bring down but had to be done from outside the wards unless you were the one who had set them. It was why Pollux must have been unable to do so. They were confused what had happened here and shocked by the one body laying in the sand. Kreacher had come before any attack and they thought surely they came soon enough to save any real harm. Pollux may not be a fighter but he could hold his own.

Remus reached the body first. He was sure to find Pollux and wondered in fear where the kids were. They thought Harry may have been taken but found it odd that Tonks had been as well. But when he turned over the body he didn't recognize the man.

He looked up. "An attacker."

Arcturus called an elf. "Bring aurors now."

Lucius looked around. "Where is he? Or the kids?"

Remus agreed. "I could see them taking Harry but not Pollux."

Kingsley arrived with some men. "Another one."

Arcturus was confused. "Another? The ministry?"

Kingsley gave a run down of what happened. "Unfortunately a few muggles were killed and Ernie Prang."

Remus was confused. "The knight bus driver?"

Kingsley sighed. "It seems to be his day off. Unfortunately he was renewing his license when the attack happened."

Arcturus was furious. "We need to find out who attacked."

Remus reminded."We need to find Harry and Pollux first."

Lucius reminded them. "And my niece."

Arcturus sent for Kreacher. "Can you track my grandson?"

Kreacher disappeared to see if he could try and find Harry. He did not have Zar this time but they had given him a charm. Between his blood and the charm Kreacher would hopefully be able to find them. They were worried if Harry had been kidnapped though they would have destroyed his charm. They were holding out hope as Pollux should not have been taken as well but they had no idea where any of them could be or how they got out. The wards had still been up and its not like they had time to walk out.

They were shocked when Kreacher returned and told them they needed to head to the school. They once again found themselves in the heart of the woods. They were reminded of last time. They were met by centaurs who said little but to take them to a village.

Remus looked around. "Are they here?"

Magorian appeared. "Follow me."

In Magorrian's hut they heard. "Mooey."

Remus saw his godson who was curled up in Tonks' arms. "Oh Harry."

Tonks handed her cousin to his godfather. "Here. He is okay."

Lucius turned to her. "Are you?"

Tonks flew into the arms of her Uncle scared. "I am but I am worried about grandpa."

Harry pointed. "He hurt."

Arcturus saw the man on a palette being tended to. "How did you get here?"

Harry smile. "Birdie."

Tonks explained Pollux sending them. "He arrived minutes ago with a phoenix. I don't know how."

Harry did. "I sen."

Magorian explained. "It seems Harry asked the green phoenix to return for his grandfather. He brought the man."

Pollux had sustained a number of hexes and had been in bad shape when he arrived. If Harry had not sent Gaius Pollux would likely have been dead before help had come. The centaurs though were great healers and were able to save his life. He was stable enough to transport to the hospital and they knew the others would be worried about them. Harry and Tonks both needed to be returned to their likely very worried parents.

Remus looked at the centaurs as they were about to leave. "Thank you."

Magorian assured them. "We always keep children safe."

Arcturus motioned to Pollux who was ready to transport. "There is more."

Firenze answered for his father. "Those who risk themselves to protect the innocent are as worthy."

Tonks was anxious. "He is going to be okay right?"

Lucius held her. "He will be back to nagging you soon."

Tonks tried to smile. "That sounds good now."

Magorian said before they left. "If he chooses he can train the children here. It would be safer."

Harry was happy. "Centi."

Remus knew it made sense. "We would be grateful."

They headed for the hospital. Arcturus had sent Kreacher to tell the others but it seemed they would be the last to arrive at the hospital. Tonks was trying to hold it together but the nine year old was terrified. Harry was a bit too young to get what happened. Tonks was shaken and worried about her grandfather. She was happy her Uncle was with them and clung to him as they went.

When they arrived at the hospital she let go when she saw her dad and ran to him. "Dad."

Almost the entire Black family was at the hospital. The only Black who was not there was Lucretia. Sirius on seeing his Aunt Druella for the first time in years thought of Lucretia. Both women were widows. He had been close to his dad's sister, not as close as Alphard but still. Lucretia was a bit traditional but she had married Ignatius Prewett and rebelled a bit. She had no kids of her own but had been close to her nephews and to Ignatius' niece and nephews. Sirius knew he should see the woman one day soon. He had been worried about Molly and her brood due to Albus, Ignatius' niece, but his Aunt was different.

Ted held his daughter never so relieved to see her. Andromeda was in tears but her husband and daughter had a special bond. She was surprised her mother was still there. Lunch had been as cool as she thought and the woman cared little.

Sirius appeared and looked all over. "Harry?"

Remus brought him his son. "Here is Papa."

Harry reached for him. "Papa, Papa."

Sirius was relieved holding his son to him. "Cub."

Tonks demanded. "How is grandpa?"

A healer appeared. "Awake and asking for his grandchildren."

Sirius went to take Harry. "Better not keep the old man waiting."

Andromeda tried directing her in. "We can all go in."

Tonks held back. "He wants Harry."

Druella spoke. "The healer said grandchildren."

Tonks was shocked to see her grandmother. "What are you doing here?"

Before Druella responded a nurse appeared. "He is asking for his granddaughter."

Tonks was reminded what the man had said on the beach and that he had protected her too. She had been relieved the phoenix had gone back for him and had been worried he would die. It would have been her luck the old man finally had decided to acknowledge her and he died. She could admit she liked him in his own way and there was a lot she could learn from him. She was finally learning to control her hair but wanted to know more.

Sitting up in bed Pollux was grateful that both of his grandkids were alive and safe. Two, he was reminded he had three great-grandkids. Draco may have been the more traditional one but the boy had no elven powers. Pollux lived with him though.

Pollux sighed in relief. "You are both okay."

Tonks came to his side. "Thanks to you. I wish the birds could take more then one of us."

Walburga was confused. "They can."

Sirius agreed. "Three at least."

Tonks shot her grandfather a glare. "You said they could only take us."

Pollux did not deny it. "I was worried about tracking. You sent them back anyways."

Harry spoke up. "I send Gai."

Andromeda came to his side and kissed his head. "Thank you for protecting them both."

Pollux simply looked at both kids. "I may not be an auror but I am not about to allow anyone to threaten my family."

Arcturus motioned. "I think its time we head home."

Harry shook his head. "Grandpa P."

Tonks agreed. "He should not be alone."

Druella sat down. "I will keep him company."

They knew they had to get home and see to new wards and protection. Fleamont accompanied them to were considering a move to a more secure home. Again they knew this was Albus and that he was not going to stop until he got Harry or they stopped him. He seemed to think if Sirius was gone he would regain custody of Harry and likely it was true. Remus was his guardian but that would always be fought and Augusta had been as well. Walburga reminded her son of that.

Sirius didn't want to be reminded. "He can be sent to the elves if needed."

Walburga was pained. "You swore to us you'd never deny us our grandson."

Remus agreed with her. "He belongs with his family."

Sirius sighed and nodded. "Remus will not be denied his place."

Arcturus smirked. "The wolf….."

Walburga cut in. "He will not. Simply name two."

Lucius had forms called for. "You can name more.'

Sirius put on paper. "If anything happens custody is shared equally between Remus and Harry's two grandparents."

Arcturus glared as he knew he meant Fleamont and Walburga. "He is not your father."

Sirius reminded him. "But he is James' and has just as much right."

Walburga agreed with her son. "Hopefully none of this is needed."

Lucius suggested. "You might add secondary to be careful."

If nothing else then beyond Remus his two choices were older it made sense. Sirius wanted to ensure his son went no where near Albus. Andromeda and her husband, then Lucius and Narcissa were named. If the Blacks got wiped out Augusta and the elves were named. Albus would have to go through an army to get Harry though they had no doubt he'd try.

Tonks broke up talk when she looked at her mom. "I decided what I want to be. I want to be an auror when I grow up."

Andromeda shot a deadly glare at her cousin. "This is all your fault.

AN: so 7, someone else, won. Two and a few muggles dead. But the only known is the old Knight bus driver.

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