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* * *
Sakura sighed as she arrived at the day's meeting place. She immediately
saw Naruto, who rushed over to her with a disturbing amount of energy for
so early in the morning.
"Sakura-chan! Good morning!" he said happily, as he usually did.
"How can it be good? It's too damn early," groaned Sakura as she plopped
down on the ground, resting her head on her knees. She could feel the dew
soaking into her clothes, so she immediately jumped back up with a slight
shriek of alarm.
Shuffling feet announced another student's arrival. Sakura turned around
quickly, knowing full well who it was.
"Sasuke-kun! Isn't it a nice morning?" she asked, immediately forgetting
about her own complaints.
"It's too damn early," replied the boy as he leaned against a tree.
'Well, doesn't that sound familiar', thought Sakura. 'Great minds think
alike. It must be destiny!' Her thought flew about in her head in their
usual manner, sometimes mixing with common complaints.
Two hours later, when the sun had fully risen.
"Kakashi-sensei! You are always late! You couldn't get your butt outta
bed?" griped Sakura, with Naruto backing her up with frequent "Yeah!"s and
"You said it"s.
"I got lost-" the teacher started.
"On the road of life," the girl said, finishing for him. "We know."
"Um. on a less-cranky note. today's assignment. We have to baby sit for the
council of elders." The teacher smiled under his mask.
"Aaawww. c'mon, sensei! Can't we have a REAL job?" asked Naruto.
"No. Now come on, oh silent Sasuke, nagging Naruto, and sleepy Sakura,"
said the jounin gleefully, with more energy than any normal person would
* * *
"I hate this," said Sakura to Naruto as she changed a diaper on one of the
"This has got to be the worst mission ever," replied Naruto. "Kakashi
didn't say that it would be the ENTIRE council's grandkids!" The boy was
currently trying to catch naked child, who had escaped from the bathtub.
"No shit." she mumbled, setting the now-clean baby into her pen. Inner
Sakura would've said a mouthful, but was too busy having a breakdown in the
back of Sakura's mind. Just to make sure, she counted the other babies.
'One, two, three.six. SIX?! Oh my God! NARUTOOOOO!!!" shrieked Sakura. "One
of the babies is missing!!!" The girl immediately began looking under
tables, chairs, and behind shelves.
"Is this him?" said a cold voice. Sakura whipped around, and shrieked and
fell backwards as a crying baby was shoved in her face. There was Sasuke,
holding the infant by the back of its shirt with one hand, the other in his
"Arigatou, Sasuke-kun! You found the baby! Where was he?" she asked, gazing
up adoringly at her all-time beloved as she smothered the baby in worried
hugs to settle it down.
"The brat was digging in the trash," he said icily, and walked away.
"He's probably going off to round up any renegade babies," said Sakura,
gazing lovingly at Sasuke's back as he walked away. Suddenly, a tap on her
shoulder made her jump, almost dropping the baby.
"Sakura. could you be a good little student and watch the bra- I mean, KIDS
that I'm in charge of? I have to go out," the elite ninja said, a
sickeningly sweet tone in his voice. Sakura looked at him, her eye
twitching madly as she cradled the now-sleeping baby in her arms.
"Why the hell should I do that?" she said acidly, malice in her own tone.
"Please, now, Sakura-chan, it is important," pleaded the sensei.
the pink-haired ninja shrieked, waking up the baby (who now had eyes as
round and big as plates and sweat-dropped comically).
"Well, it's important." The man said, scratching his head simply.
"Hell with it, just leave." said Sakura, shrugging her shoulders in defeat.
"Thank you, be a good little babysitter," said the silver-haired man. He
ducked just in time to have the plastic baby rattle miss his head by an
inch, before running out the door.
"He's probably just gonna go drink sake and read his baka book," sighed
Sakura as she put the baby back in the pen and sighed.
* * *
It had gotten dark, and most of the children had fallen asleep, along with
Naruto. The boy had simply passed out on the kitchen floor, and was now
snoring contentedly as a snot bubble pulsated with each breath.
Sakura flicked the lights out, and wandered over to the couch and sat down
with an almighty sigh.
Suddenly, a cold voice made her skin crawl.
"Tired yet?" said the figure in the dark. Sakura recognized the voice as
Sasuke's, but didn't have the energy to perk up. But she noticed something
in his voice. was it amusement?
"To be honest, yes. I wish I was awake enough to go walking around outside,
it is a nice night." Sakura said wearily. She slumped down, her Inner Self
shaming her for not warming up to Sasuke.
"The night is still young," said the boy mysteriously, his silhouette cast
in the window as the full moon's light shone in around him (Impressive,
no?). As Sakura gazed in loving awe as his countenance, half of his face
became illuminated as he walked over to her, holding out his hand.
"Come walk with me." His voice had a definite warm tone in it, and Sakura's
eyes widened in shock. Nevertheless, she took his hand.
Her Inner Self was silent in shock and happiness as he clasped onto her
wrist and pulled her up, forcefully enough that she fell onto him. She held
her breath in complete happiness as he guided her outside and onto the
lawn. He gently pulled her over to a lone tree in the middle of the yard,
and let her hand go as he scaled it.
Sasuke perched on the first branch and reached down to Sakura. Her heart
dancing, she accepted his help and climbed up next to him.
"We aren't there yet," he whispered in her ear. She looked up, and saw him
nimbly climbing to the top. She followed, love infatuating her thoughts.
When she finally reached the topmost joint, she sat down next to Sasuke.
The boy gently wrapped and arm around Sakura's neck and pulled her head to
his chest as the other hand gently stroked her hair. He bent down to her
"This is what you've always wanted," he said, love vividly heard in his
"Yes." was all the girl could say, trying to absorb this memory completely,
though she was still pleasantly numb from shock.
"Great minds think alike." he whispered. Sakura knew what came next.
She looked up at him, and saw his own dark eyes gazing into hers, inviting
her to submit to his whim. She looked lovingly at him as he cupped her face
in his hands, and pulled her into a kiss.
'All of my feelings of rejection, all of my hope, all of my love.' thought
Sakura as she wrapped her arms around his neck.'. goes into this kiss. My
first kiss, the one I have wanted the most.'
The moonlight silently illuminated the coupling as the night wore on.
* * *
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