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*You should probably read my fanfic called Can't Resist first, or it may take you a while to piece together what's happening.*

The Urako Incident

"So what happened last night with you and Vegeta?" Neliyah asked, barging into Bulma's room the morning after the reunion.

"Ahh! Go away!" Bulma mumbled, rolling over on her stomach and pulling her pillow over her head as Neliyah turned on the lights.

Neliyah strode over to the windows and drew open the curtains, letting sunlight flood in. "Tell me, Bulma! It's nine thirty for Kami's sake, and I've been dying to know ever since you left."

"Come back in a couple hours." Bulma muttered into her mattress.

Neliyah plopped down on the edge of Bulma's bed and pulled the covers off her. "Come on girl, get real. All your relatives are running around this huge mansion, and you're holed up here in bed."

"Ugh." Bulma moaned, holding the pillow over her head tighter. Neliyah tried to pull it from her grip, but Bulma clung too tightly.

"Oh twi-ins!" Neliyah called. "You can spray Bulma with your water guns now! I'll protect you from her wrath."

Nervous laughter drifted in from the hallway.

Bulma rolled over onto her back, plopping the pillow down on her chest, and gave Neliyah a tired look of exasperation. "I don't care. Let me sleep."

"Okay, real quick now boys!" Neliyah yelled, diving off the side of the bed.

The two twins who had fruitlessly tried to hit Gohan yesterday got Bulma but good. In a matter of seconds, her hair was soaked, her face was dripping, her nightgown was wet through, and she was sitting bolt upright in bed. Bulma let out a loud piercing scream and dove towards the boys. They were gone in the two seconds it took Neliyah to tackle Bulma and wrestle her into a choke hold a foot from the open doorway.

"Stop it Bulma! They're just kids!" Neliyah exclaimed as Bulma wrenched herself out of the choke hold and pulled herself to her feet.

"I can't believe you, Nel! You are so immature!" Bulma yelled as Neliyah scrambled to her feet.

"Okay! I'm sorry I told them to squirt you, cuz!"

"Squirt me! I'm drenched! They my as well have dumped ten gallons of water on me!" Bulma exclaimed, grasping a hunk of sodden nightdress in her left hand and holding it up for Neliyah to see.

"Umm . . . sorry?" Neliyah tried.

"Ahh!" Bulma cried, exasperated, advancing towards Neliyah.

"Now Bulma, it wasn't that bad, was it?" Neliyah reasoned, backing slowly away from Bulma.

"YES!" Bulma yelled, jumping at Neliyah and grabbing her throat with both hands.

"Cat fight." a bemused voice sounded from the doorway.

Bulma glanced over at the person in the doorway. It was Vegeta. She loosened her grip around Neliyah's throat for a split second. Neliyah twisted out of her grasp and darted out the door, mouthing a quick thank you to Vegeta as she went. Bulma sighed and plopped down on the spot where she stood, the middle of the room.

"It's not every day I see you sopping wet trying to strangle your cousin at nine thirty in the morning." Vegeta remarked, surveying the room with its sopping wet bed and equally wet occupant.

"Yeah, yeah." Bulma muttered, grabbing a hank of her loose hair and wringing the water droplets out. "And I thought you would be the one my relatives got to first."

Vegeta smirked. "Your mother sent me up to tell you to go out for breakfast and then go food shopping. The relatives cleaned out the fridge. You should see the cook woman down there freaking out."

"Her name's Vera. Have some respect, she cooks your food." Bulma groaned. "Aw heck. Did you eat yet?" she asked, laying back on the wooden floor and staring up at the ceiling fan.

'Of course. What happened to you?" Vegeta asked, noticing the way the cotton nightgown clung to her body.

"Neliyah wanted to wake me up, so she got those twins to spray me with the water guns I upgraded. Well of course I woke up . . . She had to tackle me and she tried to apologize, but I just went at her . . . Hey! You're rubbing off on me!" she accused.

Vegeta snickered. "It's an improvement."

Bulma stuck her arm up, waiting for Vegeta to come over and help her up. "The least you could do is help me up after all you've done to me." Bulma ordered, listening to the creak of the floor boards under Vegeta's weight as he moved towards her. She stopped staring at the ceiling fan and looked at his face as it appeared in front of her.

"I don't know why I let you hang out with me." Vegeta said, reaching down and grasping Bulma's wrist, then pulling her up in a smooth motion.

"It must be my winning personality." Bulma supplied just before they shared a kiss.

"Ugh. You're making me wet, woman." Vegeta complained against her lips.

"Blame my cousins - all three of them." Bulma mumbled back. "Come out to breakfast with me?' she asked.

"I have to train." Vegeta reminded her softly.

"My mom's giving morning tours of the GT." Bulma informed him.

"I'll do calisthenics on an island then."

"Come to breakfast with me. I'll make a grocery list while I'm there and then I'll give it to the store. They can send the stuff over here. Then I'll come with you." Bulma suggested.

"No thanks. I'll come to breakfast, but I'm not taking you anywhere after that."

"Why not, Vegeta?" Bulma pouted.

"Too much of a distraction." he kissed her a last time. "I need to be focused to I can get stronger."

"I guess I can live with that. I like being a distraction." Bulma laughed.

"I'll meet you at the front door in twenty minutes then. I know you need time to - dry off." Vegeta stated, taking in her damp state again.

"Make it ten. I'm really hungry." Bulma amended.

"Ten then." Vegeta agreed, letting go of Bulma and walking out the door and downstairs without a backwards glance.

Bulma shut the door behind him and locked it for good measure, in case one of her relatives tried to get in. 'Wow. I distract Vegeta of all people. I didn't know it was possible. Well I guess I should've when I said he was kinda cute the day we got back from Namek. Boy was he flustered then.' she smiled at the memory and padded into her bathroom to take a quick shower. 'Not that I really need one after this morning . . .'