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Chapter 1: Comfort, Confusion and Chaos

It was a dark, rainy night when Harry Clearwater died. The rain drummed down on the steel roof of Jake's garage, as I thumbed through the pages of my book from my customary spot on the couch.

Jake was working diligently on a car for Seth Clearwater's upcoming birthday, and the smell of sweat, grease and oil permeated the air.

Things were still slightly awkward between us, but they had been getting better since the day I had slapped Paul. At least he no longer had to keep his distance from me.

"Are you sure you don't need any help, Jake?" I ask for the umpteenth time. "I feel bad that I just sit here while you do all the work."

Jake crawls out from underneath the car, and gives a wry chuckle. "And risk you injuring yourself? Charlie would kill me, slowly and painfully. Especially since Doc Vamp isn't here to fix you up."

The mention of Carlisle rips open the scar tissue, leaving the wound of their departure fresh and raw once again.

"Shit!" Jake says, crossing the room in a few long strides, and enfolding me in his arms. "I'm sorry, Bells, it just slipped out."

I clutch him tightly, composing myself, as the heat from his body warms me to the core. I pull back, just enough to look at him, and pull my features into a half-hearted smirk.

"I don't know," I muse. "I think I could talk him down enough to make it quick and painless. He'd still kill you of course, but silver linings and such, right?"

"Very funny, Bells," Jake scoffs sarcastically.

"I'm hilarious, thank you very much."

He wraps an arm around my shoulder. "Sure, Bells. You just keep telling yourself that."

It's moments like these, where our friendship is almost exactly like it used to be, that make me hold on to hope that we'll get there again, eventually.

As if he can hear the gears turning in my brain, he looks down at me, his brown eyes warm but with an undercurrent of concern. "Something on your mind, Bells?"

"It's just—"

I'm interrupted by a frantic voice calling out Jake's name. Turning toward the voice, I see Quil Aetera VI running, dragging his best friend and boyfriend Embry Call helplessly behind him.

"By the Spirits, Quil! Slow down, babe," Embry yells, as Quil pulls him along.

The two of them come to a stop in front of Jake and I, breathless and panting. Embry gingerly holds his arm, waiting for his werewolf healing to kick in.

"Sorry about this, Jake, Bella," Embry says in his low, quiet baritone.

"S'okay, Em," Jake waves off. "What's up?"

"It's Harry, he…" Quil says, before Embry cuts him off, with a pointed look in my direction.

"What about Harry, Quil?" I ask. "Did something happen?"

"A vamp got him while he was out hunting with your dad, Bella. Made it look like a heart attack but we all know it wasn't."

Embry sighs, but kisses the side of Quil's head. "We're almost certain that it was the red-head who did it. Seth and Leah phased on the spot, and Sue is just a wreck."

The news of two new pack members gets Jake's attention. "Both of them? But Leah is…"

"She still has the gene though," Embry says.

Jake nods tightly. "Alright then. Just give me a few minutes and we'll head over. Bells, I'm sorry to have to cut this short…"

"I'm coming with you," I say.

"What?!" all three of them chorus.

"I said, I'm coming with you. I don't know how I can be any more clear."

"Bells…" Jake says, warningly.

"Don't 'Bells' me, Jacob Black. Harry is one of my dad's oldest friends, and while I can't do much, I can at least pay my respects, and give you all some insight into how to catch the bitch who did this."

He stares at me for a long moment, his eyes searching my face, but I don't back down.

Fine," he relents, heaving a sigh, silencing Quil and Embry's objections with a wave of his hand.

"She won't budge, guys. Just go to the Cleawater's. We'll get changed and meet you over there."

"If you're sure," Embry nods, before tangling his fingers with Quil's. "C'mon babe, let's leave 'em to it."

Embry pulls Quil away, who looks over his shoulder at me until they're out of view.

A tense silence lingers in the air between Jake and I, but it doesn't last long.

"So, we should probably get ready for this thing, huh Bells? I think one of Rachel's old outfits should fit you."

His mouth is a taut, grim line as he looks at me.

I nod.

Wearing a knee-length old dress that belonged to Rachel Black, I sit in the passenger seat of my ancient truck, as Jake pilots it into the driveway of the Clearwater home.

Amongst the gathered vehicles, I see Charlie's police cruiser, and my heart constricts, the sober reality finally setting in.

"Bells!" Charlie exclaims, as we walk in. "What are you doing here?"

His question draws the attention of the entire pack, and I place my hand in the crook of Jake's arm, allowing his warmth to soothe my nerves.

"Hi, dad," I say. "Quil and Embry told us the news about Harry, and I thought we should come pay our respects."

"That's my girl," he says, pulling me into a tight hug. I feel wetness against my shoulder, but I'll never tell him that, and he'd never admit it anyways.

"Jake," Charlie nods, once he pulls back.

"Chief," Jake nods back. "C'mon Bells, let's make the rounds."

Emily gives me a hug, and Sam gives me a tight but friendly nod.

Paul attempts to ignore me completely but Rachel gives him a look, as she goes to hug her brother, and he eventually sighs.

"Swan," he grits out, nodding at me.

"Paul," I greet, nodding back, accepting the effort which seems to mollify Rachel, who whispers in his ear as Jake leads me toward Quil and Embry.

Quil surprises me with a hug, as Embry growls lightly.

"Easy, Em," Jake soothes. "It's just a hug."

"He's mine," Embry says.

"Yours," Jake agrees. "She knows that."

I break the hug, apologetic. "Sorry, Embry. I didn't mean to."

He just nods, pulling Quil into his side, as if to protect him from me.

Finally, we come to the couch where the Clearwater's sit, and we wait for our turn.

When it arrives, Jake makes the introduction. "Bells, this is Sue Clearwater, and her daughter Leah. You already know Seth."

"It's nice to meet you both although I wish it were under better circumstances," I say politely. "I'm so sorry about Harry."

Leah scoffs, skulking off.

"I'm sorry about my daughter," Sue says, giving me a soft, but brittle smile. "It's nice of you to come, Bella. I've heard a lot about you from Charlie."

I give her a hug, and then I turn to Seth, intending to do the same, but the second our eyes meet, every thought I have is consumed only by him.

"Seth, no!" Jake shouts, sounding anguished, but far away.

Seth's dark, amber-coloured eyes are full of pain and grief, which I can feel as acutely as if it were my own. There's something else in them too, though as he stares at me with his mouth open and his eyes wide and unblinking.

"What just… what was that?" he asks.

"I… I don't know," I admit.

I turn to Jake who obviously knows, because he won't even look at me. Instead, he glares, pained and angry at Seth.

It's Sam who steps in, whispering authoritatively . "Jacob, this is not the time or place. Stand down."

Jake huffs but does as he's told.

"You two," Sam says. "You come with me."

I look at Seth, who smiles brilliantly at me, and nods. I can't help but smile back, even if I feel like I'm missing something huge in this situation.

"Alright," I agree. "Lead the way, Sam."

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