Author's Note:

So this is my third story. It's another transmigration and imprinting story. It's similar to my second story Where am I, but a little different. It's more simpler.

If y'all haven't read my previous stories, then here is a warning. My grammar is not the greatest. I'll try to proofread as much as I can, but I can't promise that it'll be perfect.

This story is not based on Bella. The wolves here don't share a mind with a separate entity of a wolf spirit with its own personality, and etc.. The spirit warriors are shapeshifters with wolf instincts. This OC isn't as proactive in the story like in my previous stories. As in for imprinting, no imprinting on babies, so Jacob isn't going to imprint on Renesmee nor Quil on Claire. Bella gets married with Edward and disappear with the Cullens. They aren't coming back after they defeat Victoria.

My pairings are JakexLeah, SamxEmily and OcxPaul as of now.

If someone has been a follower of my previous stories, then Imma let you know this is the teacher and student relationship story that I mentioned in the past.

I'll still finish my second story, and I have been writing this story, whenever I had a writer's block. My second story is slowly coming to an end, so I decided to release this story.

Chapter 1: My Disastrous Graduation Trip

Things have finally calmed down with Covid, so me and Vanessa went on a road trip to Seattle. I have been anticipating for this day ever since I graduated from college in education. We graduated back in 2020, but it was still in the middle of the pandemic, so we couldn't go for our graduation trip. It sucked a lot, but knowing that everyone else was going through isolation, canceled plans, and not able to see friends and family, it helped to push through the pandemic. Since we couldn't go at that time, we just saved and saved from our part time jobs until the mayor said that we are on level green for the spread of Covid in Cali. When we heard that, we immediately started making plan to go to Seattle. It was the end of May, so kids are in the summer. I didn't need to put in my notice for my job to let me go. I am paid in the summer, so I am not screwed like some teachers in the summer. Sadly, Vanessa had to get a part time job since in her district, they don't pay teachers in the summer. I didn't think her part time would've let her go, but they did.

We were planning to take my red car, a Toyota Rav4, around the U.S, to save money on plane tickets. Not only that, but it's also more adventurous to go on a road trip. We stayed over multiple hotels, went to casinos, amusement parks and malls. We splurged and bought things that we didn't need, but it was fun.

It was my turn to take the wheel. We were heading towards Washington State. I had my nostalgia playlist playing from Spotify in the background. We had How Do You Sleep by Jesse McCarty playing in the background when I saw dark clouds forming in the distance. The more I got close to it, the darker, menacing it looked. I even got low key nervous.

Vanessa asked, "You think you'll be able to make past that? It doesn't look good, Em."

I closer I got, more wind was picking up and the car started to shake slightly. I stated, trying not to be anxious and remain calm, " I don't know, but there is no gas station or hotel anywhere around here. The closest one is passing those clouds into Washington. The first hotel or motel, I see, then I will stop."

Vanessa, she had her straight dark brown hair pulled in high bun. She was wearing big hoops earrings that she bought along the trip. She was wearing a My Hero Academia shirt with dark green shorts. She had make up done with dark green eye show and black lipstick on. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she was biting into the inner part of her lips in anxiousness of mouth. When she heard my statement, she stopped biting her inner lip. It made her less anxious, but still anxious and I don't blame her for that.

Internally, I was afraid. I miscalculated. I should've made that stop an hour ago when I saw a motel, but I think we'll be fine, right?

Hah, nope.

The next thing I know, everything got dark. It got so misty-cloudy looking that I could barely see the road and I head my head lights on to the max. I started to drive very slowly, hoping that it would help ease our anxieties. Then, it started to rain.

Damn it.

I lowered the radio to turn off the music, so I can put all my focus on the road. It was dead quiet in the car. I only hear both of our breathing. Vanessa was looking straight at the road to make sure that I am driving okay. Now it started to thunder with lightning strikes seen at the distance. Vanessa covered her ears in fright whenever the thunder crack. She would screech in fright while I winced from her voice. I had my arms clenching tightly on the road.

I swear. Where is everybody?

I haven't seen a single car in the midst of this storm at all. Sometimes in the road, you wouldn't see a car until an hour or two later, but I know it's been awhile. Finally, I saw the welcome sign to Washington state, so it brought down my anxiety. I can finally stop to the nearest hotel to get out of this weird storm. But, not even five minutes driving into Washington state, the storm cleared up, and it was dark outside. There was no clouds anywhere in the sky.

It just simply vanished.

This is not making any sense. How is this possible? I swear it was still day time.

Vanessa said in a shocked tone, "The fuck was that about?"

I said in disbelief, "I-I don't know, and how is it nighttime? Before we got here, I swear it was 3pm with sun visibly seen outside, and now-"

Vanessa cut me off and said tonelessly as she looked at her watch, "It's 8pm…what the fuck…"

We just looked each other in confusion until I slammed my breaks when I saw a flash of red. I heard a loud thump as Vanessa was slammed against the door, and I swerved to the side of the road.

What was that?

Vanessa groaned while he massaged her shoulder, "..what was that for?"

I said as my knuckles growing cold from holding the wheel too tightly, "I thought I saw something…"

She rubbed her forehead while squinting her eyes toward the window. She looked around and huffed, "I don't see anything girl.."

I sighed heavily. Maybe I was just being paranoid from the storm. I asked tiredly, "can we switch? I think I exhausted myself from trying to make through this storm alive."

Vanessa nodded, and she got off the truck. I did the same too. I was halfway around the car when I heard a high pitch voice, saying, "hello."

I jumped when I heard that random voice. I was leaning against the car when I turned and saw a curly red-headed lady with very pale-white skin approaching me.

Where did she come from?

She had a leather jacket with black pants on. She was smiling sweetly. Maybe a little too sweetly for a total stranger, but her eyes..Her eyes were bright red. Did she have contacts on or something?

I gulped and said with a forced smile and my heart starts to beat fast in anxiousness, "hello.."

She tilted her head and inhaled sharply. She said looking at me up and down, "you're not from here, aren't you?"

I stuttered, "N-no, but me and friend have to get going..I don't think we can help you. Bye."

I tried to keep walking, but then she blocked my view. She said smiling viciously, "I think you can. More than you think."

The fuck?

Vanessa was already in the driver's seat, and she honked as she pulled the window down shouting, "Hey lady, I don't know what your deal is, but fuck off. We can't help you."

I sighed. She always been the more confrontative one between the both of us. There were times her attitude got her into trouble with authorities and with her coworkers at her job.

She sneered. One moment she was in front of me and the next moment she vanished. A small air passed by me. Then, I heard a loud snap. When I turned to see what happened..that ..that lady was holding Vanessa's head like it was nothing. Even with one hand! Vanessa's head..was twisted in such a odd way. The way her lower body went limp as she was lifted up by that woman, I knew…she was dead.

I led out a small whimper with tears building up to my eyes. I covered my mouth to prevent myself from making any more sounds.

She said chiding at Vanessa, "Tsk-tsk. I could've add you to my collection, but with that kind of temper, it would've been a problem for us."

Alarms were going off my head, so I ran into my car. I didn't care about buckling myself. All I knew that I had to get the fuck out of here. I don't know how she went from where I was to Vanessa and d-doing that to her too but..

She was like some kind of monster.

I hopped on and when I was about to turn on the car, my door was ripped open and thrown at the side. I screamed and tried to step on the gas. I didn't even got the chance to drive off because I was immediately crashed. The airbags blew up, slightly suffocating me and I tried to see what I ran into, but I was ripped out of the car seat and thrown out of the car.

I fell straight into the pavement headfirst. My vision blurred. I felt something wet and warm, dripping down from my head. I felt something wet in my palms too. I tried to push myself up with my arms, but then I was stopped when I felt a very cold hands holding my head tightly. My head was lifted to be faced eye level and I saw that same red headed lady crouching down in front of me.

My vision was able to clear up a bit for me to see that she pressed hard onto my head wound with her cold finger that made me yelp out in pain. Then, she fucking licked my blood. She groaned in satisfaction with a odd purring noise coming from her chest. She tilted her head again, looking at me with a calculative look.

I said pleading, "p-please."

She sighed and shook her head in frustration, "why is it that all of you humans always say the same thing every single time."

She pulled me up from the ground. With one arm, she held my waist. She had a very hard grip that no matter how much I tried to struggle, I couldn't escape. The more I kept on squirming away, the more she made her grip tighter. Her grip starting to become very painful, so I gave up.

It felt like time went slow. Is this how I am going to die? I started weeping with tears falling on my face. I was terrified. I didn't know what was going on either. She leaned forward to my neck and opened her mouth, then she froze.

I heard growls behind me. Multiple growls coming deep in the forest. Tree branches snapping behind me. I was quickly thrown backward, and the red-headed lady fled into a red blur to the opposite side of the forest, away from whatever was growling at her. I was slammed against the ground on my back, and I groaned in pain.

Am I hallucinating? I saw a wolf, not just any wolf. A massive wolf, jumping over me and chasing after that lady. First, it was a black wolf then I saw a gray wolf and a russet colored wolf chasing after the lady. They all disappeared deep into the other side of the forest.

I don't know what the hell is happening, but I am not sticking around any longer to watch. I turned over and tried to get up. I felt stabbing pain all over my body. Despite the pain, I started stumbling forward and limping toward my car. Every step that I made; a throbbing pain would be shooting from my left ankle. I think my ankle got hit from the car when I was supernaturally pulled out of the car. I felt burning sensations around my thigh, elbow, and the side of my face from being scraped into the pavement. I also was feeling light-headed from the wound in my head.

I lost balance, tripped and fell over. This time, I covered my head with my arms as I fell. I didn't know if I had the strength to get back up again. I started to feel cold and dizzy. Everything turned to black.

I couldn't sense how much time as passed. I don't know if I was half conscious or it was some lucid dream, but I felt warm. A little too warm. Not just one area, but mostly one side of my body. I felt I was being cradled, and I heard voices? It sounded like men. I couldn't pick up with what I was hearing. Then again, it's a language that I never heard of.

A piercing pain went across my head that I instantly blacked out once again and fell into a unusual memory?

"Hello", I answered.

"is this Ms. Clover?" a man asked through the phone.

Is that me? That's not my name.

"Yes? Who am I speaking to?" I asked curiously.

"This is William Black, Chief of the Quileute Tribe. I'm calling today because your great-grandmother Silvia Clover has passed away."

Huh. I forgot she was still around. My parents and grandparents are dead. They have been dead for years. They rarely mentioned her. All I knew was that she was super old-fashioned, stubborn old lady. She never wanted to leave the reservation no matter how hard things get, and it was that pushed my grandparents and my mom away.

I didn't want to sound heartless, so I said sighing, "oh…thank you for notifying me.. I would need to come to the Reservation to make funeral arrangements for her?"

William Black said, "Silvia had already had arrangements made. She wanted her ashes to be buried in her land..However, she didn't clarify whether she wanted her family or the tribe to bury her."

I replied slowly, "I see..If it's not a inconvenience for the tribe, I think I would rather want the tribe to bury her. The tribe have been more of family to her than I. "

How come I never remember this? I don't remember having this conversation with this chief.

He responded, "hmm. I understand. We'll proceed to have her burial tonight. However, there is still a plot of land and a house that she owns. She stated in her will that her remaining family may deal with it as they please and she'll give the title to the house to them."

Oh, I now have a house?

Since when did I have a house?

I thought about it. I just graduated from University of California at Berkley with bachelor's in education: concentration in high school education. It's been two months since I graduated/ I had no luck with finding a job and I barely making it with odd part-time jobs. I would have a free place to live until I get myself together because I can't keep living like this. This might be what I need.

I barely have a 4th of Quileute's blood in me. Can I even live in the reservation?

I asked, "Is it possible that I could live in the house? It's now under my name…but I'm basically a total stranger."

He said kindly, "you're allowed to live in the reservation. I think it'll make Silvia happy that her descendants would be coming back to our ancestral land."

I nodded through the phone, and I asked shyly, "If it's not too much to ask…"

He replied immediately, "go ahead."

I said lastly, "are there any high school teacher's positions in the reservation or any city around the area?"

He said happily, "actually, there is one. One of our staff, will be taking a leave of absence after the student's spring break in March. "

I gasped. Wow, what are the odds? I asked, "what class is it?"

He said, "I believe..She teaches two classes of Algebra II and one class of Pre-Calculus."

I said, "oh! I have my teaching degree in 12th grade math from Algebra I to Calculus II."

He said wistfully, "thank the spirits, I can contact the high school's principal Ms. Rogers and notify her that we have found a teacher to replace . I'll give her your phone number, and we'll see from there."

Wow. Everything is falling into plan, and it seemed too surreal to be true. I said excitedly, "I'll send in my two weeks notice, and I'll..see you sometime in the middle of March. It was a pleasure of meeting you, Mr. Black."

He chuckled through the phone, "Since you'll be around, you can call me Billy for short."

Billy? Why does that name sound so familiar?

I heard some beeping in the distance that it somehow woke me up from that very strange memory or dream. I don't know what it was. I opened my eyes, blinking to gain clarity.

I was covered in layers of blankets inside a room. I looked down, and I saw that I was wearing a hospital's gown. I had thick bandages on right arm, left knee, and my forehead. I even had a small cast on my right ankle. My neck felt so sore that it hurt to swallow.

The room seemed small. There were portraits of nature, writings of a language that I don't know on the walls. I even had a window directly to a luscious forest. It seemed cloudy outside, so I couldn't tell what time of day it was. Nevertheless, I feel peaceful here.. like I belong. There was a sense of longing that I get here, and I don't know why.

I was startled when a nurse popped her head in. She seemed indigenous. She was like a elder. She had her gray and brown hair tied in a low bun. She had many wrinkles around her eyes indicating that she is someone who smiled a lot. She gave me a kind, warm smile when she saw me awake. In her name tag, it said Sue Clearwater.

She asked cautiously, "Hello, how are you feeling today?"

I looked down, scanning through my bandages, and I said in a hoarse voice, "I-I feel okay and I feel sore in many parts of body."

She nodded slowly, "that's understandable..Do you have any recollection of what happened to you?"

I said thickly, "I , uh, just got into Washington State with my friend V-Vanessa, until I got stopped by..someone."

I paused, and I looked at her. She frowned. I continued with my story, confused from her expression, " that person..or whatever it was..k-killed" I sobbed midway "my best friend a-and when I was about to die.."

The nurse;s eyes got slightly misty, but tears still haven't fallen yet. I said, "these huge, wild animals appeared out of nowhere, and that person or it ran away…" Then I broke down into tears.

I know what I was saying seemed too incredible to be true, but I knew what I saw. I didn't want to sound crazy either, so I held back just in case. When I mentioned Vanessa, I started weeping for her. This was supposed to be our graduation trip, and this is how it all turns out?

Sue interrupted my crying, and said, "I'm sorry for your loss…you were the only one who showed up in this hospital.. but I can notify the reservation police and the border control to keep looking for her, Ms. Clover."

Great. Not only she is dead, but her body is also missing? Damn, what the fuck man. Did those animals eat her remains? My face got pale from the imagery in the head. Oh no, no no. It was already traumatic enough to witness her head being snapped, but now her body may be in pieces from wild animals, I can't visualize that.

But, then the nurse said said that name..from that memory or dream thing that I just witnessed.

I looked at her frowning, "Clover? My last name is Martinez. Esmeralda Martinez."

Sue said as she took out my board from the wall, flipping through pages, "it says here that your legal name is Esmeralda Clover."