The teachers end of school meeting had just about finished when Fawkes soared into the meeting room and dropped a letter in Albus Dumbledore's lap. The headmaster frowned and quickly read it, his eyes widening minutely. Only Minerva McGonagall, who had known Dumbledore for many decades, noticed the momentary lapse in his calm façade. He folded up the letter and looked around at the gathered staff.

"I think that concludes our meeting for this year." He stated. "Could the heads of houses please stay behind." The other teachers all filed out of the room, after wishing everyone else a good summer. When it was only McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick and Sprout, Dumbledore heaved a sigh.

"Was there something else, Albus?" McGonagall asked with a frown.

"Yes. Fawkes has delivered me a note about a parcel waiting in my office." Dumbledore informed them.

"And why does this pertain to us?" Snape asked in a bored drawl.

"Because it appears that the parcel has arrived from the future." The headmaster told him. All four of them gaped at him.

"That's…" McGonagall was about to say impossible but having had one of her students using time travel all year, she knew it was not impossible. "That could be dangerous." She corrected.

"There are no dangerous enchantments on the parcel." Dumbledore said. "But the note that came with it, suggests several people need to be notified and a meeting should take place in the Room of Requirement."

"What people are we talking about?" Snape asked warily.

"I shall send the notices out today and we shall reconvene in the room tomorrow morning. I expect you all to be there as soon as the Hogwarts Express has left. Although, several students have been requested so some won't be heading home." The headmaster explained. The four teachers left the room, wondering what could possibly be in that package, and why on earth students would be involved.

The next morning, a large group of people slowly filed into a secret room on the seventh floor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The whole Weasley family were there along with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Neville arrived, looking quite confused by the gathering in this strange room. He was followed by a girl about Ginny's age with a slightly vacant expression and long, blonde hair. The four heads of houses also arrived with Remus Lupin and Dumbledore. Remus had a big black dog with him which made Harry incredibly worried. He shot a concerned look at Remus who sent him a reassuring smile to say that he had it under control. Harry wasn't totally convinced but hugged the dog anyway. Snape glared at the trio.

Then a heavily scarred man with a fake eye and wooden leg arrived with a young woman who had spiky pink hair. Two people followed her, a male and a female. A dark-skinned man followed them in with a stately looking woman wearing a green shawl. Next in was a tall woman, wearing a monocle. Harry stared at this strange assortment of people. He stared in even more surprise when a blonde-haired woman escorted Malfoy into the room. They were quite similar, and Harry guessed this must be Malfoy's mother. They both sneered when they saw the majority of the room's other occupants.

"Good morning, everyone." Dumbledore said once they were all seated. "Now, I am grateful for you all coming on short notice. Yesterday afternoon I received a parcel from the future. It contains seven books about the past and the future."

"From the future?" Mad-Eye Moody asked sceptically. "Did you check for curses?"

"Of course, Alastor," Dumbledore said patiently. "The note states that the information within will aid us in the upcoming fight against Voldemort." Several people shuddered violently at the name while Mrs Weasley let out a quiet shriek.

"He isn't dead then?" Bill asked quietly.

"I am afraid not," Dumbledore shook his head. "He survived whatever happened that fateful night, although he was severely weakened."

"Voldemort will return at some point in the future?" Narcissa Malfoy had somehow turned even paler than usual at this news.

"It is likely, and these books will almost certainly prove that, if they are of course, accurate," Dumbledore nodded.

"How do we know if this is accurate or if it's a trick?" Nymphadora Tonks asked warily. Her mentor shot her an approving look.

"The only way to know for sure is to read." Dumbledore told them. "I believe the events in the books revolve around young Harry, here. Surely, he and his friends can inform us how accurate the information is."

"Me?" Harry asked in horror.

"Why would we want to listen to seven books about Prince Potter?" Snape sneered.

"Severus," Dumbledore said warningly.

"Why me?" Harry wanted to know.

"Well, you have been quite, er, involved in the going on in the school during the past few years." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye. "I would assume your perspective will give us the most information."

"Wait. They are from my point of view? Not just about me?" Harry looked even more horrified. "No way."

"That does seem like quite the personal invasion." Hermione frowned; her friend had his privacy invaded enough as it was.

"If the information within could help us in getting rid of You-Know-Who permanently, then surely a little privacy doesn't matter," Flitwick said, looking slightly apologetic.

"Of course. This information could save lives if it accurate. I'm sure Prince Potter just doesn't want all of his misbehaving brought to light," Snape sneered. Harry glared at him. So did most of the students.

"It's Harry's private thoughts," Fred spoke up. "Surely it should be his choice."

"You think Mr. Potter should be making choices so important for our future?" Amelia asked with a frown.

"Yes," Remus stated firmly. "If the book was simply about Harry, then that is one thing. However, us all reading his private thoughts is quite another."

"I don't like it," Harry said quickly.

"Harry," Hermione hissed. "If these books are about the past too, maybe it will show what really happened with Sirius. Maybe we can find a way to clear his name." She
whispered. Harry looked at her. That was true. He did want his godfather to be cleared. But even with this book he wasn't sure they would get free Sirius. But it was also about the future. Maybe the books could tell them where Wormtail had gone so they could catch him.

"Er, that also means they will hear about all the stuff we've done. And my parents are in the room," Ron joined in the whispered conversation. "They will kill me."

"And Snape will probably try to have us expelled," Harry added.

"Ok. So, we agree on the condition that there can be no punishments for anything that has happened or will happen in the future," Hermione suggested. The other two nodded. Harry was still reluctant, but if he could help save people and free his godfather, it would be worth it.

"Ok," He said loudly. "I'll agree on the condition that nobody can be punished for stuff in the books. Either it's in the past and already happened or hasn't happened yet."

"So, you really are a troublemaker then, Potter?" Snape drawled.

"That does seem like a fair condition," Remus spoke up. "We are reading this to get information, not to punish anyone. And I believe having his private thoughts read out loud is definitely punishment enough for Harry."

"Agreed." McGonagall nodded.

"Seems reasonable," Sprout agreed.

"I am not sure I can agree to a blanket agreement that there will be no punishment for anything we hear," Amelia Bones spoke up solemnly. "Secrets may be revealed in the future that still pertain to now. Obviously, school related activities can be left, but I may need to investigate lawbreaking." Kingsley and Emmeline nodded their agreement.

Harry and the others exchanged looks. That seemed fair enough. Until Harry remembered that Hagrid had ended up with a dragon egg and used magic he wasn't allowed to. He would have to hope that the Ministry people would not punish him considering they had also sent him to Azkaban for nothing last year. He nodded after a few moments.

"Then we should begin reading. But first, some introductions," Dumbledore smiled. He introduced Kingsley, Mad-Eye and all three Tonks' to the group. Narcissa pointedly looked away from her older sister. Andromeda sighed resignedly. She hoped that her sister being here was a good sign for the future. Emmeline Vance, Luna, Amelia Bones and Narcissa Malfoy all introduced themselves.

Then Dumbledore asked Sirius to resume his usual form. He did so, stepping back into a defensive position, while Remus moved in front of him protectively. Harry also edged closer to his godfather. He looked better than he had a couple of weeks ago. His hair had been cut to his shoulders and was somewhat less matted. He'd clearly had a few good meals too, although he was still skeletally thin. His face was grim as he put a hand on Harry's shoulder and gently tried to push him out of the way. As soon as he touched Harry, several wands were trained on him.

Snape hissed furiously while Mrs Weasley shrieked.

"Sirius Black!"

"Why is Sirius Black here?" Amelia asked, immediately looking between Harry and Sirius. The boy didn't look surprised to see Sirius Black appear, which was strange. If anything, he looked concerned but not for himself. Honestly, he looked concerned for Black, moving like he wanted to protect the man rather than get away from him. Black was clearly attempting to get Harry out of the line of fire while the boy tried to stand in front of him. She was clearly missing something.

"Mum, he's innocent." Ron rolled his eyes.

"Oh, because you were so calm about it, Ronald," Hermione whispered in amusement. Ron glared at her, but the expression bore no heat.

"Sirius is innocent!" Harry yelled above the whispered discussions that had broken out. "We have already told the Minister that."

Amelia raised her eyebrows. So, Harry Potter thought Black was innocent. That was a story she was interested to hear.

"Sirius was indeed blamed by the real culprit, Peter Pettigrew," Dumbledore stated. Several people gaped at him in astonishment. "He is innocent and was asked to be here by the note with the books." Neither of the Aurors were making moves to arrest Sirius while Amelia Bones seemed content to find out through the books what the truth was.

Sirius took the seat next to Harry, everyone watching warily, with Remus on his other side. Ron sat next to Harry with Hermione on his other side. Ginny sat between the twins while Percy sat with his parents. Charlie, Tonks and Bill sat together. Dumbledore and McGonagall each had a comfy armchair while Professors Flitwick and Sprout sat on a couch together. Andromeda and Ted took another couch while the other Ministry officials all sat together too. Snape, Narcissa and Draco sat slightly apart from the rest of the group. Luna sat with Neville. Emmeline took a chair to herself.

"This is going to take a while," Amelia stated, eyeing the books. "I can't be missing from work for that long."

"The note said we will be placed into a time bubble once we begin reading the first book so we shall not be missed by those outside of this room," Dumbledore told them. Everyone nodded.

"I'll read first," Arthur offered. Dumbledore handed him the book with the number one on the front.

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