Chapter 4

(March 6, 2007, 2:05pm, 5 days before Kim's 18th Birthday)

The sign on the Middleton High Readerboard said "Spring Break Next Week: Please Don't Get Arrested".

Kim came up to Monique's locker while the transition to 6th period was going on. Kim was in her pink t-shirt with her baggy Club Banana dark denim overalls with the left strap hooked and right strap undone and red sneakers. As per the Middleton High dress code, however, Kim tucked in the undone strap to her overalls so that it would not poke someone's eye out. Monique went with a blue croptop and, like Kim, also went with the CB Dark Denim Baggy Overalls, but decided to go with the bib-down-but straps hooked route with a CB belt to hold them up and brown boots.

"Monique! I got great news!" Kim exclaimed.

"Spill, Kim! But you got only 60 seconds to do it!" Monique said, pointing to the clock.

"Okay, for my birthday that is coming up, I would suggest that we should hold a slumber party that weekend!" Kim explained her plan.

"Girl, that is totally ab-fab!" Monique exclaimed with a shrill cry for joy, "But is it going to be just us two?"

"Nah, I've already talked with Tara, Jess, and Crystal and they're in as well!" Kim said, "Zita is still up in the air though. Said she got some big Everlot video game tournament going on that weekend. I'll hear back from her after cheer practice."

"Sounds like a good plan, girl!" Monique said before hearing the bell ring. "We gotta get to AP European History before Barkin catches us playing hooky again!"

Kim nodded her head and both she and Monique headed off to class.


Kim exited the gym after cheer practice with Jessica and Tara right behind her. Tara wore her varsity jacket over her CB Denim Jumpsuit. She unbuttoned the top three buttons to reveal an Oh Boyz t-shirt. Tara accessorized the outfit with giant gold hoop earrings and two gold CB bracelts on her right hand. Jessica was, like Kim, wearing her Club Banana dark denim overalls but she wore them in the style of Rachelle Greenwood from Pals in which she undid both straps with the bib flopping. The buckles to the undone straps were constantly clinking behind her back. But unlike Bonnie, who normally wore hers in that manner, she did not show off her undergarments. She had a CB belt worn at the waist to prevent her parents from grounding her if she did that. She topped the 90s-like outfit with her orange long-sleeve shirt and red sneakers.

"So what time do you think we should be at your house for Friday, Kim?" Jessica asked.

"I think around 7:00 would be the perfect time." Kim replied. "But, again, gotta get that permish from the 'rents to have more than 4 friends in the house."

"That's always important." Tara added. "My parents were very picky about it as well."

"But what's next on the list?" Tara then asked.

"Let's see, there's the food and the cake as well." Kim said, digging her hands into her overalls pockets."

Jessica replied, "I think me and Tara can stop by M-Mart for some chips, nuts, a lot of candy..."

"Just be sure to get the candy away from the Tweebs." Kim suggested, "You do NOT want to know what happened on my birthday last year!"

(flashbacks to last March 11, 2006)

The Tweebs were on a sugar high, flying their jet packs throughout Middleton! They also were reading off of Kim's diary.

"Come back here you two!" Kim exlcaimed in anger as she and both the DrsP squared gave chase on their minivan.

"It took us an hour to get that diary back from those two..." she muttered. "Good thing that they are going to some sleepover over at their friends' house across the street."

Jessica said with confidence. "Don't worry. It's gonna be just us girls over at your house this weekend."

"What about the guys?" Tara asked.

"Ron told me that he, Felix, Jamarcus, and Jason are going to play video games." Kim said, "Only thing is who's going to host the thing."


On the other side of the school, Ron and Jamarcus were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with Felix and Jason looking on. Ron had won two rounds while Jamarcus has also won two rounds in the best-of-five series. Rufus served as the referee for the game.

"Okay, whomever wins this round will host the Zombie Mayhem tournament while the loser will have to chug a two-liter Diet Smarty-Mart cola bottle!" Ron replied.

"You're on, Stoppable!" Jamarcus grinned.

The two football team-mates both chanted at the same time.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors...Go!" Rufus squeaked in as well.

Ron extended his hand for a paper motion and Jamarcus fashioned his hands for scissors.

"Scissors won, which means I won!" the star Mad Dog wide receiver chuckled.

"It's official!" Felix decreed. "We're going to have the Zombie Mayhem tournament at Jamarcus' house!"

"Good game, Jamarcus!" Ron replied, complimenting on his team-mate's victory.

"And you're just in luck, Felix." Jamarcus added, "I recently bought the Z-Boy 2 and all four Zombie Mayhem games should be compatible with it!"

"Boo- yah!" Ron exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. "I'll bring my controller along!"

"I think the guys will have a good time." Kim laughed.

"Yeah, it's a nice slight change of pace from the original dinner-and-a-movie date night with our respective Bfs." Jessica agreed.

"It is." Kim admitted, "Though I do hope Ron has a good birthday gift in store for me on the 11th."

"Lemme guess...he gave you a bad gift last year?" Tara asked.

"Ding-ding! You guessed right, Tara." Kim sighed. "In addition to a Bueno Nacho Bueno Bucks book, he gave me a nose hair clipper."

"Ewww..." Jess replied with disgust.

"I so don't wanna know!" Tara agreed.

"Exactly on the gorch factor!" Kim said, "That's why I asked Ron earlier today to step up his A-game in gift-giving for me now that we are a couple."

"And how did he react?" Jessica asked.

"He said that he's all for it!" Kim replied, "We'll have to wait and see, though."