The Havoc Marauder was all but crash landed. Luckily the planet was a lush and plentiful of an inhabited one. With the hatch open, the several Batchers were hanging there. Gawking and checking the surroundings as if assessing what they had landed on. Of course Tech had already made the scans as per usual. And so, they all knew what the planet was like. In theory.

"Well, at least it is a pretty planet." Omega was looking at the wilderness through the open hatch.

"Look! There is even a water fall and a pond over there." She pointed at things she was seeing there, being totally exhilarated. Then turning to Hunter with her puppy dog glare directed at the man. Knowing she could get her way simple with that look alone. "Hunter? Can we go outside?"

Crosshair rolled his eyes. The Kid, albeit growing on him, was sometimes simply too much!

But Hunter, usually never able to resist the girls requests poked his head out for a moment and sniffed the air. As if it mattered. "Looks alright." He then turned to Omega with a grin. "Sure Kid. Take Wrecker with you." As the big guy was clearly as exited as Omega was, to get out frolicking in the fields of flowers by the looks of him.

"Great! Let's all go camping too! Make it a fun family outing!" Crosshair scowled sarcastically.

"That is a great plan Crosshair!" Omega totally forwent the opposite intent of the comment before she with Wrecker on her tail ran out the ramp and immediately rushed towards the water fall.

"Kids!" Crosshair snarled rolling his eyes.

Hunter turned to look at Crosshair. With a hint of something on his face; a soft but suggestive grin of sorts. "Well, we could share a tent up there, on the ridge." Hunter pointed at the locale he had spotted. "You know, while the kids are playing by the pond." Hunter nudged the other man eliciting a surprised gawk from him.

But as the realisation of the suggestion sunk in, a fat grin rose on Crosshair's lips. As clearly, Crosshair had no objections to going camping with Hunter at all. Quickly following Hunter out there, to the open wild.


"Kark Tech!" Echo cursed. "If you would have headed my warning and let us bring the Marauder down for an overhaul several planets ago, the drives would not have broken down like they did. And in a middle of flying in hyper space!" Echo was fuming at Tech.

"Well, in my defence, there were no issues detected during the regular scans." Tech was not fazed by Echo's outburst at all. He never was.

"You know very well as I do, those kind of scans are never reliable. You need to trust your gut feeling of things. I told you the ship felt wrong, didn't I?" Echo was usually right about these things after all. As he could interface with the ship directly while Tech only relied on his technical scans.

"Gut feelings cannot be defined scientifically. There is no real evidence those kind of "feelings" have anything do with detecting anomalies or errors anywhere." Tech sniped back. "A gut feeling is not a real world application." He reminded Echo.

Echo and Tech had been doing this toing and froing for a while now. Something which had started almost the moment the two of them had met on Skako Minor. And as to many before, this argument was leading nowhere. The truth was, the Marauder had crashed because of an engine failure. Something he had clearly warned about.

But, Echo knew when to fold them as this was one more fight he could not win. Not with Tech.

"You, are in impossible!" Echo's arms flew in the air in surrender.

"The correct term is improbable. I exist therefore cannot be impossible." Tech corrected his partner's error once again.

Echo rolled his eyes. And then without a word stomped out of the cockpit. Leaving Tech tinkering with whatever he had going on at the moment. As Tech was always doing that. Tinkering with stuff. Not that Echo complained - especially when Tech decided to tinker with his stuff.

As Echo had gotten up and moved, his cybernetic joints had creaked rather noisily.

"You forgot to oil your joints again!" Tech piped after him.

Not that Tech minded the noise. But he was worried Echo wasn't taking as good care of himself as he should. Mostly it was Tech though, who was doing the maintenance for the technological parts of Echo's. Among other things. Because Tech liked to care for Echo and he loved the technology almost as much as he loved the man.

"Bite me!" Echo quipped back.

When he heard the last remark, Tech froze in his seat, eyes flying wide. He was deep in thought for mere moment, weighing his options. Then, a kind of a mix between coy and mischief of a grin rose to his face. Quickly getting up from his seat and dropping everything he was doing, Tech too rushed out of the cockpit.

Finding Echo in the galley, rummaging through the cupboards, Tech did not waste one moment. Grabbing Echo by his hand he hauled the man towards their bunk room the two of them shared.

"Wha…?" Was all Echo managed while he was literally blown off of his feet.

Tech pushed his parter on the bunk. And with one swell swoop, the bottom armour along with the blacks were pulled off. Echo was now fully exposed from his lower half, the cold air of the room causing goose bumps to appear on his skin.

Without any hesitation, Tech decided to correct that error. And with eager hands grabbed the length of the now exposed full length of Echo's, guiding it into his mouth.

"What are you doing?" Echo wasn't clueless naturally, but the circumstances were not exactly favourable either. Where they ever?

"You told me to bite you. So I shall." Tech smirked.

Tech, never being able to hold his tongue, with all the puns intended.

"Well, not that I don't think this is a great idea." Echo was torn as he was feeling and also seeing quite clearly his arousal present already. "But the others are just outside and the hatch is even open." Echo worried really more about the possible wild life who could easily be attracted to come and have a look-see inside the ship.

"Oh pish posh!" Tech waved the notion off. "We all know what is going on behind closed bunk doors. I mean just the other night, I found Wrecker listening behind Crosshair's and Hunter's room when I went out for some water."

While Wrecker wasn't really a part of any click, like the other four were. He sure liked to watch and sometimes even joining in. If and where invited. And he usually was, invited. Of course there were strict rules around the ship and the Batch's current residence on Ord Mantell as well, to keep the bunk room doors locked so the Kid would not wander in by accident.

Echo glanced at Tech who was looking back at his lover with clear intent in his eyes. Clearly, Tech was going to complete the task he had started, without a doubt. After all, all that bickering, the snide remarks, the constant fights? Well, there had to be a counter measure for it all. And for Tech and Echo, they had found a great one to do just that.

"Fine, but we need to fix those engines soon enough." Echo reminded Tech of their responsibilities.

"We will. We can do it quickly no problem." Tech told him then. "We are totally good together that way."

Tech smiled at Echo, knowing well that all that bickering was simply a form of love they shared for each other. Even if it was a totally kriffed-up way to show love to one's partner.

"Yeah, well, we are good together in more ways than one!"

Echo laughed a little feeling the grip tightening, Tech getting impatient as usually when the man was fixed on something, he relentlessly pursued the task until completed. And sex was no different task than any other. Well, sometimes it wasn't, especially when rushed for time.

"I agree." Tech said.

And on that note, he licked the length of Echo's arousal eliciting several kinds of noises out of his partner. Some of them most likely echoing as far as the outside of the ship. Leaving all kinds of wild life out there wondering what it was. But at the very moment, neither of them cared. As it was time to, oil up Echo's joints. And well, bite him too!