Mission objective

The plan is, that there really is no plan.

"Alright, everyone set?" Hunter asked the crew, whom were already ready to pounce out at the moment the word was given.

"We are!" It was echoed in perfect unison by all of five good soldiers.

Because now, the little lady was one too, a real soldier, right?

"Good." Hunter smirked, happy to see his family so hyped and happy. Especially for this specific mission. "Now then, off you go!" He ordered them.

They all started out the ramp one by one. Half of them with a spring in their step never seen before. After all, this was a special occasion. With the mission so rare, it usually never happened. Usually.

Because this mission, was all about having fun. The very objective of it, if there ever had been one.

"See you in two days time!" Echo and Tech waved their goodbyes to the rest of the squad, while heading towards their already booked and paid for destination.

After all, the squad had needed a much needed break from each other. And they all had their preferences, but also ideas of fun. While Omega had managed to recruit Wrecker to take the whole tour in a fun packed amusement park. With all the gadgets, rollercoasters, petting zoos and all you can eat buffets, the two kids acting their hearts out, the more adults of them had decided on their own outings.

Naturally Hunter and Crosshair had paired up and were headed for a two day adventure in the wild. Camping to be more precise. With the promise of activities in the outdoors and such, the two were so fond of and even calling it fun. And so for that choice alone, the duo had gotten a few snide comments from the rest of the team. Apparently having an oddly chosen path for the whole two day stay. Fun indeed?

"Don't we get enough of that while out there running from the bad guys?" Echo had piped.

"Sleeping on the ground? Voluntarily?" Tech needed his beauty sleep, and that was not happening on a hard surface or a damp and muddy ground.

Well, whatever the chosen activity was, they six of them split in to their respective teams and took off. Each heading to where their selected kind of fun was about to commence. The outcome, as Hunter had stated, the order, was that everyone return renewed and relaxed from their trips. What more could he have asked?

May the good times roll (or not?)

There is no such thing, as bad luck. Simply circumstances happening at a very undesired time?

Echo and Tech had arrived to their destination. The Twi'lek healing baths. After all, a clone needs their pampering sometimes, right?

As they arrived to the reception, eager to start their mini holiday waiting for their turn to be checked in, the surprise waiting for them was not of the good kind. As there seemed to be some sort of a confusion about their reservation. And apparently, it had gotten lost! Completely!

"What do you mean you cannot find our reservation?" Echo was even more grouchy than he usually was, because this was supposed to be fun time for them both. "We made the reservation weeks ago!" He had raised his voice a tad too. "Are you telling me, there is nothing for us available there?"

Echo had tried to suggest the clerk to look with several names already. His own, Tech's and even with the Clone Force 99. But nothing popped up according to the clerk.

"I am sorry sir, but there is simply no reservation under any of those names." The clerk did sound somewhat apologetic, but mostly not. After all, good customer service was usually hard to find these days.

Echo knew the reservation was made as Tech had made it after the two of them agreeing on the activity and destination. It had happened right after Hunter's declaration for all of them needing a break. And so, picking up the planet and the venue, they had made their booking.

Echo had taken Tech aside and was talking to him. "You did make the reservation for this planet, right?" After all, the healing baths were a huge thing on most of the populated planets around the galaxy and there could have easily been a mistake.

Tech squinted his eyes and glared at Echo menacingly. "Why do you always assume I am the one making the mistakes?"

Echo sighed heavily then. This trip certainly did not start on a good note, at all.

"You were the one who made the reservation." Echo reminded Tech. "Therefore I could not have been the one to make the mistake. Now could I?"

Tech however, was now totally on the defensive. After all, the promise of some time off. Spent with doing absolutely nothing had sounded appealing to both of them. And now as it was finally the time to start doing just that - nothing. Well, it seemed their fun would be cancelled before anything had even started.

"I sent you the confirmation. Did you read it?" Tech's glare was challenging now.

Echo had checked it and searching his memory, he knew it was the correct planet after all. And so with the information in mind he decided to ask Tech, even if it was rather moot, as the man carried his data pad everywhere.

"Do you have it on your pad and do you have the pad with you?"

"What kind of a stupid question is that?" Tech asked in turn, huffing slightly.

Then again, they had both agreed to leave anything which could easily disturb their time together on the Marauder, data pads and such being those kind of things.

"Call me stupid for asking, but I know you never leave that thing behind. Even if we agreed." Echo reminded his partner then.

On that note, Tech picked the pad out of his backpack with a snide glare and pulled out the data. He then pushed the pad onto Echo's waiting hand with another huff.

"Thanks!" Echo stated flatly.

After all, this was not a good start for their holiday. Not at all. The two of them already almost coming to blows and they had just stared the karking thing! Echo glanced at the reservation, which was as expected, Without a word he marched to the reception with a military like vigour.

Tech's Hero

Heroes are those, who will go to any lengths for the others.

"Excuse me!" Echo stated in the loudest and grumpiest voice he could possibly muster, with his face in a menacing glare, getting the absent minded clerk's attention immediately.

"Yes, sir!" It was closest to a salute the clerk could have made at that point.

Echo did not want to argue further, as he wanted to start the precious time with Tech. With just the two of them as soon as possible. So, with a thud the data pad lading onto the desk making the clerk jump. Clearly, the menacing stance with all the viscous glares and threatening tones was better than mere words spoken harshly.

"As you can see, we are in the correct place." Echo stated his voice positively booming now. "And so, you will make sure we will get the best room your establishment can offer. Without delay." The 'or else' was heavily implied there. "Are we clear on that?" He leaned in slightly, making the clerk jerk back in fear.

"Yes sir!" The clerk then quickly typed into the computer console. And soon enough, the keys to their room emerged onto the desk. "You are in the bridal suite." The clerk forced out a smile, even if Echo could tell they were scared now, making Echo proudly smirk on the inside. "With our complimentary champagne and fruit basket, of course." The clerk went on. "We are sorry for the mixup, please accept our apologies of the same."

Echo glared at the clerk, without even a hint of acceptance. No smiles, no nothing.

"Thank you." Echo told them. "I would except a complimentary spa reservation as well."

He did not have to ask for it twice as the clerk quickly typed in the option into their reservation without a hint of argument.

"It has been added, sir! Have a great time!" The clerk then wished.

Echo simply nodded and walked to the seating area, where Tech had been waiting for him. Having complimentary drinks, of course. This was a vacation after all!

"Well?" Tech was still in 'the mood'.

Echo slumped to the chair next to his partner and grabbed his glass, taking a sip from the sweet tasting fruity drink, grimacing at the taste of it. Not giving anything away, not yet anyway.

"How can you drink this stuff?" He asked.

"I like it, thank you very much." Tech grabbed the drink back and finished it.

Turning back to Echo he glanced at them man with an expectant expression.

"So? Well? What happened?"

Echo glanced back at Tech, his face giving nothing away, until… he broke into a big grin.

"We got the bridal suite!" Echo let out a small chuckle just then.

Tech was positively surprised and without warning, grabbed Echo into a heated kiss. A rather passionate one, which lasted perhaps a tad longer than intended. They weren't exactly alone. But then again, the clientele of the establishment hardly cared that such displays of affection happened. They all did it after all. Everywhere. All of them.

After breaking off the kiss, Tech whispered into Echo's ear. "My hero."

Reaping the rewards

Good food and drinks a plentiful in great company; what more could a clone ask for?

After plenty of relaxing treatments, including various baths, massages and a special oil treatment for Echo's cybernetic parts, the two lovers had retired to their suite. They had ordered room service as after all that relaxing non-activity, they both felt rather exhausted. Which was rather funny as both of them usually could go on long missions, with plenty of running about and then with little if no sleep for days.

But this, was totally different. And as they had agreed, it was okay to do absolutely nothing except to be. Sometimes at least. Besides, it was not often that they had a chance to spend this much free time with just the two of them.

Being a tight knit group like the Bad Batch was, with Echo and Tech working together the most of them all, they had become quite close. Very much so. And now, the were practically inseparable.

"How is your order?" Tech asked as the two had decided on different types of foods to sample.

The two of them were seated at the table in their large suite. Dressed only in robes, because why not? This was their holiday and there was no need nor rush for them to go anywhere. It was all for the two of them to enjoy and each other as well.

"It's pretty good actually." Echo quipped and then, without asking, offered Tech a taste.

"Mmm. That is good." After chewing the fishy fork full offered.

Tech made the same gesture and let Echo have a taste of his food too.

"Excellent stuff!" Echo exclaimed, savouring the favour of the chicken like treat in his mouth.

As it was, the two of them lived mostly on ration bars and similar bland food and whatever grub Cid served for the Batch while on Ord Mantell. There really was no time for gourmet cooking like the two of them were enjoying now. Therefore, taking their time in eating, drinking and the present company, it was what a fun time for them was all about.

The evening was upon, and with the food consumed and idle chatting giving room for hugs and kisses, the dynamic duo had retreated to the bedroom.

The two lovebirds had made it to their large size bed. Taking the remnants of their champagne with them, to be consumed later on. After all, they had a one more activity planned before their first day was over. Being rather rare that the two of them got to use such a comfortable bed and it would certainly not be wasted for just sleeping. Mostly anyway.

The kissing had continued as soon as their bodies had hit the bed. As it was, there had been plenty of sneaked smooches shared between them during the day and after dinner too. But now, as the two of them were butt naked and laying on the bed in each others arms, there were no more obligations for them, except those for each other.

Tech was the recipient of the attentiveness of his partner. Echo, was paying very special attention to the fully exposed body of Tech's. He could not help but glare in awe at all the parts of the man he loved in full view in the soft light of the room. Perfection, was the word popping into Echo's mind as his gaze lingered on the lean form of Tech's splayed out in front of him in all its glory.

Echo continued his loving assault on Tech's body after a moment of simply admiring the man. Kissing, nipping, licking and tasting each and every inch (pun intended) of Tech. Echo simply could not get enough of him. The taste of Tech's far better than any food they had consumed earlier. Echo's ministrations starting off slow at first, but soon quickening. Especially when hearing the appreciative sounds eliciting from the his lover the further down south Echo ventured.

Echo would not have minded taking his time longer even. Exploring all of Tech. But as he made his way ever more downward, kissing and caressing Tech's thighs, the pleads started dropping faster. Urging Echo to hasten his speed. It was becoming clear that Tech was in a hurry, at least for the first round, the tell tale signs visible right in front of Echo's very eyes. Another part of Tech's he so loved and admired.

And so, not wanting his partner to suffer for too long, Echo placed himself snuggly between the long legs of Tech's. His mouth finding its target, tongue darting out for a first contact, before devouring it fully. Being rewarded with a hoarse "kriff Echo!" Eliciting a smirk from Echo as he continued to suck on his lover. Savouring all the tastes, the texture, all of that which was, Echo's Tech.

There might have been only one more day to go, but Tech and Echo were making the most of the time spent together. Having some fun and well, even more fun, mostly in each others arms. The deserved it after all.