Personal Log Entries, Commander Crosshair

(As voiced by the Commander himself)

Daily log entry

Today, yet another mission, putting down the seemingly endless fires out there, in the galaxy.

The squad encountered several insurgents, whom the Empire had deemed to be enemies. But, for whatever reason they, most likely the Admiral himself, had decided to give these, people, yet another chance. So, we did. Offer them the chance to change their erroneous ways.

As it is, there seems to be far too many rebellious element these days. People wanting to think for themselves rather than to listen and embrace the very orderly way of life with the Empire. Something which makes one wonder, what it really is they think they want.

But, as far as the mission went? Well, as per usual, they did not yield to our demands. Being the stubborn and unyielding peasants thinking they knew better. So, we had to expose of them all as per our given orders. Mission accomplished. One way or the other.

Oh goody! What fun it was! (States with a snide snarl.)

Daily log entry

Kark it hurts! Kriffing kriff! (Followed by several other carefully selected expletives.)

Being shot by an enemy is one thing. But getting shot by a blaster bolt by friendly fire?!

(Extensive teeth grinding and more selected curse words ensue.)

Those kriffing incompetent walk-in conscripted soldiers! Why the kriff did the Empire ever even consider hiring them? It would have been so much more beneficial using clone troopers. At least the regs can hit the far side of a bantha's shebs without missing the target completely and sending their blaster fire at random soldiers standing nowhere near!

Note to self:

Reminder to ask Rampart to make changes in the squad. I would… can't believe it has finally come to this… To replace at least two of them with regs… Clone troopers.

Daily log entry

Admiral Rampart gave me praise today. Said that he was pleased with the loyalty and determination I had shown so far. Something about those being commendable qualities in a solider apparently. Go figure! Someone who actually understands what a good solider is!

(A long pause before the log is continued. Guess it took some doing for the praise to sink in.)

It was both odd, but also nice to hear such things. And to know, that the Admiral is pleased with my work. Then again, accolades? Well, those were never really our… my thing.

(Another long pause, thoughts wandering back to the times of the Republic and his Batch. Shakes head. As those thoughts are not allowed, not what Crosshair should be revelling in.)

Daily log entry

Today was a day off. What an odd concept. Having time to myself. Something which rarely happens. But I am guessing the Admiral thinks that I and the squad somehow deserves these, leisure filled days, as he put it.

So, I took the time to clean up my weapons. Give them a really good once over.

Having time on my hands I decided to go to the training centre. Not that there is not enough of exercise out there in the field. But, it's something to pass the time with and to get a good cardio.

There were several regs there, who usually just glare at me. But they leave me alone so I don't mind them.

The nat-borns however, are a whole different story. They just glare. At me, the regs. There is no respect for us. Any of the clones.

But, I let them glare, they are no match for me or any of my kin anyway, so why bother with them.

Daily log entry

Commander Cody wanted to talk again.

It's annoying how he thinks we are somehow friendly. Friends. Guess we should be. He is okay, for a reg. But, I can't stand the personal stuff he wants to discuss.

He doesn't really buy into the good soldiers following orders guideline any more. It is quite clear to me now. Seems to be questioning whether the Empire is good or not for us serving. Or anyone else for that matter.

Does it really matter? We are soldiers. Nothing more, nothing less. We do what is required of us.

I made some lame excuse and left him with his expression all hanging with disappointment.

I know I cannot avoid his little talks forever. But for now, I really don't want to stir any things up.

As it is, they have already started to reduce the number of the clones. And even if I hate to admit it. Even hate to speak it out loud. I don't really think any of us are safe here. Not any more. Not even someone, whom Rampart seem to regard in value.

Daily log entry

There have been so many missions in the past weeks, I have lost count. Mostly it's the ever growing insurgent movement out there. There are even whispers of rebellion. Which I highly doubt myself. Simply some propaganda most likely.

But, there are lots of unhappy campers out there. And killing them all? Well… it's not practical.

Daily log entry

Okay, so I have finally come to the conclusions that I definitely need some different apparel. These Sith forsaken black ones are not practical to be worn at all times. Especially since the Admiral insist for myself and the group to have days off regularly now. Something totally annoying, but also unavoidable.

But, since we are on Coruscant, there are clubs here. And well, some of the soldiers actually invited me to go with them for drinks. So, guess I am, going?

I am thinking of something a tad more on the colourful scheme…

Daily log entry

Cody stopped by.

Guess we are having that discussion after all. I have a pretty good idea what he wants to talk about. But I am weary though. It is most likely not something I want or need to hear. Still, I am out of excuses.

He invited me for drinks later today, to have the chat at. Good thing I got those civvies, as wearing imperial armour does usually never make a good impression. Especially in taverns and such.

Daily log entry Last night, Cody and I got to talking. Or rather, he did and I listened.

(Sighing pause.)

I knew before hand what it would be about. Not that he is completely wrong. No, there were good points made by him. And, I, am conflicted. Not that it is a first for me. Guess, well, it started a long time ago. Still, what can I do?

(Another pause, of contemplation.)

For now, I will simply let it all slide. And I can only hope, that Cody will come to his senses and not stir the pot. There are too many things going on already here, and I would hate to lose a fellow Clone Commander.

(Yet another pause, clearly the whole thing with Cody bothering Crosshair more than he had anticipated.)

I picked up the holo image. The one of them again. Just to make sure I still hate them all and that I definitely don't miss any of them.

But, as I stared at the image. All of us there. The happy family unit we once were. I know I do, Miss them all, miss the comfort of the special unit we once were, don't I?

(A single tear rolls down.)

"Commander we are ready to move out when you are."

"I'll be there in a few!"

And so, the regular fun filled working days being part of the imperial cause continues for Commander Crosshair. At least, for now.