I'm still here! After writing the Brick Bronze series, I have decided to write adaptations of all the Pokémon Adventures comics! (They still take place in the Brick Bronze universe, just earlier.) I will remain faithful to the manga, although some things could be elaborated on or tweaked to better align with the events of Brick Bronze, (aka, cameo appearances of some Brick Bronze characters, some dialogue changes, passive mentions of Roria, and later, talk about Team Eclipse, or Cypress being mentioned.)

This is not a completely original tale! It follows the comics VERY CLOSELY, and I did not create the characters, (except for Eric) and you will find that quite a lot of dialogue and events are taken from the comics! THIS IS NOT A COMPLETELY ORIGINAL STORY! Credits go to Hidenori Kusaka and Mato/Satoshi Yamamoto for the Pokémon Adventures/Special Comics.

Enjoy this (somewhat) new tale!

In a place called Pallet Town, many years before the events of Pokémon Brick Bronze...

"Awww! It didn't work..."

A small girl pushed the dejected boy to the side. "Now, my turn! Step forward, and throw!"

The Poke Ball harmlessly bounced off the Nidorino, much to the disdain of the gathered boys and girls.

Seeing the repeated failed attempts at a capture, a young boy laughed. "Listen! You aren't going to catch any Pokémon just by throwing a Poke Ball at it! There are some things you gotta do first! For example, Poliwhirl, GO! Water Gun!"

The boy sent out a Poliwhirl, and it summoned a jet a high-pressure water from its hands. The Nidorino was now confused, stumbling about.

"See? First, you have to weaken it first! Then, you have to throw the ball at a place where its life force is most strong, and for Nidorino, that would be its horn!" The boy threw the ball, and the Pokémon was sucked inside, with a click.

Amid the praises of the others, a smaller girl looked at the boy and his Pokémon. "Excuse me, mister, but who are you? I'm not from around here..."

The boy twirled the Poke Ball on his finger. "Me? Everyone around Pallet Town knows me, Red! I'm the best trainer around, that's for sure! I'm going to go on a training journey soon, and take on the Indigo League! I'll see every Pokémon, defeat every trainer, and go around the whole world!"

A boy with a butterfly net gave Red some advice. "Hey, Red...you know Professor Oak, that old professor on the edge of town?" Red stretched his arms. "Yeah? What about that guy?"

"Well...he does know quite a lot about Pokémon. Maybe you could go over and-" Red waved the boy off. "Listen, I don't need some old guy teaching me anything, trust me! I have nearly everything I need to know!" The boy raised a eyebrow. "Maybe...but they say that Oak taught his grandson to be one of the worlds greatest Pokémon trainers! He has been studying overseas in Johto for a long time, but he just got back!"

Red looked at the setting sun, raised his Poliwhirl's Poke Ball into its light. "His grandson? It doesn't matter! He wouldn't stand a chance against me! For sure! Anyway, see you guys tomorrow!"

The others waved goodbye, and Red continued walking. Old professor Oak, huh?

Red was lost in thought, until he rammed into the back of a older man dressed in black. "HEY!" He yelled. "Watch it, you worm! Scram!" Red backed away, seeing the giant R on his chest, along with several Great Balls. Satisfied, the trainer caught up with several other trainers who were dressed in the same uniform.

These people have got to be trainers...what could they be doing in the West Wood?

Red hid in the bushes, eavesdropping on the trainers conversation. "It must be hiding in the general area!" The leader yelled. "Do not rest until you find it, my loyal soldiers! Find the phantom Pokémon! We haven't searched the West Woods yet! Comb it to the last blade and leaf! Go!"

The trainers ran away, and Red crept out of the brush. Phantom Pokémon? Never heard of it..it would sure be great to capture...that Pokémon in going to be mine, if my name is Red!


Red walked around, carrying a huge pile of empty Poke Balls. The other trainers hadn't reached here yet, and but Red had not seen any remarkable Pokémon.

One of Red's Poke Balls fell off, and then the whole stack scattered to the ground. Red scrambled to pick them up, but he saw a strange gleam in a clearing. What...is that?!

A creature that looked somewhat like a cat, although white and glowing, was facing a boy with a Charmander. This has to be that Pokémon...and one of those other trainers beat me to it! Although this guy is sure dressed different then the others...

The Charmander started attacking, and the phantom Pokémon fought back. Red had hardly ever seen a battle this intense, except on television footage. Red was silently rooting for the Charmander, but the trainer withdrew it.

Red was so shocked that he ran out of the tree line. "Hey! What are you doing?! You almost had that thing!" The other trainer was silent, only irritating Red further.

Determined not to show any weakness, Red sent out Poliwhirl. "My turn! Water Gun!"

The phantom Pokémon glowed a bit brighter, and Poliwhirl was instantly knocked out by a burst of iridescent rays. The creature levitated into the air, and presently flew into the night sky.

Red was trying to wake up his Pokémon. "Come on! Snap out of it, buddy!" The sullen trainer scorned him. "Are you blind? Did you not notice anything while you were watching me fight? I could tell right away that there was a vast difference in strength. That is why I stopped fighting. Know your limitations, or you'll only beat yourself! Remember that."

As the other trainer walked away, chuckling, Red was in shock. "Wait...wait! You mean...I actually lost?!"

The trainers dressed in black had evidentially heard the noise, and now stood in the burnt field. The head grunt ran over to Red, furious. "This field is all burned up! Answer me, maggot! What have you done?!" Another grunt tried to calm his boss down. "Ignore that brat. Getting Mew is what counts! It still could be nearby..."

The black uniforms ran away, and Red fell asleep.

The nest day, Red had dragged himself to the edge of town, right infront of the professors laboratory. Despite his misgivings, the old researcher could possibly teach him a thing or two...

The door was unlocked, and Red saw that the lab continued hundreds of books, devices, and most of all, Poke Balls, rows upon rows of them. Red grabbed one on a prominent pedestal, and saw the creature inside. "A...Bulbasaur? Huh, it has a bulb on its back...cool! Poliwhirl, look at this guy!"

A door creaked, and Red turned to see a very angry man in his fifties. "You...YOU! THIEF! ROBBER! GIVE ME THAT!" Red tried to explain, and accidently hit a large red button on a control panel. At once, every single Poke Ball on a row opened, sending out several Pokémon.

"Now look what you did!" The professor bellowed. Red stammered, giving excuses. Oak still roared. "It doesn't matter that you didn't mean to do it! Just get them back!"

Later, MUCH Later...

Red presented the pile of Poke Balls to Oak. "Okay...huff...I think that's all of them.

Oak examined the collection, and frowned. "Your missing two, a Meowth and that Bulbasaur you were looking at!" Red turned to leave. "Fine, I'll go out and get them-" Oak grabbed his coat before Red could escape. "HEY! I am coming with you! After we find the others, you are going to apologize coming into my lab without asking me first! You better believe that I will tell your parents about this..."

Red cringed. "Uh...I really don't have parents...I essentially have been raised by Pokémon...nothing personal, though." Oak growled and dragged Red out of Pallet Town.

Viridian City...

Red eyed the Meowth by the side of a building. After getting it exhausted, Red hit it's crest with a Poke Ball. Oak picked it up, pleased. "One more...if I had known I would have chased them to Viridian, I might have just stayed back at HQ...WAIT! THERE IT IS!"

The Bulbasaur saw Oak looking at it, and ran into a building with a sign saying; Viridian City Gym: Closed.

The entire place seemed abandoned, with only a statue of the former Gym Leader, a proud-looking man with short-straight black hair. Oak then saw the Bulbasaur crouched against the wall, and started to approach it.

"Alright, come here, I'm your trainer...!" The Pokémon had butted Oak in the chest, and the Professor staggered around, gasping. Red calmly stepped before the angry Pokémon, outstretching his arms.

"Hey, you don't have to be afraid. Of course your nervous! It's the first time you have been in the outside world! You were kept separate from the others, so you may have hardly seen anyone besides the professor, right?" The Bulbasaur purred in contentment as Red petted it. "Yeah, that a good boy? Are you hungry?"

Oak seemed to be about to say something, but a crash interrupted him. A wild Machoke had broken into the Gym, and was charging at the pair. Red ran, but the Pokémon easily caught up to him. It took a flying swing, but its hand was caught by a vine rope from Bulbasaur's bud.

"HEY! Professor! Did you see that? What's Bulbasaur's best attack?" Oak would have told him, if he hadn't been knocked unconscious by a kick. "Just great! Wait, if it has a bulb..."

The Machoke broke free of the vine rope, and started attacking again. Red pressed up against a old wall with Bulbasaur, trying to figure out how to survive. Red saw a gleam of light coming through a crack in the old woodwork, and promptly opened the window, letting the sunlight stream in. "Bulbasaur, try this! Use the light...and attack!"

The creatures bulb absorbed the rays, and launched them out in a concentrated burst of energy. The Machoke took the full force of the hit, and dropped unconscious.

Oak had just woken up, and was looking at Red with incredulity. "How...how did you know about Bulbasaur's Solar Beam?" Red grinned. "I didn't know, but, you know, plants turn sunlight into energy, and this guy has a plant on his back, so..."

Oak laughed. "So you just...figured it out?! Ah-hahahah! In that case, I have to say that this Bulbasaur is yours! It seems that he's taken quite a liking to you!" Red looked at the Pokémon. "Really? Thank you, sir, uh, thanks! But first, I need to clear something up. I did not break into your lab to steal Pokémon. I only wanted you to teach me how to be a better trainer. Yesterday, I...failed at something, and realized that I need to get stronger..."

The older professor turned pensive. "I see...but do you know what it takes to be great? Knowing a lot of clever tricks? Having a powerful team? Is that what you think makes a great trainer? If you do...your wrong. What counts...is what is inside! That connection that you had with Bulbasaur...that feeling from the depths of a human soul...that the key to becoming a great trainer. Now...I really never knew your name. What is it, son?"


Oak handed him a rectangular, red device. "Here...this device is a very new invention...it is a Pokedex, an encyclopedia of Pokémon! Whenever you capture and meet a new Pokémon, it will record its data inside it. By the time you have input the data on all the Pokémon in Kanto...you may very well become on of the truly great trainers. Treat it wisley...it may also aid you in battle!"

Red looked at the screen inside the device. "Wow...I was actually about to go on a long journey soon. This could be a new objective..."

Oak agreed. "Exactly! If you expect to gather any good amount of data, then you have to expand your territory! Why not start with Viridian Forest, north of the city? I am sure you are bound to find a lot of Pokémon there...besides, it also happens to be where...ha! Never mind! Off you go!"


Red had reached Viridian Forest about a half-hour later, lamenting over his lack of Poke Balls. Sending out Bulbasaur and Poliwhirl, Red journeyed into the mysterious depths.

He was chasing after a Caterpie, when he heard a rustling in the brush. "Ha! Poliwhirl, Go!" The Pokémon went into the bush, ready to attack.

A rushing noise could be heard, and Red expected that he had finally been able to find it. "Hey, Poliwhirl! Did you catch it? Did you-"

Instead of a Caterpie, Poliwhirl was lying on the ground, unconscious and scorched. Red rushed to its side, in complete shock.

"So this Poliwhirl has a trainer..." A familiar voice said. "We thought it was a wild Pokémon when it attacked...don't take it personally." Red turned to see the other trainer from the West Wood, smiling, along with his Charmander.

Red ran at him, intent on making him pay. The trainer caught his punch, carelessly grinning. "Let it go. We are going to have to cross paths sometimes in this forest!" Red was about to try to hit him again, when a Kangaskhan ran into their line of sight.

The other trainer took out a Poke Ball. "Ha! I knew you were in these woods, somewhere...Charmander, attack!" Charmander started to throw spurts of flame while the other trainer pulled out a rectangular, red device. "Almost time for me to add its data to my-" The rival saw Red's own Pokedex, and started laughing.

"You? My grandfather called me just recently, telling me that he gave another Pokedex to someone! It was you, huh? Hahaha..." Red blinked. "Wait...grandfather?! You mean...Professor Oak?!"

The grandson nodded. "Why he would give a Pokedex to the likes of you...Charmander, finish it!"

Kangaskhan was nearly unconscious after that last attack. The trainer threw one Poke Ball. It batted it away. He threw another. It still managed to defend itself. While Blue continued to throw more capture devices, Red noticed that the Pokémon was protecting its pouch most of all.

"Wait, stop throwing! The Kangaskhan is-" The trainer put his hand out and continued attacking. Red was furious. He sent out a injured Poliwhirl, and it soaked Charmander in a water jet. Red ran over to the Kangaskhan before the trainer could stop him.

Red got out a Potion from his bag. "Your baby...is it alright?"

A small head popped out of the Khangaskan's pouch, clearly hurt. Red applied the Potion quickly, while the other trainer looked in shock. "That youngling looks like it was attacked before now...it's parent was trying to protect it from getting even more hurt..."

The Kangaskhan gave Red a grateful smile, and bounded of into the forest. The other trainer scowled. "Thanks a lot for that! Now, goodbye!" Red ran after him, trying to ask one other question.

"You know, I never got your name! Mine's Red, what's yours?"

"My name is Blue! Now shut up and let me go!"

Red stopped following him, but yelled on last challenge. "HEY! Blue! I am not going to lose to you! Got it? Hear me? I'm going to win!"

The path to becoming a legendary trainer has now become far more competitive...


Pewter City, western Kanto...

Red saw a group of people running after a small creature, yelling and brandishing nets.

A small poster floated in the air after them, having been dropped. Red grabbed it and saw a wanted posted for a Pokémon that had been stealing food around town, called Pikachu. "So that's what this is about...I'll give them a hand, I suppose!"

Pikachu had been cornered in a alley, and the angry townsfolk swung at it with their nets, although they only succeeded in getting shocked. After grabbing more berries, the Pikachu ran away again.

Red couldn't take any more of this. "Bulbasaur, go!"

Pikachu gave a sneer, and shocked both Red and his Pokémon. Red recovered, and smiled in victory. "My turn! Bulbasaur, Sleep Powder!"

The electric mouse got one whiff of the dust, and started to drowse. Red simply tossed a Poke Ball at the sleepy creature, and it was instantly caught, to the cheers of the townsfolk.

The civilians had prepared a sumptuous meal for Red, who ate with relish. "You man, you have saved us! that pest was ruining our business. Where are you from, anyway?"

"I'm Red from Pallet Town! It's the only name for me! Imagine if I was named Ruby or Bronze, hahaha...anyway, watch me upload some data on this Pokedex..."

The Pokedex showed Red and the others all the data on Pikachu, including that it had come from Viridian Forest. "Interesting...thanks for the meal, friends!" Red left, satisfied at the outcome of that encounter.

Red felt a rattling in his coat, and saw that the Pikachu was trying to get out of its Poke Ball, in a rather aggressive manner. "Huh? Wait a moment...you need to be trained! Lets go to the city edge, alright?"

Pikachu training was not particularly easy. The Pokémon didn't seem to like Red, and he was consistently shocked, despite his pleas to be friends. Red had tried all his tactics to befriend a Pokémon, and was failing miserably.

"Your taking it to easy! You'll never fill your Pokedex playing around like that!" Red spun to the source of the snide voice, and saw Blue standing over him, who was still talking. "Personally, I am embarrassed that you are my rival on this quest! Ahahaha..."

"What was that?!" Red demanded, sending out Poliwhirl. Blue laughed. "A fight, eh? Glad I found you around here... But first, my dear friend, allow me to tell you something...this town's Gym Leader, Brock, is looking for someone worthy to fight him. I intend to do so...and win the Boulder Badge."

"Wait, a Gym Badge? Why?" Blue rolled his eyes. "It will allow me to enter the Indigo League! What else? Every Pokémon Trainer knows that! You certainly didn't, with your disobedient Electric Mouse..."

"I'll take that Gym battle!" Red yelled. "And get that badge!" Blue shook his head. "You'll regret it...Brock is a Rock-type trainer. Your Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur will be of good use, but not that Pikachu. Good luck, heheheh..."

Red glared at Blue, and went back into town, and saw that the Gym Challenge was open at noon tomorrow. Now, he just needed to heal his Pokémon from that last training session...


"No way...that means that the only one who is at full power is...the Pikachu."

Red sighed, and decided to go over to the Gym anyway. He would prove that arrogant, porcupine haired Blue wrong...

Inside, Blue was already impressing the audience with his freshly evolved Charmeleon. After Blue's preliminary round was over, Red immediately registered for the next battle. Red tried to send out Pikachu, but it didn't seem to want to have anything to do with this battle. Instead, he sent Poliwhirl out, even though it was almost defeated.

"Win it with the first attack! Ice Beam!" The opposing Graveler froze, and then shattered. The crowd cheered, although Red knew that if his team was hit even once, it would be over.

Brock watched Red fight through a observation window, impressed by his skill. "Only two tired Pokémon...but he is winning every battle with one or two hits! This kid has strategy. Maybe...a opponent worthy of me?"

Red managed to win the last battle, and earned the right to face Brock in the next match. In the break room, Red, seeing that Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur were completely exhausted, tried to convince Pikachu to fight, although it still resisted.

Seeing no other choice, Red dragged Pikachu onto the arena, facing off against Brock's Onix.

"Where's your first attack, boy?" Brock said. "I suppose I'll go first, then! Rock Throw!"

Pikachu weaved between the stone, dodging every one of them, until a single rock hit it in the face. The electric mouse looked at Red, and started to run after him, shocking him. Brock was furious at Red's inability to control his Pokémon. "So...you were just winning with dumb luck?! Onix...Skull Bash!"

Red saw Onix spinning its body like a tornado, and it rushed forward with the accumulated energy. It was only that Red managed to throw Pikachu out of the way that the battle didn't end immediately.

Scraped and bloody, Red expressed his thanks. "I'm glad you weren't hurt...you don't have to fight if you don't want to. I guess I'm sorry I forced you into this..."

Brock raised his hand again. "I won't miss this time! Skull Bash!"

Pikachu saw the rock snake barreling at it. It's cheek pouches flared to life-

-and immediately blasted the Onix apart with a massive thunderbolt.

Brock collapsed. "No...how? How?" Pikachu bowed for the crowd as the Onix began to reform, although it was clearly defeated. A greeter presented Red with the badge, and was then directed out of the building.

"Blue and me were the only ones to win that badge...thanks, Pikachu! Lets shake on it!" Red grabbed the electric mouse's paw, and was then shocked again. "What was that for?! I thought we were getting somewhere!"