Single line, please form a single line...

The Director of the Pokémon Fan Club cut into the line for admission, attracting glares while Eric tried to pull him back.

"Sir, stop! I know you want to return that Spearow, but please don't cut the line!" The Director ignored him and held up the Spearow. "Where is the owner of this Pokémon? THe Pokémon Fan Club will declare you a honorary member on the spot!"

A gigantic trainer in a black linen mask grabbed the Pokémon. "Thank you. This one is mine."

The trainer presented his badges and asked for admission. "Excellent...Red, Blue, and Green are all here!"

Pokémon League Stadium...

Poli grabbed the opposing Kabutops arm blade, and used the leverage to fling it out of bounds. "All right!" The Kantoian Chairman yelled over the speaker system. "Trainer Red has progressed to the semifinals! And...look at this! Trainer Blue has also made it!"

In the break room, Red discussed the upcoming match with Blue. "Listen, Red...I suppose you know that in the history of the Kantoian Pokémon League, almost every single winner has been from Pallet Town. The question is which one it will be...I am looking forward to facing you in the final round..."

Contestants, please proceed to the arena.

Red was about to leave, but then he saw a...interesting sight. Green was trying to get another trainer to trade her Weedle for his Butterfree. "Still up to your tricks, Green?" She froze. "Eeek! I mean...hi, Red! How is it going, huh?"

"What do you mean, how is it going?! What are you even doing here?" Green pointed at a computer console with a sly grin. "Yup! I got into the semifinals too! Weren't those preliminaries a breeze? By the way...I don't plan on losing, because I'm a trainer from Pallet Town too! Goodbye, sweetie!"

Red was paralyzed. "HEY! Get back here...uhhh, what did you say?"

"Congratulations on them prelims there, feller! The final four! Hoo-wee! Y'see th' matchups yet?" Red saw the person behind him. "BILL! Show me that document!"

Apparently, Red was going to fight Blue next round, not in the finals. If Red won, he would either fight Green or a guy named Dr. O. "Sorry, Red! I know you was figgerin' on comin' up against that rival o' yours in the finals...but real life don't follow no script!"

The match between Green and Dr. O began. Green sent out Jigglypuff, and Dr. O sent out Spearow. A Jigglypuff, in a match like this? She wouldn't lead with a cute Pokémon unless it's part of her strategy...probably to let her opponent get his guard down. But...what's with that guy using a Spearow?

Green wasn't taking the opposing Pokémon very seriously. "A silly ol' Spearow in the PL Semifinals? Do you think I'm some kind of pushover, just cuz I'm a cute l'il girl? Lets find out! Tri-Attack!"

The Spearow seem to collapse in the dust. "Ha! I won all my prelims with a single shot!"

Dr. O grinned under his wrapped-linen mask, and the Speawow came out with a vengeance, launching a high-power Fury Attack. "No fair! Jigglypuff, Sing!"

The waves of lulling sound washed over the audience, making Red rather sleepy. The attack was powerful, but Spearow was too fast for it. "The song isn't reaching Spearow!" Blue said. "Jigglypuff doesn't have the speed to fight a flying Pokémon!"

"Well?" Dr. O said. "Aren't you going to switch to a aerial battle? It's your only way to keep fighting." Green backed away. "I can't, alright? I don't have any Flying-type Pokémon, okay?"

Dr. O sent out a Dodrio and a Pidgeot. "I think you may be the one who underestimated your opponent, little girl!"

They're all Flying-type Pokémon! Red thought. He must know Green's weakness...

"Also, Green, let this be a lesson to you. wrong!" Green seemed stunned for a moment, and then saw a opening. "Ha! Disable!"

While Dr. O was frozen, Green grabbed another Poke Ball. She sent out Blastoise, and had it's arms wrap around her wrists. Two cannons came out from the bottom holes, and a high-pressure spray of water came out of each of them, propelling Green into the air.

"Just because I don't have any Flying-type Pokémon doesn't mean I can't get into the air! This 'aerial' battle style works for me!" Green directed the twin cannons at Dr. O and his team, and the mask began to slip off his face in the stream.

The Spearow didn't seem too injured, however. "The old Hisiuneians once wrote that a bird of the air may swoop down, and carry off your words. Well, my Spearow can't do that with words, but...Mirror Move!"

The water reflected back at Green, knocking Blastoise out of the air. The Spearow flew directly above her, giving the impression of a avian predator. Green started cowering, going into a panic. "DON"T! D-DON"T COME NEAR ME! GET AWAY!"

"What's the matter, Green?" Dr. O said. "A phobia of bird Pokémon? Well, six years ago, a little girl was abducted by a large legendary bird Pokémon. At the time, I had a grandson of the same age, so I felt compelled to get involved. I was a supporting member of the investigation. I...could never forget her face!"

Dr. O's mask slipped completely off as he held up a damp picture of Green taking a Squirtle from a lab. "Imagine my surprise when I saw that same girl taking my Squirtle! It's no surprise that a trauma like that would leave you terribly afraid of birds, Green."

"Blastoise! Water Gun-" The Spearow that now was revealed to be owned by Professor Oak defeated it with a Drill Peck. "The Dr. O!"

Green fell to her knees. "I...lost?!" Oak crossed his arms after sending back his team. "Now, young lady, you owe me a explanation. You certainly didn't have to steal Pokémon. Why did you do it?"

"Professor Oak, it wasn't fair! I grew up in a place I didn't know, with no family! All I remembered is that I came somewhere from Pallet Town! Then one day, I found out that two boys my age-from Pallet Town!-got a Pokémon and a Pokedex from you and started a training journey!"

"But I was from Pallet Town too! I wanted to do what they were doing! I wanted to get a Pokémon from you, and take a Pokedex on my journey! Why can't I ever get lucky? Why can't I have a break?"

Oak put something in Green's hand, although he obscured it from view. "Green, if you remember what I just said, and promise me that you understand that may keep this third Pokedex. You are now a Pokedex Holder."



Break room.

Oak fanned himself as he leaned back in a fold-up chair. "What a workout! I really could be getting too old for this..."

"And by the way, Blue, I have already won myself a Championship. I will be bowing out of this one, so you and Red are on your the finals!"

Three minutes later...

"Your attention, please!" The Chairman said. We have just been informed that the winner of the first semifinal, Dr. O, had withdrawn from the competition! Since tournament rules prohibit the loser of a semifinal from continuing...the scheduled semifinal is now...the final match! The contestants will enter the arena to determine the Champion of the 349th Indigo League! Now...for Red against Blue!"

Red and Blue met in the center of the arena, and shook hands. The time for conversation would be later.

Both chose their Poke Balls, and threw them into the air.

The two devices hit the ground, and the battle began.



Blue saw his advantage. "Grass? I take it you were betting I'd leave with a Water-type Pokémon. Well, Red, when you bet, sometimes you lose! Fire Punch!"

Charizard aimed for the flower atop Saur's back, but a burst of powder from the center of it extinguished the fire. "Poison Powder! Don't get to cocky, Blue! Now, while it's staggering! Razor Leaf!"

Red swapped out Saur with Snor. "Time to beat you! Mega Pun-" Blue sent back Charizard, and sent out Machamp. The four arms grabbed onto Snor's hands and feet, engaging in a high-strength wrestling competition. "Let's skip the cheap tricks, shall we? See if you can take me head-on! Seismic Toss!"

Machamp actually managed to lift Snor up, carrying it like a quarry boulder. "Let's add a little rotation, and...Slam!"

Snor was thrown so hard that it partially broke the arena floor. "By the way, Red," Blue said. "I believe that Machamp evolved under your care! I am glad to have this opportunity to show my appreciation! Time for the final blow..."

In the audience, Bill and Green could see that Snorlax was using Harden. "He's playin' weak fer dumb ol' Blue! When that fist hits that rock 'ard Snorlax, there's gonna be one less arm t'worry about!"

Blue watched Machamp get ready for the hit. "Now, Red. Did you honestly think I didn't anticipate you using...such a obvious trick?!"

Machamp, instead of attacking Snor, it's Karate Chop slammed into a slab of rock that Snor was lying on. Snor flew up so high, that it rapidly vanished into the air. "As the Hisuneians said, 'If you build me a lever large enough, you can move the world!"

Oak was clapping from the grandstands. "My grandson is growing up! When he started out, he was to arrogant, too obsessed with his own ideas. He couldn't let go of his own preconceived strategies. He's learned to adapt to sunrises. Despite himself, he is getting to be more like Red!"

Snor had disappeared into the clouds above the arena. "Red's Snorlax has been flung out of the arena! What a brilliant reversal by Blue! According to the rules, any Pokémon that touches the ground outside the arena will be ineligible to...wait, are you seeing this?! Something is coming down out of the sky!"

"Alright!" Red yelled. "Way to go! Double-Edge!" Snor crushed Machamp, and the entire crowd gasped. "It never touched down! It's hitting from the air!"

"You didn't know that a Snorlax was this maneuverable, huh, Blue? Maybe you should have done some homework!"

As I suspected! Oak thought. My grandson isn't the only one who is growing up. Red is learning to keep his cool, and shore up his instinctual approach with his knowledge, just like Blue! No one would ever suspect a aerial attack from a Snorlax...

Blue walked over to Machamp, Poke Ball in hand. "I suspect that Snorlax used Toxic in the first grappling match...I really don't need to see my Pokedex to know what condition you are in. You gave it your best. Time to return to your Poke Ball..."

As Blue sent back Machamp, Red was astounded. Is this the same guy who didn't even notice when a baby Kangaskhan was sick?

With a swift motion, Blue sen tout Ninetales. "Hey! Blue, this is the one we fought over! Okay, what can Snor do against-" Snor wobbled from exhaustion, nearly toppling over. "Cancel that! You've been through enough, anyway. Remember, Blue, that somebody once told me that you've got to know your limits!"

"Also, Red, someone once told me that there is no satisfaction in beating a weak opponent. Pick your next Pokémon."

"Ho ho!" Oak laughed. "They have incorporated the best traits of the other into themselves! They know each other like the back of their own hands! This match is a tight as they come! One move could tip the balance. What will Red answer with against Ninetales?"

Red pulled out his chosen Poke Ball.

In the far back of the arena...

In the absolute nosebleed seats, so removed from the others that no none would notice who was sitting on them...

Four figures were watching the tournament, evaluating every choice.

"Who do you like best, Bruno?" A woman in glasses said.

Bruno didn't reply.

"Well...I say the sullen one."

"Look..." A blond trainer in a cape added. "The cheerful one is about to make his choice..."

The oldest one cackled in glee. "Heeheehee!"

The arena...

Red was still waiting. "Hurry it up, Red! I know you know that I will go with a flame attack! What are you going to go with? Gyarados or Aerodactyl? If you won't attack, I will! Fire Blast!"

Finally making his move, Red sent out Poli. "That one?" Blue scoffed. "Do you really think that a smaller target is the safer choice? With this attack, size isn't a issue! Watch, as your Pokémon is flung upward in a blast of heat!"

Poli spun, it's water spraying wildly, and it slammed into the criss-crossed metal beams that made up a rudimentary ceiling. "Also, heat rises, so you can't make a aerial attack!"

Red sent out Pika. "Thunder-" It was also thrown up with Poliwhirl. "No matter what you try, it will be the same!" Blue sent back Ninetales. "Now, to keep the flame attack going...Charizard!"

Blue went back to his original Pokémon. Surprisingly enough, Red sent out Saur again. "Are you mocking me, Red? Your first use of Venusaur was a disaster! What are you thinking...ah! You are trying to finish the match with the Pokémon my grandfather originally gave us. Choosing sentiment over victory!"

Saur wrapped a few cords of a Vine Whip around Charizard. "You don't actually believe you can tie up Charizard with that?! Hey! Why is there a rain cloud inside?!"

Red snapped his fingers. "That is a thunder cloud, Blue! You actually thought that I was dumb enough to use a Grass-type move against Charizard? The superheated water droplets from Poli have condensed into a cloud, that's been charged by lightning from Pika, all from the rafters! And when that energy builds up enough to strike..."

"'ll strike that vine!"

The electrical energy came down from the heavens, and started to electrocute Charizard. "It's a lightning rod! Charizard, blast it away!"

"No way! These three Pokémon and I have been through a lot together! We know each other! But you never really understood...the gift of the bond between humans and Pokémon! END IT!"



The storm cloud collapsed, and no one could see who was still standing due to the fog. And once it started to lift-

-Blue and Charizard were on the ground, upright. "And the winner is...Bl-"

Both trainer and Pokémon collapsed.

"No! The Champion of the 349th Indigo League..."


Red sighed. "We did it...after everything...we did it..."

He promptly fainted, carried away by the medic that swarmed the arena.


"Please remain seated for the award ceremony!"

Green was calling someone, trying to get them into a endorsement deal for her, as the third placer of the League. "Hey" Bill yelled. "Where do you get off callin' yerself th' third place-"

"Silly boy! Professor Oak withdrew, so I'm in the record books with the third best score, aren't I? Red! Blue! Come on, they can't start without you! Hurry up!"

"We hear you!" Red yelled back. "We'll come soon!"

Red and Blue looked at each other. "It's over, huh?"

"For now, at least. About time we went, Red."

Above the stadium, a light that someone could have easily mistaken as a glare from the sun appeared. Mew observed the outcome of the tournament, quite pleased. Everything had gone as the One willed it.

A malignant dark mass sped along the wind in terrible fury, in the direction of Cerise Island. Mew glared at it, knowing exactly what it was. He will plan his next move, soon. But I must diminish, and go into the east.

Mew vanished, a sweet breeze coming out of the great sea.

Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue:


Stay tuned for Pokémon Yellow, the next story!