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Pokemaster Lina:

Ch1: Getting off to a

            It was a typical peaceful morning.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it seemed as if nothing but nature was awake at the moment, until. . .


            The birds singing on the trees in the lane just outside of this two-story house flew away in their usual startled manner.  The Lina Inverse in question had jumped so high out of bed that she smacked headfirst into the ceiling eight feet above her bed.  With the wind knocked out of her, she floated back down onto her well-cushioned bed, now with an impact-flattened nose.  But she had no time to brood over this.

Lina dashed to the bathroom and hurriedly fixed her hair before going back to her room and getting everything ready for her long journey ahead of her.  She didn't have much left to do since she had already been up three hours – since five – out of pure excitement.  Lina simply put on her favorite medieval cape (recently washed) that contained secret compartments packed with all of her traveling essentials.  Lina was about to run out of the bedroom when she glimpsed her reflection in her full-length mirror and decided to make sure that everything was in place.

Lina's outfit was simple, to say the least.  She wore a yellow shirt with the sleeves rolled up and tight pink pants.  Clasped around her neck was a golden chain that connected and hooked her cape behind her.  Around her waist was her pokeball belt that would eventually be holding her team of six new pokemon.  Yes, Lina was beginning her pokemon journey in the Kanto region today.


            With a frightened yelp, Lina raced outside her room and down the banister, rushing to the breakfast table.  She had just made it because half a second before Lina sat down, her /sister/ had called out, "ONE."

            Giving Lina a look of hopeless disdain, Luna Inverse set down a five-course breakfast that included several helpings of eggs (scrambled and sunny-side-up and boiled all separately), bacon strips, pancakes (with syrup and butter), French toast, Frosted Flakes cereal, and of course, jugs of milk and orange juice.  To the average person, this might seem like a whole lot for just one person's meal, but for Lina, it was just enough.

            Luna gave Lina just one word of command before walking back into the kitchen, "Eat."

            Lina didn't need a second bidding.  She gobbled up the food as fast as she could swallow it.  If one didn't look closely, it would seem as if she was /inhaling/ her food.  Within five minutes, Lina had finished and was patting her stomach contentedly.  At that precise moment, Luna walked back in and looked from the plates to Lina.  "Finished?"

            Lina nodded and lazily murmured, "Yeah."

            "What was that?" Luna questioned dangerously.

            Lina sat up straight and looked right at Luna and automatically answered, "Yes, Luna.  Thank you for breakfast."

            Luna nodded.  As she stacked and picked up the licked-clean dishes, Luna monotonously said, "You have exactly ten minutes to brush your teeth, wash your face, and get over to Professor Oak's lab before you're late.  Go."

            Lina's eyes opened wide in amazement, but she took her older sister's word for it.  She sprinted up the stairs again and into the bathroom.  After finishing up there, she took a quick look in her room to make sure that she hadn't forgotten anything.  Without even realizing it, she had cleaned up her usually spectacularly messy room earlier that morning while jumping around with excitement.  Her room showed just how obsessed with fire Lina was.  On the walls were posters of fire pokemon that she owned, which was quite a lot; her alarm clock was in the form of a Charmander holding a clockface that had a faded ball of fire in the background; most of Lina's clothes in her closet were either red or black – the color of fire and ashes; and that was only half of it.  Even though she wasn't officially a trainer yet, she already had several dozens of pokemon, mostly fire-type, under her control.  But since she didn't have any of them with her – they were all at her home-island of Zephilia, about 200 miles off the coast of Pallet town, where she was now – she didn't mind starting her official pokemon journey with a new pokemon.

            Shaking her head from the memory of them, Lina ran back down the steps, slipped on her black traveling boots, hurriedly bid Luna farewell, and was out the door with a rushed slam.  It was unfortunate that her house was at least a mile away from the lab, since her house wasn't in the actual town of Pallet, but she made it in record timing.  Resting momentarily, Lina stopped at the doorstep.  Slowly the door opened in front of her, before she had time to knock or even ring the doorbell.  Standing in the doorway was Prof. Oak, in the flesh.

            Prof. Oak seemed very surprised to see Lina on his doorstep.  "Why Lina, what brings /you/ here so early in the morning?"

            Upon catching her breath, Lina stood up and raised an eyebrow.  "Isn't it time to get my starting pokemon so I can begin my journey?"

            Prof. Oak blinked in puzzlement for a few moments.  Then his face lit up and he laughed out loud.  Lina visibly retorted at this.  "I'm sorry, it's just that I changed the time from eight to nine.  Didn't Luna tell you. . .?"

            Lina's mistake suddenly dawned on her and she let out a sigh.  "She probably received the memo, but then threw it away and didn't tell me so that I would come early."

            "That's perfectly all right.  You're here now - early, but here.  Would you like to come in and help me feed the pokemon their breakfast?"

            Lina's eyes lit up with glee.  "Sure!  Can we visit the fire pokemon first?"

            Prof. Oak chuckled knowingly as Lina walked in and he closed the door behind her.  "Of course, of course.  Why not?"

            After Prof. Oak picked up the food, they set out back and headed right, towards the makeshift volcano – home to the fire pokemon in Prof. Oak's laboratory property.  Lina ran ahead with glee and was met with the happy growls and sounds from the conscious pokemon there.  Lina kneeled down by a rock and was immediately surrounded by her adoring group of pokemon.  This included Ponyta, Rapidash, Growlithe, Arcanine (Only one), Vulpix, and Ninetales (Only one).  None of them were really trained, but all of them accepted Lina as a close friend, even though none of them were actually caught by her.  She happily fed them food and watched the pups play together.  Before long, a small Growlithe limped toward her, whimpering.

            "Grithe, what's wrong?"

            "Growlithe growl lithe. (He bit me and took my bone)"

            Mildly concerned, Lina asked, "Who bit you?"

            Growlithe jerked his head towards a sturdy little Growlithe, with markings under his eyes, that was playing with a clean-picked bone.

            Grithe muttered, "Growl…(The new kid…)"

            Lina ruffled Grithe's fur on top of his head as she stood up.  "I'll take care of him, don't worry."  She confidently walked over to the troubling Growlithe and stopped in front of him, hands on her hips.

            The little Growlithe looked up at her with menacing eyes, usually not seen on one so young.  It growled softly.  ("Whaddya want?")

            Lina rolled her eyes and crouched down, matching his stare.  "You obviously don't know how things work around here.  Don't bully my pokemon friends, or you'll answer to me, got it?  Now go give back his bone and apologize.

            The Growlithe turned his head and let out what sounded remarkably like an absurd snort. "(Me?  Apologize to /that/ git?  He can't even defend himself.)"

            Lina rolled her eyes.  "He's not a git – he's a pup.  He isn't /expected/ to defend himself.  You say he's basically defenseless, but I'm guessing you probably couldn't survive a minute against even a Tentacool."

            The Growlithe looked up at Lina in startled surprise.  Uneasily, he asked, "(You…You understand what I'm saying?!)"

            As if it was a crazy idea to ever doubt her, Lina answered with a smirk, "Of course I can, but I'm the only one.  So that means if I ever catch wind that you even so much as push one of my friends, I'll punish you myself.  Understand?"

            Looking at the ground, the Growlithe nodded and picked up the bone he had dropped mid-conversation.  Lina watched as he slowly trudged over to Grithe and dropped the bone again at his feet.  He also mumbled an apology before walking away under a low rock overhang.

            Just then Prof. Oak walked up to Lina and asked, "What was that all about?"

            As Lina stood up again, still watching the troublemaking Growlithe, she answered, "Oh it was nothing much.  Grithe and another pup over there were playing around.  Then that Growlithe took the bone that they were playing with.  Grithe told me and I set the Growlithe straight.  He gave back the bone, apologized, and then settled down for a nap.  Nothing to it."

            Prof. Oak stared at her, astonished.  "I believe that you are the first person, that I know of, to be able to converse with pokemon."

            Lina shook her head and corrected him.  "Not all pokemon.  Only fire-types.  But if I get a particularly friendly fire-type pokemon, he/she can translate for me, so I suppose I could, indirectly."

            Prof. Oak smiled and shook his head in disbelief.  He glanced at his watch, which read 8:15 AM.  "What do you say we try to feed the rock and electric types before going in?"

            Lina shrugged.  "Sure."  To her pokemon friends she waved and said, "Bye, my lovely fire-types!  I have to go now, but I'll try to visit you as soon as I can!"

            They all looked sad to see her go, but they had to accept it.  With Lina's help, Prof. Oak managed to finish feeding the rock and electric types.  Just as Lina finished feeding the last Voltorb, Prof. Oak glanced at his watch again.  He jumped in amazement when he saw that it read: 8:56 AM.  He told Lina that the others were supposed to come soon, and that they seemed too far away from the main house to make it in time.  Lina told him not to worry as they both climbed out of the Electric pit.

She put two fingers to her mouth and let out a loud, shrill whistle.  It seemed as if only those who were meant to hear it actually heard it, because the Voltorbs and Electrodes didn't explode from being startled so much.  Moments later, a pair of grown-up Ponytas came galloping towards them at top speed.  When Lina put her hands up as if to stop them, they skidded to a perfect halt and stood still directly in front of them.  Lina told Prof. Oak to ride one of the Ponytas back as she easily swung a leg over one of the Ponyta.  The other Ponyta helped Prof. Oak up by nudging him and soon they were galloping back towards the house.  They reached the house just as the doorbell rang distantly.  Prof. Oak hurriedly rushed to answer as Lina gave each of the Ponyta treats for helping them.  Then she smacked both of their flanks so that they sprinted back to their volcanic habitat.  Lina walked into the house to go find Prof. Oak.

            She found him in the front room, still greeting the newest arrival.  Prof. Oak turned and upon seeing Lina, introduced them.  "Ah!  Lina, come over here.  This is erm.. Naga the White Serpent you said?"

            "OH HO HO HO HO HO Yes!  I am called Naga the White Serpent!"

            From the moment Lina met her, she had a feeling that she would be trouble.

            Prof. Oak nervously continued.  "Yes erm.. Naga this is Lina Inverse.  Lina, this is Naga."

            Lina stepped back a bit, but nervously said, "Hi. . ."

            Before Naga could laugh (that hideous laugh *shudder*) again, Gary came down the stairs.  He seemed mildly annoyed.  "What's all the racket?"  He caught sight of Lina first.  "Oh, here already, Lina?  Who made that annoying laugh . . .?  It couldn't be you . . ."

            Lina chuckled slightly and pointed an uneasy finger at Naga.

            Just from the look of her, Gary turned a bit blue with dread as well.  Naga was wearing a skimpy looking spaghetti-strap black shirt (that showed a good portion of her stomach) and a pair of short shorts.  She seemed much taller and broader than normal for her age, but Lina didn't question it (she wasn't exactly normal height). Naga also had very long black hair.

            Lina looked around and counted heads.  She asked Prof. Oak, "Oi, Professor Oak, how many people are supposed to come today?"

            "Hmm? Well, four including You, Gary, N-naga and who's left? Oh yes, Ash."

            Gary snorted.  "Ash Ketchum?  That /loser's/ getting a pokemon?"

            Prof. Oak gave Gary a disapproving look.  "Yes, but he's late."

            Lina started jumping up and down with impatience.  She started to whine, "Aw, Prof. Can't we get our pokemon first?  I can't wait for this Ashy boy, whoever he is.  I want my pokemon /now/."

            Eyeing Lina wearily, Gary also asked, "Come on Gramps.  Let us get our pokemon.  I'll wait afterwards for Ashy boy to come down here.  I don't think /any/ of us want to see Lina lose her temper."

            Prof. Oak gave in with a sigh.  "Oh, all right.  Follow me then."

            Prof. Oak led them to a crowded gray room and showed them the pokeballs.  He pointed to each of them as he said, "The one marked with a single flame is the Charmander, the water drop is the Squirtle, and the last one was supposed to be a Bulbasaur, but I'm saving it for someone.  Whoever gets the unmarked ball will have a surprise.  Then there's the Pikachu, but it isn't trained yet since I just caught it yesterday."

            Lina immediately made her choice while jumping up and down excitedly.  "I want the flame!  I want Charmander!"

            Naga, apparently deciding something else as well, chose next.  "I'll choose Squirtle.  Lina Inverse!  I have the advantage over you!"

            Lina rolled her eyes and muttered, "Yeah right, maybe in a million years or so."

            With a sigh, Gary chose the unmarked ball.  "I guess I'll choose this one then."

            Gary opened his pokeball to see what he got.  To his vast surprise, it was an Eevee.  "What the, why do I get the cutesy pet one?"

            Lina half-heartedly comforted him.  "Aw come on.  Eevees are great.  They can evolve into one of three different pokemon.  I like Flareon."

            Gary returned Eevee to its ball and glanced sideways at Lina.  Sarcastically, he muttered, "You would."

            Prof. Oak handed each of them a Pokedex and 6 Pokeballs.  He wished them all luck on their journey.  After putting away her pokeballs, Lina was the first to leave.  "Well then, if there's nothing else, I'll be going now.  Bye Prof. Oak.  Bye Gary!  See you when I see you!"

            With that, she skipped out of the house and towards the road.  Since she didn't really know either of them, Naga simply said, "Bye" before rushing off to follow Lina.

            Just on the outskirts of town, Naga spotted Lina on a hillside, looking at a map, and comparing it to the nearby landscape.  Naga crept up behind Lina and tried to look at the map.  However, Lina had noticed her and turned so that she couldn't.  Naga tried again, but was once more rejected.  On the third try, Lina turned around, moved the map from her view of Naga and simply asked, "What?"

            "Let's try out our pokemon in a battle!"

            Lina nonchalantly put the map in front of her face again and said, "No.  Maybe later – I'm busy."

            Naga tried to pull down the map as she demanded, "Let's battle!"

            Lina eyed her strangely, and then smirked.  "I have a better idea.  You are aware of the Pokemon league, yes?"

            Naga had heard of the Pokemon League, but she had never learned what it was exactly.  In any case, she nodded as if she did.

            "Then let's do this – We'll each win the necessary 8 badges to compete in the tournament, and then if you make it, we'll battle at the Indigo Plateau afterwards, deal?"

            "What do you mean if /I/ make it?!  What about you?  Do /you/ think you have what it takes to win 8 times?"

            Lina smirked again.  "I bet I can do better than that, and get more pokemon too."

            Having her competitive spirit worked up, Naga declared, "You're on!  Indigo Plateau a year from now!"  They shook on it and Naga sprinted off, trying to get a head start.  Lina watched her go off into the distance, and let out an exasperated sigh.  Slowly, Lina unhooked her newest pokeball (pokemon) from her belt and held it out in front of her.  She found a low stump and walked over to it.  Lina sat down, still looking at the flame on top of her pokeball.  Finally, Lina released Charmander.

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