Epilogue and Ending Notes

A/N: Phew!  I'm tired.  I've been writing the last of the chapters pretty close together, just to finish it.  Near the end, it felt more like for work than fun.  But soon, it'll all be over.  I might write a really short L/Z fic soon, so look for that if you want.  Lately, I'm trying to work on writing short stories that you can read in a single sitting, but it's hard to come up with a good plot that doesn't last long… well, here's the epilogue.

            After winning the final match, Lina was told to come back the next day to receive her trophy before going to meet the elite four and then the champion.  The audience was even larger than before, because all the participants were there as well.  As Lina stood on the small pyramid podium with the trophy, the crowd was alive with enthusiastic clapping, cheering, whistling, and all the other things that only a young audience could give you.

            During lunch that day, Lina couldn't help but sit and admire her trophy.  It was a fairly simple design, with a golden torch consisting of two large handles for holding and a pokeball covering the top.  Between the handles was the following inscription in big, bold letters: "On this day, Lina Inverse has earned the top position in the Official Pokemon League Tournament in the Kanto region.  May her name and pokemon be forever engraved in our historical Wall of Fame"

It was then signed by the head sponsor of the tournament.  Shining gold with perfect molding, Lina felt like it was one of a kind, though she knew that others had received similar trophies in the past.  But this one would stay with her forever, because it had her name emboldened on it.

            Well, forever with her sister, who told her just then that she would be keeping it at home from now on.  Lina sighed, but accepted this as how her life would be run.  However, Luna did add that since she did so well in the tournament, she would extend  that 'one year' to whenever she felt like coming home, if she also beat the elite four and past champion.  That is, if she promised to call or write a letter every regularly as well.  This was probably the best news that Lina could have received.  Five more wins to ultimate reign of her life.  Lina spiritedly agreed to do her very best to make her sister proud of her.  Luna frowned, but cracked a smile as she ruffled Lina's hair.  Upon parting, she replied, "You already have."

            Maybe it was just the fact that since her battle with Xellos, she was much more careful about the unexpected, but Lina found that the Elite 4 did not seem nearly as elite as she thought they would be.  Lorelei's ice and water pokemon were easily beaten with Lina's Raichu and Charizard.  Bruce, with rock, fighting, and ground types, was easily beaten with Lina's Gyarados and Charizard.  Lina's recent reunion with her old Abra (now an Alakazam), allowed her to make short work of Agatha and her poison-ghost types.  Lance was unquestionably the hardest, but after losing Raichu, Gyarados, and Pyro, Lina finally won with Dragu.  Now it was on to the champion.

            In the final room, she found someone she wasn't expecting – the renowned healing traveler, by the name of Rezo the Red (for his completely red outfit).  Some questioning was in order, with Lina asking the questions.  "Wait a minute, Zel told me you had died in a lab accident."

            Speaking in a very calm manner, Rezo replied, "You should not believe all that you are told, especially if told by those that resent the subject at hand.  Shall we begin?"

            Lina slowly nodded, and released her first pokemon, her faithful Charizard onto the field.  Rezo chose to fight with a Machoke, and attacked with an uppercut.  Charizard flew up of his own will, and came back down with a scorching Flamethrower.  Machoke barely dodged it, and caught Pyro in a headlock.  But as Pyro had arms as well, it grabbed Machoke's torso in a way that rendered his bottom set of arms useless as he took to the skies again for a Seismic toss.  Being a fighter, Machoke withstood it, but was still weakened.  Pyro used this chance to use a concentrated Mega Brand, which caught Machoke offguard, allowing him to be burnt into submission.

            Rezo said nothing as he switched to a Ninetales.  Lina had Pyro fly up again, to use a Wind boomerang, which the Ninetales dodged with deft ease, before releasing a skyward Flamethrower.  Pyro dodged this as well, and sent back a returning Flamethrower while he moved.  It was then that he was told to make a Rage shield before using another Seismic Toss.  However, Ninetales would not be taken so easily, and so chose to use Hyper Beam just before Pyro reached it.  Fortunately, his rage shield allowed the attack to only further strengthen his barrier, and thus made it easier to grab hold of Ninetales for a "roller coaster ride."  Having been reacquainted with its own Hyper Beam, along with a Raging Seismic Toss, Ninetales could only faint.

            The blind priest commended Lina on a job well done on her first two wins.  Now it was time for a black Tangela, twice the normal size.  Sure that this was in the bag, Lina told Pyro to just use a good Fireball.  But Tangela copied Lina's previous Vine Whip Fan, and deflected it.  Using their surprise, Tangela took the opportunity to tie Pyro's arms, legs, and wings and reel him in.  Unfortunately for Tangela, Pyro turned the retraction into a chance to make a point-blank Fire Blast hit dead-on.  Tangela didn't stand a chance.

            Upon returning Tangela to its pokeball, Rezo commented that Lina was doing very well, but she should not get excited just yet.  Lina replied that she wasn't, as he released a Ditto.  When Ditto turned into a Charizard, Lina did the only thing that would not be expected, and thus could not be copied to work for them.  "Pyro!  Let's do a Fire Geyser attack!"

            Though Rezo must have realized the potential uncertainty of such an attack, he had Ditto mimic it.  However, since the technique was really a spin off a Flamethrower, the attack resorted to its normal state, a concentrated spray of fire.  Ditto, on the other hand, was engulfed in a pillar of flame.  Pyro then controlled the other pillars placed randomly on the field to group together into one large one on Ditto.  Even a Fire-type would not escape such an attack unscathed.  As for the attack on Pyro, he switched to Rage-mode, and the Flamethrower became his armor.  When the fire around Ditto subsided, Lina saw that it had been reformed to its original pink mass.  She told Pyro to finish the tired mass with a well-placed Body Slam.  Pyro flew up a clear fifteen or so feet, and then soared down, elbow outstretched.  The little pink blob landed in the bowels of unconsciousness.

            Despite Rezo's warning, Lina was feeling more confident then she had going in, since the pokemon ratio was four down to none for her.  Rezo chose Mr. Mime as his fifth pokemon.  It immediately created a large barrier, which even Pyro's fire could not penetrate, though he tried.  Lina suddenly had an idea – she had not seen him use barrier below him, so…"Pyro!  Mega Brand now!"

            The original attack worked, and, because he was trapped within his own barrier, Mr. Mime could not escape being fried from below.  However, he was still standing when the dust cleared.  He was breathing hard, but he was still standing.  Lina saw that the barrier was weakening as well, so she decided to try her luck.  "Pyro, Fire Spin!"

            A spiral of fire moved from Pyro's mouth to surround the barrier before squeezing tight on it.  The barrier held only for a few moments before the fire got through, scorching Mr. Mime again.  This time, Mr. Mime could not hold on, and fainted.  Now Lina couldn't keep it in.  She put her hands on her hips and proclaimed, "How's that?  I've beaten five out of your six pokemon!  I'm very close now to taking your title and becoming a Pokemon Master!"

            As Rezo returned Mr. Mime, his shoulders started shaking from his deep laughs.  When Lina asked to know what was so funny, he only responded, "It's nothing.  It's just that you say it with such confidence, it's hilarious."

            Pride hurt, Lina demanded to know why it was such a crazy idea to him.  Rezo's answer was releasing his final pokemon.  Lina could only gape at it in amazement.  In front of her Charizard, was what could only be the ancient body of an Aerodactyl, with red-pigment skin color, and demon-red eyes.  It was also at a height close to that of Lina's Dragonite.  Lina grimaced, but went ahead with her attack anyway.

Pyro tried to use Dragon Rage, but with Aerodactyl also being of the Dragon type, it did no good whatsoever.  In retaliation, Aerodactyl attacked Pyro with a Dragon Rage twice as powerful as Pyro's.  Weakened from using his energy in past fights without rest, Pyro fainted with this attack.  Lina thanked him for taking her this far, before releasing her next pokemon, Raichu, who used Thunder upon arrival.  Aerodactyl winced slightly at the attack, but then shook it off as if it were nothing.  Aerodactyl swooped down, and used Bite on Raichu, stopping the electric rat in its place.

Growling as she always was when things weren't going her way, Lina returned Raichu and chose Arcanine.  Effortlessly, Aerodactyl made a Rock avalanche from the cave room's walls.  Pummeled by rocks, Archie only had enough energy to jump out and on top of the stack, before fainting.  Starting to feel uneasy, Lina released Gyarados, who attacked with Hydro Pump.  Aerodactyl dodged it, and sent a Hyper Beam Gary's way.  Tired from the previous match, along with the sandy floor (compared to water), Gary could not get away in time to dodge it.  Hit straight-on, Gyarados toppled over, making a shaking crash upon meeting the ground.  Lina sighed and returned Gyarados.

She began to second guess herself.  Could she win this one?  Already, four of her pokemon had fallen to this ancient monstrosity.  With every attack, Lina had become increasingly suspicious of her Dragu.  Yes, she knew that since she had caught it, it should always listen and obey her, but lately…Lina just wasn't sure.  The first time she tried to command him, he looked at her with a glare that said quite plainly, "Why should I trust you, filthy human?"  Just as normally, Lina replied telepathically something along the lines of, "Because I caught you, and so, if you want to be fed, you should listen to what I say."  But the thing was, Lina was afraid of this pokemon.  She couldn't bare to release it to even let it eat.  Lina was forever afraid that it would either turn on her during a match, or run away and work for her enemies.  She had been lucky so far, but she knew that at some point, her luck would run dry.  After all, even leprechauns that she had read about in books, which subject to gaining some bad luck instead of good.

But no, she shook her head, dispelling such thoughts.  She had a goal to strive for – She was just one pokemon victory away from getting it, too.  She had to trust her instincts, if she wanted her freedom.  Yes, Lina convinced herself.  Let freedom be my confidence.  If Dragu sees my confidence, it will be less likely to turn on me.  Yes, one more faint, and she would be free of her sister for unlimited freedom – until she decided to go back.

Taking a deep, confiding breath, Lina released Dragu onto the field.  She acted quickly, first having Dragu counter Aerodactyl's Dragon Rage with a strong Gust, before using Hyper Beam.  Unfortunately, the Hyper Beam became lost in the small tornado, and veered off course.  With utmost concentration, Dragu managed to make it bounce off the rocky walls and into Aerodactyl from behind.  Like a shot bird in the sky, it spiraled down, and landed with a flop on the ground.  Dragu took in a deep breath, and used his own Dragon Rage to make sure that Aerodactyl had been defeated, and he was.  Rezo was stupefied with surprise, he had not expected Aerodactyl to be defeated, but eventually resigned to the idea.  He congratulated Lina and told her to follow him to the next room, the Hall of Fame, after they both returned their pokemon.

…And so, the story of Pokemaster Lina comes to a close.  As promised, Lina had her name placed in the Hall of Fame, along with all of her pokemon – Dragu had to bend down, but he had a pleasant smile.  Also, Lina handed over her trophy for winning the tournament to her older sister, Luna Inverse, and decided to embark on a new adventure, to simply wander the lands, catching rare and common pokemon alike to sell for money, as well as earning badges, also for the money.  Having nothing better to do, Gourry followed her, and Lina immediately asked upon hearing this to trade his Vaporeon for a Weedil.  Knowing full well the superiority of his Vaporeon, Gourry completely rejected this offer, but they continued to happily travel together.

As it would turn out, they would not see any of their closer companions such as Zel, Amelia, or even Xellos, for quite some time, but with food in her stomach, strong pokemon at hand, and money in her pouch, Lina "somehow" survived.

Ending A/N:  Well, that's that.  End of story.  Fin~  Hope you enjoyed it.  I realize that my Slayers timeline for this story was a bit off, but I just put certain people and "related" events where I thought them to be appropriate.  I don't wish to add my usual character summary, so I won't.  *Sigh*  So…tired…must…sleep. ~~_I_~~