Read the story: Pokémon Adventures: Legends of Arceus BEFORE or AFTER this! It covers essential history, and is one of my more well-written stories, even more than this one.

(I have consolidated all six parts into one story, as it was confusing to readers.)

A few notes:

This story is based in the Pokémon Adventure manga universe. It takes place one year after the final novel of Sun and Moon. (No Galar, sorry.) Also, it is based on the infamous deleted game Pokémon Brick Bronze, but with a much wider plot. It is my (and I hope your) personal view of what a "final" Pokémon novel series would look like. If you haven't read most of the Pokémon Adventures comic stories, then you may not understand some of the backstory. (I will explain some things in a bonus chapter at the end.)

Series Order: Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire, FireRed and LeafGreen, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black-White, Black2-White2, X-Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Sun-Moon-Ultra Sun-Ultra Moon, Brick Bronze.

Rating: K+ to T (for some heavy violence in later tales, with graphic descriptions of injury.)

Sexual Content: None.

Violence and Gore: Minimal, will be more severe in later stories.

Plot Themes: None, quite dark in later tales.

Language: None, minimal in later tales.


One year after the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon...

After the defeat of Aether Corporation President Lusamine and the disbandment of Team Skull, and the disappearance of Team Rocket, peace has been restored to all regions of the world.

The Roria region, unique for it's large size and the ability to harbor almost every Pokémon known to humanity, has become the site of the Pokémon Tournament for the first time in history.

Dark things still stir, however. A force that has not been seen on earth for over two thousand years has risen once more, and a evil man with a twister heart is about to fulfil his master's wishes: to create a new world in his own image.

A young boy, ready to embark of a great journey to victory in the tournament, is about to receive his first Pokémon and venture out on his own for the first time.

Our story begins...

The sun rose over the great expanse of the known world, with the great Alpha Continent in the North and the Beta Continent to the western face. The great Southern Sea stretched over the equator, harboring the Alola islands and Hoenn.

Across the equator lied Fiore, and farther south, Roria. Over 1,200 miles from Crescent Island to the Frozen Shores near the southern darkness, by far this land was the largest united region in the civilized world. Many warring factions over the past 100 years have caused Roria to be exempt from world affairs, and obscure from general knowledge.

Recently, however, stability has been brought by representatives of the Pokémon Association and International Police, which, in celebration of a united Roria, the Chairman of the Association has declared that the annual Pokémon Tournament should take place in Roria for the first time.

The sun itself, however, did not care for the doings of those who lived in its light. It shined, without alternative, in to the window of a boy, no longer a child, not a man. The boy opened his eyes, in time with the sun's light. A clock rang with a tinny ringing, waking the youth with a start.

He raised his hand, and with a sharp smack, hit the clock out of its power socket, silencing it. However, after coming out of the haze of sleep, the boy realized the significance of this particular day. This was the day he was to receive his Pokémon.

His name was Bronze. The training card tucked into his expansive bag told all who saw it this information. Looking about the large room, one could see expansive bookshelves and desks covered in all sorts of detritus, and stacks and stacks of battle manuals and philosophy textbooks, with large, musty-smelling books scattered about, like the Legends of Arceus and the Annals of Hisui.

Bronze, being expected to meet at the laboratory in a few minutes, had jumped out of bed, changed, and left his family house.

Mitis Town, population 600, was not included on most maps, its existence only continuing due to the archeological dig on the town outskirts. However, the Rorian Professor of Pokémon had decided to plant his personal laboratory quarters somewhere inconspicuous, as not to "interfere with sensitive research." The truth was that he was, in fact, shy of publicity. The position of Rorian Professor had only existed for three months, so it was considered understandable that a person with great knowledge, but little desire for attention had been appointed.

Bronze stepped in the sunny day with high hope, which was further amplified by the arrival of his lifelong friend Jake. Both Bronze and Jake shared a desire to compete in the tournament, and receive a Pokémon.

"Heyyyy! Bronze, old buddy old pal! I can't believe it's finally time!" Jake exclaimed. "Same," Bronze replied, "It even seems so odd that we were chosen to be given this opportunity. I always dreamed on adventuring out into the larger world, but until now..."

Nothing more needed to be said. The unspoken truth remained that no other Rorian youths of age 14 were being given Pokémon directly form the Professor himself, so the entire event was mostly off the record except to the Pokémon Association, as not to create a media storm. The fact that they were picked at all was incredible chance, and not in any small part due to their skills.

"Apparently, the starter selection won't be like it is in other regions." Jake said. "The size of the Roria region makes almost all known Pokémon live here. Instead of choosing between three Pokémon native to the region, we're gonna be picking from three Pokémon from every known region!"

Bronze was surprised. The fact that Roria had no native Pokémon he had known his whole life, but picking from many more starters than three was news to him.

"So, you mean, Kalos, Kanto, Unova..." Bronze said. "Yep!" Jake replied. "All the regions! I really don't know how this will end. Having so many partners to pick from, I mean."

The laboratory was located in a forest clearing, at the end of a dry dirt path through the town outskirts. Wild Pokémon roamed in the grass and leaves, threatening the unwary traveler. The two boys, however, had applied a repellent, preventing any unwelcome encounters. After another mile north, the laboratory was visible.

It was buzzing with activity. Outside, some researchers were testing various moves on robotic targets, while a woman examined a Scizor, tapped a small stone, causing it to transform in a larger form. Satisfied, the woman jotted down some notes and walked away, causing the Pokémon to convert back to its previous form. A Kanuka was using the Harden move repeatedly, until it was essentially rock solid.

The building itself, had a satellite dome on the roof, with various insignias signifying it as a building of the Pokémon Association. At the double doors, however, were Bronze's mother and father.

After a hug, Bronze, with his parents and Jake, travelled inside. Many devices and experiments were being tested, and another door marked the entrance to the professors quarters and Pokémon enclosure. Being the room in which he would receive his Pokémon, Bronze stopped, the anticipation of the meeting overwhelming him. While Jake and his mother walked on, his father stopped to check what had caused him to stop.

"Son, are you okay?" He said, with fatherly curiosity. "You stopped for a moment there. Anything getting to you?"

"Well, yes," Bronze replied, "It is just hard to believe that the choices I'll make today will affect my entire life, and how I view Pokémon. I just can't get rid of the feeling of making the wrong decision in who I chose. I am doing this to spread knowledge, you know..."

His father spoke very sternly, trying to convey an important point his son. "Bronze. You are strong, brave, intelligent, and you have my full confidence that you will choose the right partner to aid you on your journey. Many trainers have gone before and triumphed over great odds to achieve a dream which the truly believed in.. You choices today will shape your future, but it will be your best decision on which Partner will accompany you, and to love and be loved."

Bronze could not even process that his father would speak something so deep and true to him right in the thick of decision. Jake and his mother were already in the enclosure, clearly waiting for Bronze and his father. With a new resolve to change his course of life, Bronze and his father, side by side, stepped into the room.