Impending Doom

***This story is in no way related to Summer Surprises. I needed to get all of the negative vibes I picked up from the 5th book or Summer Surprises was going to end up being just as negative. So just in case you haven't figured it out. This story contains major book 5 spoilers.***

Harry Potter lay on his bed his eyes shut tight against the glare of the afternoon sun. He had drawn the curtain, but the sunlight refused to be shut out completely. He just wanted to disappear. The pain from the previous year tormented every waking moment.

Sirius was dead, and it was his fault. If only he had used the mirror to try and contact him instead of using the floo network. Why hadn't he thought of that? Sirius had handed the mirror wrapped messily in brown paper, and told him to use it to contact him if he, Harry, had needed him. If he had used that to contact him, he would have known that Sirius was safe. He would still be alive, because they never would have gone to the Department of Mysteries.

Voldemort had lured him there hoping that Harry would retrieve the Prophecy for him. Harry had fallen for the trap hook, line and sinker. His plans had been foiled though. Voldemort never did hear the Prophecy in its entirety. But, Harry had. Kill or be killed was the gist of it.

Harry never told his friends what the Prophecy actually said. He just couldn't. He was a danger to everyone around him. The only place he was safe was here, with the Dursleys. He was absolutely miserable, but at least all of his friends were safe.

He heard Uncle Vernon's car pull up into the drive outside. Great, they would start arguing again. Uncle Vernon wanted Harry out of the house, because he thought it wasn't safe to have him around. He was right. Anyone that was close to him seemed to be on Voldemorts' hit list. Aunt Petunia argued that Dumbledore said Voldemort couldn't find him, so long as he remained inside.

So, Harry remained in his bedroom as far away from them as he could get. He didn't want to be any where near the Dursleys. The front door slammed announcing Vernon's arrival. Harry sighed and covered his ears with his pillow hoping to blot out the ensuing argument.

If only there were another place he could hide. He had only been home three days, and his arrival had brought on an absolute war between the Dursleys. Aunt Petunia insisted that Harry stayed, but Vernon and Dudley insisted that he had to go. Any time Harry left his room Dudley would sucker punch him or push him down the stairs. With a menacing warning to go away, because he was not wanted.

His bedroom door was thrown open and Harry jumped up from his bed. Uncle Vernon was puce faced and glaring at him furiously. He had a letter in his hand. He thrust it at Harry, "This came for you! Answer them! I don't want those freaks coming into my house!"

Harry took the letter and nodded. Uncle Vernon slammed the door on his way out. Harry opened the letter. The untidy scrawl looked familiar, but he couldn't place it.


Meet me at the corner of Privet Dr. and Sanctions Dr. Now.


Why would Hagrid want Harry to meet him? Maybe, Dumbledore was going to let him leave this place? Maybe, they found a better place for him to hide! Anything was better than this!

He opened his window abruptly, causing Hedwig to wake up. "Sorry, Hedwig. I'm going to meet Hagrid. We might be moving.", he muttered climbing out onto the roof. He shimmied down the drain pipe and snuck across the lawn; hiding behind shrubs and trees.

Once he was far enough away from #4 he walked out in the open. He could see Hagrid standing on the corner of Privet Dr. and Sanctions Dr. He grinned and began jogging toward his old friend. "Hagrid, what are you doing here? Why didn't you just come to the house?"

Hagrid smiled weakly, "I need yer help wit somthin' Harry. It's top secret."

Harry stood gasping for breath, "Does it have to do with your brother?"

Hagrid looked confused for a moment and then straightened his face, "Er- yeah, my brother. Come on.", and he took Harry's arm pulling him down Sanctions Dr.

"Where are we going Hagrid? Why don't we use a port key or travel by floo powder?" Harry asked suddenly becoming nervous. Why would Hagrid appear like this? Why now? He began dragging his feet, but Hagrid pulled him onward relentlessly.

"Hagrid!" Harry yelped. "You're hurting me."

Hagrid turned toward Harry and hissed, "Shut up! You will draw attention to us!", in a voice that was not his own. Hagrids features began to sharpen, his beard vanished and Harry found himself being pulled along by none other than Peter Pettigrew. The man that had led Voldemort to his parents and framed Sirius Black for the murder of twelve muggles.

Harry kicked him behind the knee causing him to fall. He turned and began running back toward the house. "Impedimenta!", Wormtail screeched.

Harry found he couldn't move. He couldn't even open his mouth to scream for help. He was stuck in midstep. He heard Wormtail scuffling behind him. "Portus.", he whispered. Then Harry felt that horrible sensation that a hook was pulling him from behind his naval.

He found himself in a darkly lit room. He couldn't see anything, because his eyes were taking to long to adjust to the difference in lighting. One moment he was in bright sunlight and now a dim fire served as lighting. The Impedimenta curse seemed to be wearing off. He could move, very slowly, he was urging his foot to hit the ground. It was taking too long.

"Aww. Little baby can't move.", He heard a cold female voice say behind him. Then she came into view. Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius's murderer. His insides felt like they were going to boil over. His head was throbbing. His hands itched to wring her thin pale neck.

There was a popping sound. Wormtail appeared beside Bellatrix. He was smiling and wringing his hands. "Oh, master will be very pleased, very pleased.", he said.

"Yes, you have done well Peter." Bellatrix said coldly as though his presence was not wanted. "Bring him to the dungeon. The Dark Lord does not want us to touch him."

Wormtail nodded and levitated Harry into the air. Harry's eyes began to adjust to the lighting. He did not recognize this place at all. It looked like they were in a castle, but it wasn't Hogwarts. He could hear female voices talking in the room they had just left.

"He did it?" said and unfamiliar female voice.

"Yes, he is bringing him to the dungeon to lock him up.", Bellatrix said.

"Good, that brat will pay for what he has done!", the unfamiliar female voice said.

Then Wormtail opened a great wooden door and thrust Harry unceremoniously in. The door locked loudly, and Harry fell to the cold Dungeon floor.

What am I going to do now, Harry thought. If only I had thought to bring my wand. He lay motionless on the cold stone floor for what seemed to be hours. He heard maniacal laughter and screaming coming from other places in the dungeon.

At some point he fell asleep, and when he woke he was chained to a large stone table. He looked around and saw several death eaters wearing their masks. They were all looking past him. Harry turned to see what they were looking at. Voldemort was standing above him grinning maniacally. He had a rather large looking dagger pointed at Harry's heart.

Harry gasped.