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Chapter 13

L'hai walked onto the bridge, her hands gripping tightly at her sides, seeing that Jim was sitting on the Captain's chair while her brother was busy speaking to Uhura.

"Have you confirmed that Nero is headed for Earth?" Spock questioned looking Uhura dead in the eyes hoping that the answer wouldn't be a yes that Nero was headed to Earth.

"Their trajectory suggests no other destination, Captain." Uhura said with a firm nod of her head.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Spock said with a nod of his head.

"Earth may be his next stop, but we have to assume every Federation planet's a target." Jim said, looking up from where he sat.

Spock looked over at Jim, narrowing his eyes slightly. "Out of the chair."

"Well, if the Federation is a target, why didn't they destroy us?" Chekov questioned softly, rather confused as to why they weren't destroyed.

"Why would they? Why waste the weapons? You know... we obviously weren't a threat." Sulu said, shaking his head being the bearer of bad news, but they weren't really a threat to that type of ship.

"That is not it. He said he wanted me to see something. The destruction of my home planet." Spock said, looking at the rest of the crew.

L'hai gripped her hands tighter at her sides knowing that this Nero guy was not a good person and overall wanted to cause more suffering for her and Spock along with the rest of their people.

"How the hell did they do that, by the way? Where did the Romulans get that kind of weaponry?" Leonard asked, looking up rather concerned of how they had gotten that kind of weaponry that could cause so much harm.

"The engineering comprehension necessary to artificially create a black hole may suggest an answer. Such technology could theoretically be manipulated to create a tunnel through space-time." Spock said fairly easily knowing that it was probably a hard thing to grasp of what he was even talking about.

"Dammit man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist. Are you actually suggesting they're from the future?!"

L'hai slowly looked up knowing what her brother was getting at. Her brows pinched together slightly. "If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Her voice came out slightly with a little crack as she spoke.

"How poetic." Leonard said with a groan rubbing his temples together knowing that this wasn't a type of thing that they needed. Out manned by weapons that weren't even from their own time.

"Then, what would an angry, future Romulan want with Captain Pike?" Jim questioned his brows, pinching a bit in concern.

"As Captain, he does know details of Starfleet's defenses." Sulu pointed out knowing that was very true, any captain would know about the details of Starfleet's defenses and it wasn't a good sign that Captain Pike was onboard with Nero and probably getting the codes that were needed for everything.

"What we need to do is catch up to that ship. Disable it, take it over, and get Pike back."

"We are technologically outmatched in every way. A rescue attempt would be illogical." Spock said, looking at Jim.

"My brother has a point. It wouldn't be safe for any of us if we're dead." L'hai said, shaking her head lightly knowing that with Jim's idea they would be dead within just a few seconds of even getting into range of Nero's ship.

"Nero's ship would have to drop out of warp for us to overtake him." Chekov said softly, voicing his opinion.

L'hai had to admit that the 17 year old was rather bright for his age and fairly good at what he did.

"Then, what about assigning engineering crews to try and boost our warp gear?" Jim questions looking over at everyone trying to get information.

"Remaining power and crew are being used to repair radiation leaks on the lower decks…" Spock pointed out looking at Jim, his brow raising.

"Okay, alright. There's got to be some way…"

"We must gather with the rest of Starfleet, to balance the terms of the next engagement."

"There won't be a next engagement. By the time we've gathered, it'll be too late. But you say he's from the future, knows what's going to happen, then the logical thing is to be unpredictable."

"You are assuming that Nero knows how events are predicted to unfold. To the contrary, Nero's very presence has altered the flow of history, beginning with the attack on the USS Kelvin, culminating in the events of today, thereby creating an entire new chain of incidents that cannot be anticipated by either party."

"An alternate reality?" Uhura questioned turning her head to look at Spock, her brows furrowed.

"Precisely. Whatever our lives might have been, if the time continuum was disrupted, our destinies have changed. Mr. Sulu, plot a course to the Laurentian system warp factor three."

"Spock, don't do that. Running back to the rest of the fleet for a, a, a confab is a massive waste of time…" Jim said before getting cut off by Spock.

"Orders issued by Captain Pike when he left…"

"He also ordered us to go back and get him. Spock, you are captain now! You have to be…" Jim said cutting off Spock only to be cut off again.

"I am aware of my responsibilities, Mister…"

"Every second we waste, Nero's getting closer to his next target." Jim said, interrupting Spock again.

L'hai let out a breath, shaking her head lightly. This was turning into a war of who would be a better man on board and in her eyes neither man was speaking the right lick of sense that would help.

"That is correct and why I am instructing you to accept the fact that I alone…" Spock said before getting cut off again.

"I will not allow us to go backwards." Jim snapped looking at Spock, his blue eyes burning with passion of what he wanted to do and that was to save Captain Pike and bring him back onboard the Enterprise alive.

"Jim!" Leonard snapped looking at Jim with wide eyes not liking the idea that something bad was about to come their way.

"Instead of hunting Nero down!"

"Security. Escort him out." Spock ordered turning his gaze away from Jim.

Two security officers grabbed Jim and he started to fight them off.

"Hey!" One of the guards said as he tried to keep Jim from fighting back.

"No, Jim!" Leonard said, trying to move forward.

Spock easily inserted himself into the fight and ended the fight with a Vulcan nerve pinch. He looked at the security guards. "Get him off this ship."

L'hai looked at her brother with wide eyes. "Spock you can't be thinking logically that shooting Cadet Kirk out of the ship into the Delta Vega…"

Spock held up his hand silencing his sister.

L'hai's hands gripped tightly at her sides, not liking the idea of what her brother had done. He never would silence her like that and it made her even more angry to know that he abused his power to silence his own sister.


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