WAHHHHHH... screamed the child. Dudley Dursley, as Harry stood cooking bacon. "TOOO SLOWWWWW" the boy screamed with all his might. At that moment Harry was knocked to the wall by Vernon Dursley. "You're such a useless child, Potter. Anyway let's go, we might be late." they all piled into the car, harry in the car's trunk, and headed to the mall, the pizaplex.

It was there that Harry had made his escape from the Dursleys. But Vanessa noticed this, Harry ran from her before she could say anything, and then he went into Freddy Fazbear's chest cavity and tried to sleep, but was awoken by the voice.

"is someone down there?" the animatronic asked as someone, Harry, had made a noise.

"I'm down here" muttered harry.

"In my chest cavity?" said Freddy shocked. It made sense it was already after hours and the kids' family was gone, so Freddy was shocked.

"Y-yeah," said Harry.

Ok, listen I'm not gonna recap every little scene and task, so I'm just gonna quickly describe the tasks, and only make a story when the actual story and OG plot change. :)

Also, harry still says he's named Gregory.

Fnaf belongs to Scott Cawthon and H.P- J.K. Rowling, I do not support her transphobia, as a trans person myself, but I love HP.