Ok, so what happened during the entire intro happened, with Harry(Gregory) freeing Freddy they are at the stairs.

"You seem hurt?" said Freddy, "I will take you to the first-aid station."

"Wait, please no!" harry had begged, but Freddy had already started to move.

They arrived at the first aid station and the moment Harry had gotten in there and hid Vanessa showed up.

"Freddy you are supposed to be on lockdown, I don't need any more stress today, there's a little kid that's missing after hours." Said Vanessa.

Vanessa walked away, and Harry went back to Freddy into his chest cavity.

Ok, so Harry did the whole entrance pass thing and is about to enter the daycare.

Harry had taken the slide into the ball pit and some sun dude had come and tried to "Play with him"

"Hey kid do you want to finger paint, and drink fizzy-Faz 'til our heads explode, we can have a lot of fun. Just do NOT turn the light out."Said Sundrop, but sun drop was confused as Harry had vanished. He tried to find Harry, but it was too late he had grabbed the security pass and the light was turned out.