Prologue: Our Girl KP

It is a proven scientific fact that no one ever expects an ambush. In the dead of a long, cold French night, a security guard passed through the exit of the Palace of Versailles security center. The movements by each palace floor's light fixtures pulsed in real time on the monitor screens seated at the room's large desk. A guard sat at his desk to the front of the windowed door to the back, intensely watching the monitor. A few feet outside the security room exit, a voice began to whisper.

"French Security thinks it's all that but it's not."

The voice snickered maniacally.

The guard at the security monitor watched as something dashed across the door frame past the guard taking his leave. The chop was so fast, he almost couldn't see it. A dark knife edged glove pounded into the side of the man's neck knocking him unconscious in seconds. The guard watching gasped, his eyes scurrying around the room in a panic. He could see nothing, but the body laid out before him.

Within seconds the dark rushed towards him in a disorienting flurry. Glass exploded onto the outside as the man crashed through the windowed back door near entrance B. Towering over the unconscious guard with a firm hand placed on her hip, was a lean fit woman in a catsuit of green and black. Her long dark hair blew in the cool nighttime breeze.


Dr Drakkens voice called out from the security center door-frame.

"That was the last of the guards. We have to keep moving, phase one of operation Cake Eater is complete!"

Shego sighed in frustration.

"Cake Eater, really?"

Drakken furrowed his brow.

"Shego, I'm trying to be catchy here, it's easier for the henchman to remember, can't you be supportive for once! "

"Look why are we here again? The stupid plans just kinda run into each other after a while." Shego said.

"I, Dr. Drakken will crush the morale of the United Nations by stealing priceless historical artifacts from a beloved landmark of France and hold it for ransom!"

His booming laughter echoed through the large decorated hall as they progressed through the palace, it would be great and terrible if it ever amounted to anything. Crime definitely paid, there was no question about that, but something was missing. Most nights after a job Shego would stay up and wonder what that was. Darkken always paid handsomely, problem because he knew he'd be nothing without her. He offered a place to stay and food on the house every week, but it never fulfilled her. The Supervillain thing just didn't mean anything anymore.

Shego was tired. Tired of the endless dumb plans that went nowhere. Tired of having to escape from exploding lairs with minutes to spare and a panicked Darkken in tow. She was tired of having to figure things out to herself, while always at the mercy of constant boast about her employer's limitless genius. Some genius, she'd scoff to herself, he always followed her lead.

Their lives followed a simple formula, he screwed up and the "henchwoman" picked up the pieces. The only thing that made it worth it were the Spars. They were called fights once, during the first three years of nonstop brawls. The brawls played out like a fighter's ballet, careful dances of exchanged Martial Arts techniques, amateur boxing and her deep, primal rage given form. Every plan she danced with The Princess.

She had gotten to know Kimmie through the fights of the old days. Her perfect figure her perfect stance, the way she'd win every fight, it drove Shego insane, Kim was everything she wished she was at that age. The fights gradually became a twisted game, an attempt to one up her greatest rival. The one tough ass the most feared mercenary in the world couldn't conquer. A teenage girl who it seemed, could do anything.

Over the past few years Kim had gone from an agonizing taunt to her face, a symbol of everything she could never have, to a kind of a obnoxious little sister. They had almost become, friends it seemed. After all it was friends who improved each other, and every fight, with every exchange of playful banter, Shego improved. She got closer. Closer to becoming the greatest fighter the world had ever known, close to besting Kim Possible. That was how the vicious fights became spars.

Now every job, she simply waited anxiously for the thrill of the spar. The hall of mirrors was beautiful. Rows of bright glass mirrors stood opposite clear windows to the starry black sky above. Long slender golden stands held candles in lamps of silver whose bright yellow flame played off the candle lit glass chandlers hung throughout. The almost angelic light shined on the clear oak striped framed floor, artwork of France's past decorated the gold studded ceiling and painted the walls on the sides of the wide spacious corridor. Eight human statues stood in the walls near the eight-marble statue bust placed through the hall.


That was the drawn-out word she whispered under her breath, but Shego would never admit it. Drakken blabbed on about ultimatums, Global Justice falling to its knees, hacking into security systems and, over four thousand euros going down the drain.

"Ya ever think that instead of gloating you should, I dunno, worry about who might be waiting for you around every corner?"

Why did she even try, a voice inside her head kept asking her. She knew this would go nowhere.

"Nonsense Shego, no one even knows we're here."

Clad in a currant red jumpsuit with a patched hood for a mask, one of Drakken's men stood at the front of a palace entrance door. The outside entrance's white tiled floor was separated by the buildings side pair of beige -colored pillars that met the small platform steps that lead to the outside grounds of the palace, an overview of the palace park visible from the guards position. The guard began to walk down the stairs in procedural movement. A figure sprung from behind the pillar and drop-kicked the guard with a hard boot to the chest. The guard crashed to the floor with an escaped grunt.

Guarding on the next door over, another henchman watched in shock as the figure revealed herself near the ledge of the steps, it was Kim Possible! A confidant smirk formed on her lips as she flashed the palms of her black gloved hands, retreating effortlessly into a Kokutsu Dachi pose. Her long, bright orange hair blew in the cold night wind.

"Sorry for dropping in!"

She cringed slightly.

"Note to self, gotta stop listening to the bad guys when they talk, their becoming a bad influence. "

The guard stood and watched in a mix of abject fear and total awe. Jerry the goon had never been on the field before. He had the stories told in astonishment and frightful tones through the lair barracks and the cafeteria. The almost mythic tales of an unstoppable, karate chopping teenage girl mowing down private armies like it was yesterday's homework. He always laughed off the stories, he could take her, he was sure.

How hard could a little girl be in a fight? But that was always just his defense against an image, Kim the intangible, Kim the legend, now here she was in the flesh, and she was ready for battle. Jerry proceeded with the one time tested tactic never covered in training. Run! Running across the Palace grounds, Jerry was stopped in his tracks by a sudden jump that landed in front of him.

A high pitched squeal filled his ears.

"High Ya!"

Jerry cowered in anticipation. The rush of primal fear quickly subsided when he realized nothing was happening. He watched as a freckled face boy of about Kim's age moved in quick spastic rhythms before him. He chopped the air, preformed kick flips, and bounced in place in a show of agility, reciting battle cries in a tongue Jerry couldn't understand. Jerry's eyes widened in bewilderment.

Was this some kind of psychological warfare, a mere distraction? A pink hairless rodent sprung out from the boy's pocket in the dance of confusion. The creature scurried on all fours and stood up on its hind legs at Jerry's feet. Rufus stomped on the toes of the goon's right foot, Jerry clutched it, hopping in pain with a yell. Kim knocked him to the ground with a swift punch to the face.

Kim drew a long and heavy sigh.

"Ron!" She pouted.

"We have to keep moving!"

'Yo KP he was totally horrified, the Ron man softened him up for ya. The patented Ron Factor!"( TM)

Ron leaped in the air.

"Works like a charm, a Boo Yah!"

Kim quickly brushed off the buffoonery and went to work. She had learned over these past three years to let Ron be Ron. He played pretend, thinking he was saving the world while she picked up the pieces. She was there whenever he got himself caught, through all the times they escaped from a death trap by the skin of their teeth or the grace of God. Kim was armed with Wade's Lockpick Tunnler, a pocket-sized drill that could open even the tightest windows sealed shut and the new Thermal Evil Reader. The device was made from the same technology used in the gimmick machines at Villain Con that gauged the evil within you.

Kim held out the small tablet and scanned the complex, the screen lit up with an outline of Shego in the main building of the palace.


Kim had whipped out her blow-dryer grappling gun.

With a loud shot the grapple clung to the edges of the windowsill on the main buildings second floor. Kim hung on to the cable and walked slowly up the side of the huge structure. Ron followed closely behind; Rufus perched on his shoulder. He tried to lift himself off the ground and plat his feet on the buildings side, he tugged on the cable and felt that dreaded familiar sensation zip past his rump. Ron Stoppable's underwear was there for all of France to see.

"Oh, come on!"

Drakken and Shego stopped cold by the center of the Hall Of Mirrors. Kim Possible climbed through a center window with Ron Stoppable falling after her.

"Kim Possible?"

"Game over Drakken!"

Kim stood firmly in the center of the hall, confident in a pose that screamed "bring it." Shego could almost taste the cocktail of endorphins chased by an adrenaline rush.

"Think fast princess!"

She leaped forward and lunged toward Kim. She ducked a forearm to the face and with a high kick that Kim dogged with a machine's precision. Kim started landing hard right hands and left hooks to Shego's face. Shego deflected the punches with quick raises of her wrist forming an arm-guard. They stepped and fought throughout the hall.

Shego grabbed a lamp pedestal and swapped at Kim's legs, Kim leaped over the swing and sent Shego on her back with a leg sweep. With a snap of Dr. Drakken's fingers, dozens of henchmen stormed into the hall. Ray, Jay, Don, no The Buffoon, would never get out of this. Ron Stoppable loved to rise to the occasion. In a glorious routine of Kung Fu movie imitations and unabashed stupidity, he knocked the soldiers down in quick succession.

Kicks punches and shoves tackled the guards one by one, through deep concentration he had harnessed something all powerful. A force of nature to be feared, studied, and respected, Ron Stoppable had unleashed The Ron Factor! (TM) Ron stood with his hands on his hips and surveyed the sea of downed opponents laid out before his legs. Kim and Shego rushed out of the hall carried by the heat of the fight.

"Anyone else feel like gettin' a piece of the action?"

The floor shook beneath Ron's sneakers. Nearby thuds like claps of thunder broke his daydreams of omnipotence. Ron's eyes scrolled upward to the source of the massive shadow that engulfed him. A hulking seven-foot-tall bulldozer of a henchman looked at him with a low voiced chuckled. Tiny was read to pound this pipsqueak.

Ron clenched his right hand into a fist and with all his might, fired a straight right into the heart of Tiny's chest with a scream of fury. The punch bounced off the goon's chest like a rubber bullet. Ron winced back and tried to shake off the pain. Tiny stared unaffected. Ron laughed anxiously with wide eyes.


Tiny chased after Ron through the path to the war room. The rows of chandlers fell to the ground with a shrill crash. Drakken stepped over the lifeless bodies and shards of glass, flimsy last-minute plans racing through his mind. He had to speed things up, this was one variable he hadn't weighed out. Kim's trail of Shego had stopped cold in its tracks, Kim Possible had come face to face with the narrow entrance to The Empire Rooms.

Frame upon Frame of entrances ways stretched down the narrow hall like funhouse mirrors. Kim slowly stepped through the maze, eyeing the room numbers painted on the arch of their frames to keep her place. Her heart was racing. This location was all new to her, Shego could be anywhere, she checked her flanks, turning her direction through each the thirteen rooms periodically. Kim was used to this, a Spar with Shego was the surefire way to keep her skills from wearing thin, her rival kept her sharp.

It was exciting, a break from the monotony of the day to day. A break from Ron's mishaps and the jet lag of constant travel. Where there was Shego there was familiarity, it was something for better or worse, that she could always count on. She could hear Shego's voice ringing out through the galleries, but she couldn't find the source.

"A little slow tonight Kimmie, you really think I don't see you?"

"Just waiting for you to slip up Shego!"

Kim readied her fist when her concentration was broken by the sound of an all too familiar grunt. Bright green blast fired from her right as she ducked, a gaping hole burning through the centuries old painting at her back. Shego growled before Kim's arms crossed to guard the impact of the sole of her boot. Their arms crashed into each other in a deadlock, Shego's knee slammed into Kim's chest releasing a gust of wind. Kim swooned as Shego grabbed a stone made statue bust of Napoleon and flung it in her direction.

Ron and Tiny faced each other in The General Room. A massive circular painting on the ceiling overlooked years of gorgeous architecture that decorated the moderately sized interior. Lines of pottery and small statue bust shined upon individual platforms by the right and left side walls. Ron kicked the air in a show of force that knocked a vase off its foundation, sending it shattering into pieces on the floor.


Tiny walked forward in slow heavy steps; his menacing eyes fixated on Ron like a Hawk swooping in on its prey. Ron's mind was caught in a split-second war, a feverish debate for his life. Does he take a histories wroth of priceless art and use it to his defense, destroying it forever? Or does he found it deep within himself to fight back, decimating this ruthless thug in a David and Goliath victory? He inched towards a statue bust in the back of the room bearing the likeness of some general he couldn't be bothered to remember.

Across the pathway that led back to The Hall of Mirrors, Ron's back a met a glass mirrored wall. He was, for all intents and purposes, corned. Tiny zeroed in on his prey, Ron could hear Barken now.

"Stoppable! Don't you dare touch that or you'll be in detention till the star of Bethlehem! "

Ron slammed the statue into Tiny's stomach, he cracked his neck in response. Ron dashed for the other side of the room. He had to stay focused on heading for the exit. Panic couldn't stop the Ron man. He kept his eyes toward the center of the room, focused on what looked like the large stone outline of a king on a horse.

Stay on target stay on target, he told himself, making a run for the exit. Ron stuck close to the wall a few feet beside him. In a frenzy, he threw centuries of artwork as Tiny trudged forward like a tank driving in a mortar blast. The two ran around the room in circles. Back near the Empire Rooms, Shego blasted through a Palace window and grabbed an edge of the building.

She began to climb.

"Try and keep up! We don't have all night!"

Kim Possible followed Shego up the outside Palace walls. She scaled and hopped from pillar to pillar. She swung to the floor balconies with the cable from her grapple gun, leaping off to grab hold of any surface she could find. On another side of the main place building, Ron was dangling across the palace windows from the outside. He struggled greatly to climb up the rope his grapple gun provided.

No amount of P.E. could prepare him for this. Tiny was in hot pursuit, he pulled the cable down, threatening to break it with each violent tug. Rufus popped out of his Ron's denim jeans pocket peering down at the emerging Tiny. Rufus screamed.

"Uh Oh! "

Perhaps that was the drive that kicked Ron Stoppable into full gear, the desire to save his second closest friend. A mystery even to himself, Ron had somehow climbed to the edge of the roof. His body was exhausted. He could feel every limb ready to collapse at any moment. Ron used the last of his strength to pull himself over the the balcony's stone pedestal and flopped onto the roof.

Ron Stoppable knew, this was far from over. Ron looked over the balcony at Tiny's battle to climb the rope. He could drop the cable, but that would kill him. Ron paused frozen in doubt. Would he really do it in front of God, in front of KP, Rufus, and the whole world that was undoubtedly watching? Would Ron Stoppable find a way to take a life if it meant saving his own?

Ron took to insults instead.

"Dude, your cardio sucks!"

He tried his best to laugh, anything to shake off the nerves. Tiny gasped and wheezed as the air evaded him. His eyes puffed as his face turned slightly to a light shade of blue.

"He don't pay me enough for this."

Tiny lowered himself onto the third-floor balcony. He punched a hole through the window shattering the glass on impact and stomped off. Ron shrugged. Atop the roof Kim and Shego circled each other like wild animals. They were so caught up in the spar they didn't even notice Ron Stoppable standing a few feet across from Dr Drakken.

Drakken smiled at a glaring Ron.

"I have an escape planned nah nah nah nah nah"

He danced in that mocking self-assured style that brought all who saw into a frenzy of contempt. Drakken dashed for the Simon cellular Phone in his pocket and quickly mashed the buttons.

"You! Yes you! Get the hovercraft up here now! We're aborting the mission!"

The deafening roar of an engine sounded as Drakken's hover craft flew across the sky and swooped into view. The craft lowered itself beside the eastern edge of the palace roof. Drakken wasted no time in getting the hell out of there. He went to leap across into the shotgun seat of the craft piloted by a henchman, who he'd promptly kick off to have Shego steer the ship. He turned his head to find his greatest asset lost in a heated fight.

"Shego we're leaving!"

A few green blasts caught Kim by surprise. The third landed between her feet knocking her back near the roof balcony. She struggled to keep balance near the roof's edge. The fourth blast caught her hair. Kim yelped and blew on the small fire that soared through her ginger-colored hair.

She wobbled in place as she patted out the flames with her gloves.

"Sorry Kimmie, it's been fun but I gotta go."

Shego looked back at Dr Drakken. She had to go through with this, the boss was watching. She'd say a line to dull the blow, but it wouldn't make what she was going to do any easier.

"Bon voyage princess! "

"KP!" Ron Shouted.

Shego kicked Kim Possible off the roof of the Palace. Kim's limp body flew over the balcony and plummeted down through the air as Team Possible could do nothing but watch.

Kim Possible

A Universal Sitch

By Pog 1

Shego sprinted forward and dived after Kim, Shego grabbed hold of Kim in midair, she turned to her back and held the falling Kim at her chest. Shego would be the one to land first, she knew her superhuman durability would cushion her bones in the fall. Their bodies crashed landed into the icy pool of water outside the palace. Kim pushed her off and stood in the dark shallow waters. Shego gasped for air and faced a stunned Kim.

"Shego!" Kim was still gasping.

"Look Kimmie don't flatter yourself, I just need you around cause I wanna see that look on your face when I beat you to a pulp. I can't have you die on me."

Kim looked like she was in shock. She always had a retort, something to say in her action or her words, but here, she fell silent.

"Kimmie, you should come with me. Hey, believe me, there's nothing back there you're missing."

That broke the painful silence.

"I was thinking the same thing."

Kim figured this move would calm things down for at least a little while, this sitch, had gotten way out of hand.

A blockade was set up outside the center entrance to the palace. Five RAID trucks parked a few feet from the golden entrance gate. Dozens of armed officers cocked their assault rifles and readied their armored shields, standing outside the entrance in a firing line. The blue LED lights from the vans flashed with the wail of police sirens. A figure shrouded in silhouette walked calmly past the police barricades into the crowd of RAID officers.

The officers swung their weapons in the figures direction and shouted for them to get on the ground. In return, the figure casually raised their hand. The van lights seemed to grow in place. They pulsed and flashed as the siren glass began to crack. The electricity burst from the van lights in loud collective crackles.

The harnessed energy formed a current of electricity. The shocks surged and zapped through the crowd of RAID. The bodies fell in unison, each officer had become a conduit. The shadowed figure used their hands to rip the electricity from nearby lights like the tug of long thick rope. Thick currents of electricity stretched across the street, forming streams of light that extended through to the palace buildings.

Beneath the figure, the electricity formed large hills of energy. The hills rose and propelled the figure like huge soaring wings under their arms. The wings surged and rose like the waves of an ocean. The figured had carried themselves up to the palace roof. A quick zap of electricity sent Ron Stoppable reeling onto his behind.

The figures hands launched an electric shock that encircled the hovercraft. Loud fast beeps sounded off as the hovercraft spiraled in the wind and crash landed into a nearby palace building. The explosion lit up the sky with a colossal bang. Drakken cowered in the middle of the roof and hugged his knees to his chest. The shadowed figure stepped toward him. Drakken scrambled to speak.

"You! Uhh,..:"

His broken speech gave way to short nervous chuckles

"If it's about the deal listen uh, it was a good offer, I just had to think about it some more, yes. You get your share of the lair tomorrow how's that sound?"

What happened next made Dr Drakken scream the loudest he ever had in his life.

Kim and Shego had taken refuge in a recently closed down antique shop. Shego had busted the lock and slipped herself and Kim causally into the lightless building. Kim had warned her to stop, but she was in no position to protest. This was still Shego, but this woman may have just saved her life.

And Kim was exhausted, too wounded to keep fighting. Shego had told her they'd sit tight until Darrken came by to pick her up. Kim knew Drakken was getting ready to ditch Ron in a hurry. All she could do was hope that Wade's anonymous tip to the French police went through before it was too late. Now she had to wait until the right time, she'd regain her strength and finish off Shego for the night, that's what she told herself when they first walked through the door.

Shego was sitting on an antique chair by the sales counter that fenced in the large wooden shelf of dusty trinkets, paintings, and toys from decades past. Kim sat on the hard wooden floor with her legs crossed. She back leaned against an unopened storage crate. She still couldn't believe it, did Shego really just save her life? She said it was for her pride, but there was a hastiness in her voice, like it was a line she dropped just to shake off suspicion, suspicion of what? Kim would ask herself.

She remembered her words." I can't have you die on me."

As the pair settled in Kim would find herself glancing at the older woman. She felt something persist deep inside herself. The feeling was coming back. Kim had only begun to feel it on occasion over the last few months. The feeling would creep in, bringing with it strange thoughts at random times throughout the day.

She had first felt it a few times right before the Spars. It would dim and disappear once the Spar would start, only to come up again as memories of the Spar flashed through her mind hours later. It burned stronger than Josh ever did, even stronger than Ron. It was a strong feeling she could only sort of make out. It was a want, a need to be near her.

Did Shego ever feel the same thing?

For a minute that lasted for hours, a voice in her head, ever so faint, fed her a crazy idea. The voice told her this was the excuse she'd been waiting for. She had Shego all alone now, Kim could ask her about the feeling she denied, the little ach in her head she pretended wasn't there. They could talk about it once and leave it alone, swearing to never bring up something so awkweird ever again. The voice rattled off plans and futures, telling Kim all the things she could ask Shego, she could ask about taking a break from the whole hero thing for only a little while, she had wondered how Shego did it all those years ago.

Kim turned her attention inward. Could she really do that? Could Kim Possible really run away with the woman who caused her so much pain? The mercenary who was wanted in eleven countries? Try as she might, she couldn't keep it secret for long.

Every kid who ever looked up the world-famous teen heroine, and her parents, Monique, Wade, Ron, eventually they all would find out. No, she couldn't, that was crazy talk, she would assure herself. They hated each other and nothing would ever change that. Kim fought off the feeling by trying to break the ice with the stupidest thing she could have said.

"I remember Wade telling me about something called parallel universes. They're these other worlds that are like other versions of our lives. Could you imagine, whole different worlds just like our own, but, different. Like, what if there's another universe where you and I aren't rivals but- "

Shego raised an eyebrow.


Kim tried to force a smile; jeez she was sounding like Larry.

"Yeah, or you're dating the sidekick."

Kim blushed.

"Hey! it's not like that we're just – "

Shego laughed hard.


Off in the distance electricity flashed through the air like lighting, but there wasn't a sound. The flash was bright, too big for a thunderstorm, forming a large blue hue that glowed through the shadowed interior of the shop. A deafening crash and massive explosion soon followed. Shego and Kim looked out the shop window.

"What was that?"

Even Shego looked scared.

"I dunno, but I'm sure whatever it was, for us it'll be no big…right?"

A/N: That's how most of those stories go right, hey different realities bring different parings. Alright so that's the end of the prologue. As always, feedback is appreciated. First of all, wow. Twenty whole years of Kim you, to each member of the Kimmunity. You've all made it worth it to be a Kim Possible fan. This prologue is the start of something big, a fanfic in epic length.

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I want to extend a thank you to Bob Schooly and Mark Mcorkle, thank you Steve Loter, Chris Bailey and Lisa Schaffer. Thank you Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nicole Sullivan, John DiMaggio, and Nancy Cartwright. Thank you to Tahj Mowary, Patrick Warburton, Raven-Symone, Kristen Storms, Jean Smart, Gary Cole, and Patton Oswalt. To Tom Kane, Brian George, Nestor Carbonell, the late Ricardo Montalbon, Earl Boen, and the rest of the cast and crew that made Kim Possible a true delight that helped change the course of western animation forever. Yes, Kim Possible fans, this is our year.

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