Title: Abduction

Chapter: prologue, 1 , 2

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Spoilers: maybe some later but it does take place after X-MEN 2:X-MEN United

Summary: Bobby and Marie get kidnapped because they are mutants…anyway I didn't know what rating to put so I just put pg to be safe but I might up it since it might get weird with the________shhh O.B. you don't wanna give it away

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            The explosion woke them all up from their restful slumber.  The X-MEN, especially Logan, would have run out to see what was attacking their home in the middle of the night but the students come first.  They thought they had everyone out but they were wrong.

            Robert Louis Drake and Marie D'Ancanto had decided to sneak out earlier that night, past curfew, in Ms. Munroe's garden.  That's where the explosion came from.  Bobby had tried to defend them by creating ice walls between It and them, but it was no use It kept coming.  Finally It stopped chasing them and fired something that caused the large explosion.  The blast didn't kill them but threw them in the air and they landed unconscious, several feet away from each other.  It's mechanical hands reached down and picked up the two targets.  It had got what it came for; two mutants: male and female.


Chapter 1

As soon as all the students were down below, in the lower levels of the mansion, the Professor scanned each mind and assured them that everything would be fine. He noticed that two minds were missing form the large group of students.  He was about to contact the remaining X-MEN, when Logan came up to him fast.

"Where's Rogue and Bobby?!"

"I wish I could tell you…"

"You can't sense them with your mind, Chuck?!

            "They must be unconscious or…"

            "NO! That's not an option!" Logan yelled.  Everyone who heard turned to see what was going on.  "They aren't dead Chuck, especially her, she's to strong."


            *Logan not here!* He could hear the Professor in his head.  He looked out to the student's who had taken an interest in what he and the Professor were talking about.

"Alright, Chuck, not here…"

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                  As soon as Scott got confirmation that everyone was fine, except for Rogue and Bobby, he went to the surveillance room to find out what had happened to the two missing students and what had happened to the school.  What he saw shocked him.

            There was Bobby and Rogue walking hand-in-gloved hand, in Ororo's garden.  Suddenly they turned around, to see something incredibly large and vicious looking. It was a large machine of some sort…

            "What is that?"

            He watched in horror as the large Machine chased to two teenagers, then it paused and fired something that would just miss them but would throw them in the air and knock them unconscious. 

            *Scott have you found anything yet?*

            *Yes, Professor, I think you and everyone else should come see this.*

            "What were you two doing out so late?" he asked himself.


            Chapter 2

            "Uuhhhhhhhh…" she moaned. *Where am I?  Oh my god?! BOBBY!?!* Rogue tried to sit up but she was in to much pain to complete the movement.

"The Female Mutant is coming around Sir." A voice said.

"Good, as soon as the Male Mutant wakes inform me."

"Yes Sir."

She was finally able to open her eyes slightly. *arghhh to bright!* Slowly her eyes came into focus.  She was in a lab that much she could tell.  Not only did it hurt to move but straps held her down.  She turned her head in the direction where she thought she heard the voices come from, she saw a young man with a very frightening rifle.  He looked at her with disgust.  The soldier reached over to the wall and presses a button.

"Sir the Female Mutant is fully awake."

"What about the Male"

            All of a sudden she heard a moan from the other direction, she turned her head.  There was Bobby, his body covered in a slight frost that always happened when he was injured.

"He's coming around Sir."

"Good I'll be down in a moment"

"Yes Sir."

The guard went back to watching her with disgust.  She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath.

"Where are we?  Why did you send that thing after us?" Her voice trembled with fear.  He just looked at her with more disgust.  "Bobby…Bobby can you hear me?...can you hear me…?"


"Bobby wake up please…I'm so scared.

Suddenly the door opens to reveal a middle aged man of about Mr. Summer's height.

"No need to be scared girl." The old man said.

"What do you wan…"

"You will not speak to me, Mutant, unless I give you permission.  Is that clear?"  Rogue didn't speak.  "Is that clear, Mutant?"  The old man yelled at her.  She nodded that she understood.  "Good.  Now tell me, what is your mutation?"




"What exactly do you absorb?"

"An…anbody who c..comes into skin t..to skin contact w…with me…."

"So you steal other people's energy?"  She nods her head.

"An…and their per…personality and so…some of their memories."

"Can you control it?"

"No."  The old man smiled.

"Well I can't use you in combat experiments or anything physical.  We will just have to see with you.  Ahhh I see that our male mutant is fully aware of what's happening.  What is you mutation, boy?"

"I can manipulate water molecules."

"Impressive, so that is what that was getting in between you two and my Sentinel, you were making ice walls….hmmm very interesting."  The old man turned his back on them.  "Guard now that the mutants are awake take them to their living habitations.  Be careful."

"Yes Sir, General Trask."  The man that the soldier had called Trask left the lab.  As soon as Trask left five more guards with frightening rifles came into the room. 

Bobby and Marie were freed from the tables that had held them down.  It was no use to fight; both of them would surely get hurt.  The guards took them down a dark hallway……..

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