Knight of the Shattered Kingdoms

Chapter 1

The nightmares were still there, no matter how hard he tried to block them out. It had been half a year since Nic Sato's life was changed forever. Every night he tried to sleep, the unimaginable happened again and again. Nic was forced to relive events that no one could've predicted. He would never have expected his allies, his friends who he served with for the last several years, to open fire on him. And at that moment, the Jedi Order was scrubbed from the galaxy.

Nic had been on the run since that horrific day. The clone troopers, his former friends, were still tracking down Jedi. This made finding somewhere to hide top of Nic's list right now.

A series of beeps and trills came across the ship's intercom. Guess he could leave the nightmares behind for a while. "I'll be right there R2." Sighing, Nic got out of his cot and grabbed his Jedi robe. He ran his fingers through his short brown hair, trying to get it into place. Then he stretched, trying to get the last bit of restless sleep out of his body. The cot itself was the perfect size for his medium build and to be quite honest was perfectly comfortable but nothing could keep those ghastly images out of his head while he slept.

R2-F8 had been skillfully navigating the ship through the Unknown Region to hopefully find their final destination while Nic tried to get some rest. As Nic made his way from his cabin to the cockpit, he hoped the little droid had some good news. Somewhere low key if they could scrounge up any luck.

The black and silver droid greeted him as he entered. " Good morning to you too R2, tell me what you found." An incredibly short list of habitable planets in their current system appeared on the screen. "Well I guess beggars can't be choosers when on the run. I'd rather not freeze on the further out planet." Swiping, Nic removed the ice planet from the list.

"This one appears promising. Fairly temperate, signs of primitive cities and...the Force feels very strong on the planet. Almost like it's pulling me towards it." "Go ahead and set a course R2. Pick a spot near one of those towns but far enough away we won't spook the locals. Let's not lose our new home on the first day again." R2 trilled an accusatory tone. "Yes well I had hoped the clones would've been gone from Jedha by that point."

Nic sat in the pilots chair as R2 prepared the ship for descent. For the first time in quite awhile, Nic felt like the Force had answered his prayers. The start of something new and if he had his way, quiet.


Serena Stark looked up at the night sky from her balcony of Winterfell, dreading what would surely be coming as it had the last few nights. She had been having these vivid dreams of war, death and strangers from other worlds. She was hoping that she was just letting her mind get the better of herself.

Serena sought the knowledge of the castle's maester to put these fears to rest. Maester Luwin assured her these dreams were being caused by the news of Jon Arryn's death. Luwin tried to gently tell her that at 18 years of age, she shouldn't believe that her dreams could be anything prophetic or something to be concerned about. Those were the concerns of children. He proudly claimed that there would be no war from this event and it certainly wouldn't bring visitors from other worlds.

Still, Serena was anxious and almost nothing seemed to ease those feelings. Except watching the stars. She could always count on their peacefulness to help center herself.

Serena stared out at the pinpoints of light, the cold summer air blowing gently through her auburn hair. She saw one star moving rather quickly. It seemed to be falling towards Westeros. Her mother Catelyn used to tell the children that falling stars were the gods' way of giving a wish to the people of the world. Serena thought it was a tall tale for children but at the same time couldn't stop herself from making a wish. "Please don't let my dreams be true."

Serena turned to head inside the castle. What she didn't see was that the star was in fact making its way towards Westeros. In the direction, it appeared, of Winterfell. And the star was now beginning to slow down.