If death evr have a sensation, it would be like riding the ocean. Most would said it would felt like being lifted or perhaps suffocating. But he as of this moment felt none of those. What he felt was like a drifting wood. True it wasn't much nor it was special but that what it felt to him.

*System check...

All clear.


*Recognizing user...

log in user...


All data; transfer...

Within moment if his drifting he felt what would be assume to be a data transfer. Knowledge of many thing came into his mind as if he felt pain in his head. If he had any physical body, his nose would bleed out.

What felt like an eternity had pass faster than it was before.

What did he felt just a moment ago? What's it some sort of punishment? Torture? Hell maybe recognizing the truth of what had happen to him?! As he ponder on what just happen, a screen appear out if no where and it saids

*Welcome user..

He look at the screen in front of him. It seems harmless enough. Maybe it isn't dangerous?

*positive. System is barely a threat to begin with.

It could understand him?

*Affirmative. System existed for the usage of the user.

He wonder if he could ask it question, and of course it answer was yes. So he asked a few question and got many different kind of answer. Some of which were limited to its understanding.

For example, is he dead? The System answered yes, so he asked on how he died. The System show it to him. It wasn't the answer he wanted. He was abandoned at a ripple age of a college student in a sinking bus. Why is he there? The System didn't explain.

So continue on asking. Like what is System.

The answer was limited but just enough he could understand. System is some sort of a god computer, saying its program, while limited is still plenty powerful to do many thing. Althought those would be thought by it to him later. So he asked some more and the System answer as well as usual.

After fifteen question or so, the System explain him on what is going to happen to him.

*Notices. User is now integrating to a new world thus 'Status menu' is now available.

Name: ?

Age: 23

HP: 1000/1000

AP: ?/?

MP: ?/?

Str: 5*

Int: 5*

Stm: 5*

Wis: 5*

Dex: 5*

Luc: 5*

Agi: 5*

Cha: 5*

Stats point: 20

(Notice: all stats base are times ten than the original. User can gain stats points by completing quests or level up.)

Exp: 0/100

Lv: ?



(Notice: skill can be earn and learn from quest ,stats update or reading.)



He look at the screen and saw what it would seems to be the thing he saw in his passed life albeit true another's computer or discarded books.

He saw this what it would be a game mechanic. He never plays games but he read many books on games and videos on the computer whenever he could. He always wonder what it would be like to lives in a game until it hit him. While the books made it seems amazing but he knows that it wouldn't be the same.

One thing that some protagonist sometimes over looked are the simplest. It is how you run things. There is a reason why monarchy and aristocrats are a thing in the past. Slavery and the likes. While he condemn slavery, it didn't mean he could forget on the economic part of the world.

With that thought in mind, that if he could help even the smallest amount if people he would be happy. So he look at the status menu and read again.

So the base stats are the same as fifty which would be the common amount. While the skills can be learn if he place it right, the thing that is lock is what he concern himself with. That and mp and ap but he would look at that later. But his name...

He forgotten his name such a long time. Perhaps he could give himself a new one. The one that sense to him.

So now he place the newly assemble stats as well a new name. There were some notification but he would look at them later.

'System, you said that we are entering a world, right?'

*Affirmative. We will be transported to the World of Remnant. The age where the two Brother Gods before they left. The world of Rwby

He heard of RWBY. There were some books on it and a web series in youtube back when he was alive. He liked it. He enjoyed it. Can't say he is a fan but he like many of the characters and relate to some of them...

So Remnant before the Brothers left and Salem's punishment.

Maybe he could change that. No. He could use it.

*Notices! Surrounding area shall converted to a shop, restaurant and inn. Please stand by.

He smiled at the sudden change of the surrounding. He always dreamt of having this. A place where he can work and a place to call home.

He smiled as the area change completely. Dark oak floors with chair and table at one side with a stairs that walked to the inn and counter/register at front.

Soon the place was built. He smiled and look at the surrounding as well as himself. He was tall enough. He had slender build but fit. He wore dark gray pants and white shirt but hid it in a nightshade blue robe.

As the final, which was the store doors that led to almost everywhere in the world. He was happy. Now all he have to do is-

*Name your store...

And thus he did. Just like his name.

And with that, the front that open for the customers entering had a sign now.

This would be interesting.

Welcome to Parelle

Name: Astaroh Dust

Age: 23

HP: 1000/1000

AP: ?/?

MP: 100/100

Str: 9

Int: 8

Stm: 6

Wis: 7

Dex: 5

Luc: 9

Agi: 5

Cha: 10

Stats point: 1 (remains)

(Notice: all stats base are times ten than the original. User can gain stats points by completing quests or level up.)

Exp: 0/100

Lv: ?


Charismatic leader -(small)

note: You are now able to command a small team of five to fight or haggke through with people in business and deals .

type: passive

Devil's luck

note: As luck is unpredictable, so are you! But beware as luck will strike with karma. Be it you, allies or your enemies.

type: passive


note: While a job class, it is as well a skill one must practice. To use must be at the lands that business conduct or during deal and details. Haggle prices, seeking connection, conduct business as well as expand in the industry. And last of all, seeing a happy customer

type: passive

(Notice: skill can be earn and learn from quest ,stats update or reading.)

Magic: Time magic, Space manipulation, healing, ?


I seek for a good merchant gamer but couldn't find much. So you know that i have to wrote this new one.

To those who seek the Sword of Hogwarts and PJ: SOA, please be patient. collecting info from laziness as well as procrastinating is amazing.