Sundrop had sat in the daycare waiting, but then he heard a noise, the noise of a child panting and running. "Moony did you hear that," he asked himself. "Yeah, I detect a child, it seems like he's in the daycare. You should find him Sunny."

Sun started to look for the kid. "Hey, kiddo are you there? I only want to help you seem lost. "

Sundrop looked around, he saw the panic in the boy's eyes as the kid ran so fast, but before he ran he saw how roughed up the boy was, as though he hasn't slept in days. "Moon looks like we need to find this child.

Moon sighed "Fine, I don't think he's healthy either. let's see what's going on."

Gregory started running as fast as he could, he was so tired, both mentally and physically, and so hungry he had no choice, he hid in the trash, for now, he knew that robot was coming, and he wouldn't let it take him to Vanny, no way.

As Sun started to look around the pizza plex he noticed a room by the daycare. It seemed like somebody lived there, a child, the child. Maybe? "Moon you don't think-"

"That the kid is living in the pizza plex because he has no family, yup. We need to find him, he could be in danger."

As they started looking for the child, they heard a scream.

"LET GO OF ME, PLEASE..." And then a sob.

Sun ran as fast as he to notice that the same kid that ran was getting chased by glamrock Chica, as Sun scooped the child up and ran to the daycare. The boy tried to run. "Wait, please!" he begged as he got the kid in a corner.