Sun put the kid down and sighed. "Y-you aren't going to hurt me right?"

"Why would I hurt a child, it's our job to protect you. Anyway, we should bring you to Vanny, the security guard."

Gregory looked panicked, "What-NO! she's trying to kill me, and there's some bunny trying to kill me. the rest of the animatronics are too!"

Sun remembered the way that the animatronics had been acting weird. He also remembered what he saw with Chica. "We shouldn't bring him there sun, he's probably telling the truth."

"Your right." Sun sighed. "Don't worry I won't bring you there, Can I ask some questions?"

"What do you want to ask?"

"Well first off, how long have you lived here, we saw your room."

"I-I'm sorry I had nowhere else to go and-" Sun shushed him, "It's ok, It's *sigh* you should get some sleep, and you need something to eat, come on."

Gregory followed Sun to another room in the daycare.

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