Bella expects her transformation from human to vampire to fix the flaws that kept her from being a worthy partner of Edward. When Edward's venom does not seem to work on her appearance, Bella fears he will not want to tolerate her flaws for the rest of eternity.

This story features a plus-sized Bella from an alternate timeline than Twilight. There's a lot to unpack with that statement. First, any inconsistency with the book is intentional. Second, when I say Bella is plus-sized, I mean it. Bella begins this story unhappy with that fact and her thoughts about herself will reflect that, but the story will end with body positivity. If that bothers you because you fear you might relate too heavily to those feelings, I encourage you to stick with me to the end. If that bothers you because you don't believe a fat girl should be worthy of Edward's love, I encourage you to block me.

This story ends with some spice. A drizzle of Siracha, if you will. If it's not your forte, you can skip to the next oOo and not miss anything important.

If you're still with me, please enjoy!

I shifted in my chair, trying to smooth my dress and maintain my balance at the same time. A nearly impossible feat for me, but I managed. The chair was uncomfortable, which fit in perfectly with the rest of the restaurant. I could appreciate the sleek, polished décor and take it as a sign that the food was going to be delicious. There was no need to bother with superfluous decoration if the food spoke for itself. It was the sleek, polished people surrounding me that filled me with discomfort. Ironically enough, the only thing in the room that brought me comfort was the vampire at the table with me, sleeker and more polished than any of them.

Across from me, Edward ordered my dinner in what I suspected was perfect Catalan. It had been a bright, sunny day, so this dinner was our first chance to spend some time together. Edward had been forced into the shadows while I explored the gothic streets and architecture of Barcelona. I asked a billion times if he'd rather we both stayed in the apartment, but each time he promised he was alright. He would have spent the entire time watching only me, anyway, he claimed. When he was finally able to emerge after the sun dropped below the horizon, he asked loudly and publicly if he could take me on a date, as if we were meeting for the first time.

The waiter laughed at something Edward said. I couldn't be sure whatever Edward said was actually funny. The brightness in the waiter's eyes told me he would find anything out of Edward's mouth particularly charming. My fiancé had that effect on people. Including me.

Because I couldn't follow along with the conversation, I didn't have a chance to look away before the waiter turned his attention to me. So, I caught his expression as his mind flipped and flopped in the mental gymnastics he had to use to figure out what someone like Edward was doing sitting across from someone like me.

As the waiter asked me a question I didn't understand, I turned my attention to Edward for comfort. He attempted to control his bronze hair for our date, but it returned to its tousled state before we sat down. In the dim mood lighting of the restaurant, his opalescent skin glowed, illuminating the perfect features of his face. The strong line of his nose. The perfect arch of his brow, partially obstructed by the longer strands of his hair. The soft curve of his lips.

The corner of those perfect lips twitched ever-so-slightly. The signal that someone held unsavory thoughts towards me. When we were alone, Edward would restate his affection for me with both physical touch and words of affirmation. Whether it was to reassure himself or combat the negative thoughts, I did not know. But still in the company of others, Edward answered on my behalf, earning another smile from the waiter. With that, he took our menus and breezed off to check on his other patrons.

Just as I predicted, Edward reached across the table to take my hand in his. "You are so beautiful."

Under the smoldering gaze of his honey-golden eyes, I could believe I was. Like, along with his gift of telepathy, he had the gift to look at me and only see beauty. Not the round belly, wide hips, and large chest everyone else saw.

"That's a great dress on you." At his mention of it, it felt like the entire restaurant turned their attention to me. To stare at my arms that were on display, rather than hidden under sleeves. To gawk at the roundness of my belly especially visible in the flowy fabric now that I was seated. My arms reflexively crossed over my stomach. Edward frowned at his empty hand.

"Is it one of the dresses Alice made for you?" he asked, trying to coax me out of my silence. I was certain he attributed my discomfort to the foreign country or our lavish surroundings. Every day, I found a moment in which I was thankful Edward could not read my mind. Today, this was that moment.

I nodded.

"It's lovely. All day, I couldn't decide which was the true masterpiece: you or Gaudi's work. Which do you think?" He inched his outstretched hand closer to my side of the table, an open invitation to take it.

An invitation I could never refuse.

I unwrapped my arm from around my body and took his hand. "The only reason you're conflicted is because you didn't see his work with stained glass.

Edward hummed thoughtfully and rubbed his thumb over my hand. "Tell me about it."

As only Edward could, he brought me out of the cocoon created by my own discomfort and had me talking about myself.

After a luxurious meal, Edward brought me back to our even more luxurious apartment. I wasn't surprised that the Cullens owned apartments like this across the world. This had been one Alice procured several years ago when an old gothic house was converted into several apartments. Our unit was the penthouse, complete with access to the roof. Despite the late hour, Edward led me to said roof for a quick dip in the hot tub before bed.

Edward shed most of his clothing piece by piece on the way up, leaving a scandalous trail behind him. I kept my dress on as long as possible, getting its hem wet in the steaming, bubbling water. Always the gentleman, Edward busied himself adjusting the settings until the splash and crest informed him that I was safely obscured beneath the surface of the water.

He turned and grinned a grin that was far too salacious to be aimed at me. He rose from the water and took the two steps across the tub to sit beside me. The first time we used the hot tub, he confided that he like it because it made the temperature of his skin more pleasant for me. However, watching the water droplets bead and drip over the hard, muscular lines of his body was the most pleasant experience I could imagine.

When he sat beside me, he immediately wrapped his arm around me and coaxed my head down onto his shoulder. He was right, as he often was. His normally icy skin was almost as warm as mine. I let myself soften, relaxed by his mere presence more than the warm water. For a long time, we enjoyed the view of Barcelona's gothic quarter in silence. When I voiced my desire for a little chocolate treat, Edward disappeared into the apartment and returned with not just one, but a tray of a dozen.

He knew me too well.

"When did you get these?" I asked, struggling to make my selection. They all looked equally delectable.

Before I could choose, Edward put the tray down on the table behind us. He plucked one of the treats from the tray and fed it to me himself. His long fingers lingered on my lips, begging me to lick the chocolate from them.

"When you were inside the house, and I no longer had a good view of you. I decided to make myself useful."

That was that sort of loving generosity that brought me up two dress sizes in the four years we had been dating. Under the water, Edward's other hand roved over my body, as if he didn't even mind.

"You looked so beautiful today," he muttered again, drawing me ever closer to him. "Even before your skin has turned into diamonds," his hand slipped around my waist to the small of my back, "you shine, golden in the sunlight."

He pressed his lips to mine. One hand pressed into my back, arching my body into his, while the other slid down to squeeze my hip. Even after four years of dating, it was a struggle not to squirm under his touch. Like he would rub his hand over the rolls on my back one too many times, and a spell would break.

Thankfully, his kisses always made my head swim long before the fear could truly set in.

"I could have married you right there, in that garden," he whispered against my lips. "I wanted to."

Too lost in the daze of his kiss to form a proper response, I nodded my head.

Apparently, the motion answered a question I didn't realize he'd asked, because we were both suddenly sitting upright. His hands did not leave my body entirely, for they were clasped around mine.

"Seriously, Bella. I could pay to have the house stay open past sunset. Or, if you don't want to spend the money, we could wait for a rainy day. We could say our vows in front of the fountain. Share our first kiss as husband and wife on the balcony under the jasmine."

I wasn't sure if it was the sweetness of his words or his breath that made his proposal so intoxicating, but I almost said yes, before my senses kicked in.

"We don't want to disappoint Alice." She had been planning our wedding since the day Edward asked me for my name.

He shrugged easily. "Then we'll have two weddings. One for the family, one for us."

"I thought you liked what Alice planned for us. What's with the sudden rush?"

"I did. I do." With a wistful sigh, he slumped against the rim of the hot tub, keeping my hands with him. "I'm tired of not being married to you."

All Edward wanted was to be my husband. If the love songs he wrote didn't make that clear, the proposals certainly did. All nineteen of them. His poor, little Edwardian heart couldn't help itself. Any time a date went particularly well, or we found ourselves in an especially romantic situation, a marriage proposal would slide off his tongue.

I had to be the voice of reason—that in this day and age, rational, responsible people did not get married until after college. If Edward had his way, we would have been married on the stage in front of thousands of people the second I had my diploma in hand.

"You'll manage," I promised him. "Besides, you know I want to wait until I'm like you."

"Right," he chuckled, then sighed. "After our honeymoon."

It was a series of compromises that led to our odd timeline. One broken collarbone was all it took to scare Edward into not having sex until I was a vampire. I jumped at the deal eagerly after two long months without his touch at all. I added my request to be a vampire for our wedding into the mix. Edward agreed without any questions, for which I was grateful. Finally, when I discovered Edward planned our honeymoon would be a trip across Europe, I asked if I could remain human, so I could experience the delicacies I had heard about all my life. Never to refuse me anything, Edward agreed and altered the arrangements to accommodate a human.

So, we started with our honeymoon. The honeymoon will conclude with my transformation, after which Edward and I will make love. Then, when my eyes turn gold, Edward and I will wed.

It was a little unorthodox. But, so was everything else about us.

Ready, to be out of the hot tub and into bed, I shifted in the water. Without needing to ask, Edward understood what I wanted and again gave me privacy until I was donned in a light, waffle-knit robe. Edward pulled on a matching one we made our way down to the bedroom hand-in-hand.

"I'm sorry for making you wait," I said, still dwelling on our conversation even after I had changed and slipped into bed beside him.

Automatically, his arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me against him. "It's alright. I'm happy to make you happy. Besides, I've waited over a hundred years to find my bride, I can wait a bit longer."

Though his tone was light and casual, the words stung my heart.

Edward waited a hundred years, and somehow got stuck falling in love with me.

It took some time and a lot of convincing from multiple sources, but I eventually understood that Edward truly loved me as I was. Just as I loved him for his soul and not for his superhuman good looks, he loved me for my soul, and dealt with my below-average appearance.

However, I often wondered if he felt cheapened. Because instead of finding someone who was as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside—just like Edward was—he ended up stuck with me.

No matter how often he secretly lamented my looks, he played it off well. He managed to look pleased at the sight of me in the silk pajama set I wore, even though it showed far too much skin for someone my size. Laying here in bed, he curled me into him as the little spoon, though I was larger than him. He was never afraid to touch me, and his arm was casually draped over my waist, his hand rested on my belly. He even circled my belly button with the tip of his pinky.

"I love you," he whispered. Then, pressed a kiss into my hair.

"I love you, too."

It was no matter. He only had to deal with my body a little longer.

After Edward turned me into a vampire, and the vampire venom made me beautiful and skinny, he would finally have the partner he deserved. And his hundred-year wait would be worth it.


Three months of traveling through Europe concluded with a three-day trip through hell.

Edward purchased an entire island off the coast of Iceland for my transition because he was insane. It wasn't a large island he repeated as I complained throughout the entire boat ride. Despite my resistance, I gasped audibly at the precious vista we met at the shoreline. Nestled into the grassy knolls, was a small, stone cottage with grass all around its sides up onto the roof. Livestock grazed peacefully in the fields across the island. Edward warned me not to get attached to any of the animals. He didn't have to explain why.

Leaving Edward to unpack the boat, I tripped lightly down the warn cobblestone path up to the house. The closer I got, the cuter and older it appeared. It wouldn't have a shower or even a toilet, but it the structure was so cute, I didn't think I'd mind. I would only be human for a few days, after all. The path led to a window, rather than a door. I quirked my head, finding it odd. I walked up and down the front of the house without finding a way inside.

"There's no door!" I called to Edward. Without warning, Edward scooped me up and into his arms. It still felt wrong that he could manage to carry me without struggle. I'd seen him throw tree trunks at Emmett and lift cars for me to retrieve a dropped pen, so clearly, he had the strength. Still, I squirmed in his arms.

Edward carried me away from the cottage and up the hill it was built into. Further down in the valley of the island, sat a house large enough to comfortably fit eight people, built in the same eclectic style of his family's home in Forks.

"I see."

He raised his eyebrow, silently asking if I truly believed he would make me stay in an ancient cottage during the final days of our honeymoon.

I supposed I shouldn't have.

My final days as a human were spent writing postcards to my friends and family, struggling not to make it obvious those brief messages would be the last time anyone would hear from me. When I needed a break, Edward and I would reminisce about our past, and plan our future. My last meal was a tray of chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

When it was time, Edward made sure I was nestled in the king-sized bed, though we both knew no number of pillows would make anything about the transition comfortable.

"I need to do this," I reminded him, when worry pinched his perfect features. "I need you."

Edward treated his role in my transformation like an act of worship.

His hands ghosted over my skin like I was too sacred to touch. I expected him to bite down when he kissed my neck, but continued to kiss down, across my collarbone, and broke skin close to my chest, over my heart. He licked my blood from his lips like it was the rarest ambrosia, gifted to him by a benevolent god.

The fire scorching through my veins was more painful than the warnings I had received. Though, nothing could truly describe this. I tried to endure the pain in silence, but failed almost immediately. All I could hope was that Edward didn't torture himself too much while he witnessed my anguish. Hopefully—like me—he considered my beautiful new body to be an incentive well worth the pain.

I awoke on the other side to Edward's lips on mine.

"Stay still," he murmured against my lips, and pressed a kiss between statements. "Stay here."

He left my side, presumably to fetch me blood.

Which was a good thing. I was ravenous. Thirstier than I had ever been in my human life.

But it wasn't the thirst that made me unable to heed Edward's simple commands, it was curiosity. Curiosity over the new body Edward could not resist kissing the moment he was able to.

I kept my eyes squeezed shut to build the anticipation. The master bathroom was only a few steps from the bedroom. Utilizing my new, enhanced senses, I followed the scent of my strawberry shampoo, sitting in the shower. Inside, I positioned myself in front of where I suspected the full-length mirror hung. I knew it was opposite of the shower because I spent the last four days avoiding it.

I ran my fingers through my hair, amazed by how much silkier the strands felt. I adjusted the straps on the silk set I wore just for this moment. Deep blue to enhance my new coloring, trimmed with lace, shorter and tighter than what I would normally wear. All to add to the big reveal.

I took a deep breath.

I opened my eyes.

And gaped in absolute revulsion at the figure in the mirror.

Red eyes. Brown hair. Pale skin.

All expected.

Round breasts. Round belly. Round thighs.

All wrong.

It was just my luck. Edward, Alice, and Jasper were gifted supernatural powers with their transition. Rosalie's good looks were enhanced until she was as beautiful as Aphrodite; Emmett's burly physic made him the strongest vampire alive. Esme was blessed with a greater capacity to love; Carlisle received compassion.

Bella Swan was the first ugly vampire.

Edward was supposed to marry a stunning, skinny vampire in a few months. He couldn't possibly want to spend an eternity… with this.

There was a decent chance he would keep me. He loved me, after all. But there was no way he would be happy tied to me and my rolls forever. Every day, he would look at his family in their stunning relationships and wonder what sin he committed to deserve an ugly vampire as an eternal partner.

I ruined his life.

There was no crying in this body. No release for the agony that welled up inside. My lightning-fast mind constructed scenario after scenario of all the ways Edward and his family would react to this. From pity and embarrassment to ridicule and shame. Each vision locked into my new memory as if it was fresh. The terrible thoughts built on one another, until it was too much for my body to bear—though it was still as large as ever.

Without a means of escape, my body convulsed from the overflow of emotion. I fell to my knees, hearing the tile crack under my weight. When it became too much, my body released the pain the only way it could: a guttural, powerful, snarling scream. Eyes squeezed shut, face raised to the sky, I screamed. Louder and longer than what my human lungs would be capable of.

My scream was deafening; my vampire senses barely heard Edward's voice calling my name, or the crashes that followed in his wake as he tore through the house to get to me as quickly as possible.

I continued to scream as he slid onto the floor beside me, without breaking a single tile. Later, I would understand that it was only because he had control of his strength where I had none. At the time, it was a cruel reminder of how much bigger than him I was.

"What's wrong!? Bella! What happened!? Bella!"

I screamed over him.

As he repeated the questions, his hands roamed over my body, searching for a source of pain that caused my distress. The longer he searched and found nothing, his questions broke apart until he could barely manage to even choke out my name. His search ended with my face cradled in his hands, his final question a broken plea.

I screamed so loud I shook.

A soft beep and the dial tone that followed finally pulled me out of my fit. If Edward didn't know what was wrong, naturally the first thing he would do was to call Carlisle. The last thing I needed was for the entire Cullen family on a flight over here to check on my wellbeing.

In my first blindingly fast movement, I snatched the phone out of my fiancé's hand. Both Edward and I stared at it in horror. Without meaning to, I crushed it with my bare hand.


Clumsy, fat, and destructive: the triple threat. Edward was a lucky man.

I crumpled in on myself.

Now that Edward was no longer terrified for my life, he had the emotional capability to demand, "What the hell was that?"

I shook my head, glumly.

"You will not brush this off, Bella." Most people would mistake his raise in tone as anger, but I knew Edward enough to know it was worry and fear. "What's wrong?"

"You shouldn't marry me like this."

"What?" He grabbed me by the chin and forced me to look into his eyes, wild with worry. "What?"

I was now strong enough to unthinkingly break free of his grasp.

"L-l-like what?" He sputtered. "A vampire? A newborn?"

When I didn't respond, Edward tossed out more desperate guesses, "The thirst? Is it the thirst that's scaring you? The—the—the strength?"

Again, I said nothing.

A pained sound rumbled in the back of Edward's throat. "Bella. You cannot ask me to wait to marry you, then decide it was the wrong decision. That's not fair."

I hated that I had to explain. I hated that I had to say all of this out loud. I hated that Edward was a gentleman about it. I hated that he decided to play dumb, when the problem was right in front of him, weighing roughly a hundred more pounds than she should.

"I'm fat!" I wailed. To really drive home my point, I pointed at my reflection in the mirror.

Edward looked at the mirror to check and see if there was some sort of illusion. "I know."

"Well, I'm not supposed to be!" I caught his expression in the mirror. "Stop looking at me like that!"

"I'm sorry, Love. I'm—I'm," he ran both hands through his hair, sending it into a further state of disarray, which never failed to make him look more handsome. "I'm a feeling a bit blind-sighted. Where did this all come from? You've always been—,"

"Fat!" I finished for him. My first real growl as a vampire.

He blinked back, but quickly composed himself. "Yes. I didn't think it mattered to you."

"Of course, it mattered to me! You are supposed to have a beautiful bride. Now, that's all ruined!"

"What makes you think I'm not going to have a beautiful bride, Love?"

Instead of answering, I looked forlornly in the mirror. I ran a hand across the round stomach that should be flat, then down the skin on my arms that should be toned.

The smallest gasp escaped Edward's lips as he put two and two together. "You thought the vampire venom was going to help you lose weight."

My silence was the only confirmation he needed.

"Bella." My enhanced hearing could pick out the emotion woven into the velvet of his voice. Tender. Adoring. Sad. "Whatever I did to make you believe that was what I expected to happen, I am so, so sorry."

"It wasn't anything you did..."

In fact, Edward never did anything to bring me to that conclusion. It was simply common sense. Unlike any of my high school boyfriends, never once had Edward commented on my eating habits, or encouraged me to skip a meal, or tricked me into a workout more rigorous than calming yoga or a casual hike.

I figured Edward never concerned himself with my weight because he knew it was a temporary thing. That he only needed to wait until I had been turned. That mindset helped me through our relationship, as well. Whenever the voice in the back of my head told me I was too fat, too hideous, to deserve the love of someone like Edward, the only thing that encouraged me to persevere was the promise that someday I would be as beautiful as he was.

But his venom did not work. And now I never would be.

"Please know that I would be elated to marry you, just as you are. I always have been."

"So, what? I'm supposed to believe you're going to put up with this for the rest of eternity?" My question was aimed at my unwanted, undesirable belly.

"No, that's not what I'm trying to say…"

"Or are you going to tell everyone you wanted this? Spew some crap that you love me because bigger women were more attractive in your time?"

"No! I don't love you despite your weight or because of it!" He was becoming frustrated, and his voice raised with those frustrations. It took him a second to compose himself enough to speak with a level tone. "I love you because we have to look up pop culture references on the internet to understand Emmett's jokes. I love you because you can quote Pride and Prejudice and sing Linkin Park lyrics in the same breath."

I peeked over at him. He was on his hands and knees, pleading. His eyes were liquid gold and utterly sincere.

"I love you because from the beginning, you never looked past me or stopped at the surface, but saw right inside. I love you because your kind heart allows you to see the best version of everyone you meet. I love you because you make me happier than I have ever been in one hundred years of life."

He rose off his hands, only so he could hold his arms open for me. "And I love you because you are and have always been the most beautiful thing in my world. And I could not help but devote my life to such beauty."

My heart broke along with his voice as he finished his statement. I crawled over the broken tiles and allowed him to take me in his embrace.

"I love you, too," I whispered as his arms tightened around me, pressing my soft curves into the hard lines of his muscles.

He hummed with pleasure, "Still soft and warm."

As he said it, I realized that he was soft and warm to me, too. The cool hardness of his skin was gone, or, my skin now matched his. With this new knowledge, I brought my fingers to his lips, wondering how they felt. He kissed my fingers with petal-soft lips and brought them down to meet mine.

I broke the kiss prematurely to confirm, "So, you're really okay that the venom didn't work?"

Edward often preferred action to words, and that day was no exception. He slipped one arm under my knees and kept the other tight on my waist. In a blur, I was in the bedroom. He laid me on the bed, gently, as if I were still a human and he was still a thousand times stronger than me. He joined me and knelt between my thighs. Though I was still dressed in the silk shorts and tank top set, I felt naked under the heat of his gaze. He hunkered down lower and slid his hands slowly up my thighs, over every dimple and swell. His longer strands of hair in front swung down, shielding his eyes from me.

We couldn't have made eye contact anyway, though. He watched the paths of his splayed fingers. He kept moving up. Past my hips. Over my belly. Up my ribs until he nudged the sides of my beasts. He followed the lines of my collarbones with his thumbs, and trialed his knuckles down the lengths of my arms.

His body a cage around mine, on hands and knees, he leaned forward and nuzzled into my right palm. Pressed a soft kiss there. Then, he trailed his sharp-edged jaw back up my arm, and rubbed into my neck until I actually giggled.

I could feel him smile against my skin. His shoulders and triceps pressed beneath my hands, his skin now warm to mine, but still smooth. Every muscle obvious and delineated in a way mine were not and never had been.

He tightened his arms around me and traced his nose up my cheek. "Yes, Bella," he answered my question from before, "I will cherish you in any form, at any size. But, my love, did you once think that the venom did work, and there was nothing about your body that needed to change?"

That thought hadn't crossed my mind.

He heard my denial in my silence. In another flash, he was out of the bed and back laying beside me, now with a mirror in hand. He gave me the mirror, so his hands were free to linger on my skin. Reluctantly, I held it up. I tried to keep my eyes trained on my face in the mirror, but I still found myself drawn to his reflection more than mine.

"You have always been so beautiful, Bella, there was barely anything for the venom to do." He pinched my chin, "Your chin is perfectly aligned with your face, where before it was ever-so-slightly askew." He ran his thumbs over my eyebrows, one at a time. "The shape of your eyebrows match, where before they were different. Your top lip has evened out with the bottom." He took my lips in his for a very thorough kiss.

When Edward broke the kiss, he twisted our positions, so his back was against the headboard, and I lounged between his thighs, his chest my pillow.

For the first time, I scrutinized my body outstretched in front of me. The scars from a lifetime of clumsiness were gone—smooth supple skin left in their place. I touched my pinky toe, which had been crooked from a bad break, was now perfectly straight. All the flaws fixed by Edward's venom. Both hands went to my belly, still soft and round. Untouched, because it was never a flaw to fix.

"Wow," I whispered.

Edward's hands covered mine. "The venom worked on you, my love. You had a beautiful body this whole time."

"You always knew that," I stated, finally understanding.

"I did."

I grinned. "Then you, my darling, are about to have the most beautiful bride."

In one of his too-fast, too-graceful movements, I was turned around. Positioned in a way where I could feel his hardness through his pants pressed against my thigh.

"Before I have the most beautiful bride, I believe I am owed the most beautiful lover."

As if it were nothing but a piece of paper, Edward tore a little slip in my shorts at the seam and ripped them off.

"Do the same to mine," he challenged.

I was surprised at how easily I could tear the thick denim. And easier than that, the buttons from his shirt. I worked and tore away fabric until he was completely bare beneath me. And more beautiful than I could imagine.

"May I?" he asked, pinching the hem of my shirt between his thumbs.

I hesitated. He took my shirt off a few times we dated, but every time I made sure I was laying down on the bed. It wasn't like he didn't know what was under my clothes. He felt every part of me, even naked in the hot tub. Sitting upright, fully exposed, felt a bit scarier.

There was nothing to hide, I reminded myself. My body was just as beautiful as Edward's. The venom proved that. I pulled my shirt over my head, followed by the matching bralette.

He growled. "Next time, I'm going to be the one to do that."

Straddled over his lean hips, I lowered onto his hardness. I kept myself raised, nervous to put all my weight on him. Edward waited patiently as I tested positions, trying to find a way to satisfy us both and avoid crushing him. Edward's dug his thumb into the curls between my legs, both helping and hurting the situation. Though his touch felt amazing, but I kept losing my train of thought. It was a drug more potent than one of his kisses.

Bracing my hands on his thighs. I rocked gently into him. Edward hissed with pleasure.

I kept the safe motion going, until Edward's soft eyes of pleasure grew hungry with a greater need. "Little more, Bella."

I looked down, unsure of what to do.

He gripped my hips. Though I was bigger than him, he raised me up off him as if I were weightless. "You're not going to hurt me, Love." Then, he slammed me down onto him. We howled with pleasure. Effortlessly, he lifted me again, and repeated the movement.

When my whimpers and heavy panting told him I couldn't handle any more of that, he shifted beneath me. I cried out, the bolt of pleasure between my thighs unexpected. Despite my size, Edward lifted his hips beneath me in shallow, short thrusts. I clutched his thighs, his lifted knees, anything I could take hold of.

The pressure burst, and I made loud, harsh sounds, clenching around him again and again, heedless of anything but how good he felt. He levered himself up to kiss me hard before he fell back again, cracking the headboard behind his head, just as reckless with his strength as I was.

When I slid to the side, reluctantly parting from him to collapse boneless onto the mattress, Edward cupped my cheek and kissed me softly and sweetly. "Just as I always imagined it."

I smiled, understanding what he said, but did not say.

That, whenever he pictured making love to me, it was always with my body just like this.


Though he held out as long as he could, Edward wasn't able to wait for his family to wed. A mere three days after I turned, but I expected him to crack after one. With no reason to say no, I agreed to elope.

Since both Edward and I were technically dead, we didn't have to abide by marriage laws from anywhere. But to make it feel more official, Edward stole a license from a local government branch. Though it was in Icelandic, we both signed it. Edward also bought a scrapbook book in town and decided we would sign a marriage license in every language we could find. He was so excited by the idea, I couldn't bear to tell him how incredibly dorky it was.

It was late enough in September that Edward and I could marry under the Northern Lights. On the highest peak no human could dream to get to without assistance, we marveled at the changing colors reflecting off our skin.

Edward and I donned our newly purchased wedding clothes. His suit and my dress were off the rack, and definitely not our first picks, but that didn't matter. No clothes could detract from Edward's beauty, and it was safe for me to assume he felt the same. Besides, since Alice hadn't shown up with a spool of fabric and a sewing machine, we could assume she didn't have a vision of our first wedding. Which meant our elopement was our own secret, making it more thrilling.

So, in a dress with too much tulle and in a suit with awkwardly large lapels, and skin dazzling in the changing lights, we said our vows for the first time.

Months later, when my eyes were as golden as Edward's we said our vows again. This time, with his family present.

Years later, we said them again after Edward went through a rough patch and needed some extra love.

Years after that, we said them again while exploring Southeast Asia, because we found a hidden waterfall so beautiful, we couldn't help but devote our love before it.

I spent multiple lifetimes as the beautiful creature I was all along, loving and being loved by the beautiful creature who never saw a flaw.