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Link's point of view, a limited third person.



Link was galloping along on Epona, headed for the ranch. He had promised Malon he would help her out with the work. 'I'd better hurry, she was expecting me about an hour ago,' Link thought to himself. "Epona, come on," He said, whipping Epona. Suddenly, the sky went dark, and a quiet scream was heard, after that there was a yellow flash, followed by a blue flash. It was all coming from the ranch.

"Oh no, not the ranch," Link said to himself. He made Epona go even faster. He saw some poes appearing here and there, but didn't pay any attention. If he was paying attention, though, he would have seen one of the poes become engulfed in a blueish red light, and dissapear. It was not known yet, but that poe would take part in an evil act in the ranch. Link and Epona arrived at the ranch.


Link had left Epona outside to keep watch. He was hoping to find Malon hiding somewhere, but he knew better. The house by the entrance had been completely destroyed, and the wood was scattered all around. "Ganondorf," He said, under his breath, knowing he captured Malon. 'Why would he take Malon? He doesn't even know her,' Link thought. 'he must be trying to lure me there. he'll get me alright, but it will be the last mistake he ever made,'

Link turned to leave. He saw a rather large crow flying around high in the sky, but he knew it had been there before. He kept going. He knew he would have to do something difficult before he could actually confront Ganondorf, so he was going as fast as he could to get back out to Epona. He got to her, and got her to gallop quickly to the Gerudo's fortress.


Link left Epona before crossing the bridge. He knew Epona didn't like to cross it, so he didn't want to make her. He crossed alone. He walked into the entrance way to the fortress.


Link walked up the gently rising path, and ran into a gate placed before the stairs. It was very rusty, with three keyholes in the middle. 'Should have figured as much,' Link thought, turning around, and leaving through the same entrance, crossing over the bridge, and riding Epona to the forest. He would rest for a litle while, and visit a fortune teller later.


Link walked in. Even though he aged normally, the kids still considered him one of them, and he had lived with them since the last defeat of Ganondorf. That was two years ago, he approached his house, and begun to climb the ladder, when a bright blue flash appeared behind him. He turned around to look at it, and saw three unusually large, but still small, animals fall out and land on their faces.

The first one to stand up was a black hedgehog with red highlights on it's outspread quills, and a patch of white fur on it's chest. Next was a blue hedgehog, he looked like the black one, only his quills were hanging back, and he had no fur on his stomach. Finally, a small orange fox with two tails stood up, and dusted himself off. "What happened, where are we?" Link could hear the blue hedgehog say.

"Well, you wouldn't need to know that if you hadn't just waltzed right into Robotnik's trap," The black one said. The fox looked at a black device, and shook his head.

"The GPS doesn't recognize our position, there is no reception from the satelite," The fox said.

"Okay, Shadow, go ask him where we are, okay?" The fox said.

"Okay, hold on," Shadow said. He walked over to Link, "What country are we in?" He asked.

"Well, you are in the kingdom of Hyrule, in Kokiri forest, to be exact," Link told him. Shadow turned and walked over to the fox.

"He says we are in hyrule, is that near Station Square, Tails?" Shadow asked Tails.

Tails shook his head. The blue hedgehog was talking quietly to Tails, Link only heard the word "Eggman" about five times, but could not understand the rest. Shadow turned back around, and walked back to Link. "If this is Hyrule, what direction to Station Square?" He asked Link.

"Well, I have never heard of Station Square, maybe someone else has," Link told him.

"Hey, Shadow, come here, I have to tell you something," Tails said. Shadow looked annoyed with all of the walking back and forth, but walked over anyway. Tails was talking, and then all three animals walked over to Link.

"I beleive that this is the past, and Eggman has transported us here with a time portal," Tails said, "Shadow, Sonic, quickly scout around the area, we need to know if there are any ways to travel through time," Tails said. Sonic and Shadow ran so fast, they were done checking the whole forest, including the lost woods, in less than 30 seconds. Link was shocked to see them run so fast, and got an idea.

"Hey, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, I need to ask you for a big favor," Link said. They came over to him. Tails had flew to him. "Well, I could use your help, I am trying to defeat a great wizard, I know a way you can get home if you help," Link said to them. He hated to make them help that way, but he couldn't just let them leave without their help. He needed it. It would make things a lot easier for him.

"Well, we could help you, and when we succeed you tell us how we get home. That sounds fair," Sonic said. Link nodded, and then invited them to rest in his house. They accepted, and the four went up the ladder. Link knew they would be a big help to him, and was glad they had arrived. They would see the fortune teller later...



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