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Link panted heavily as he put the master sword away, safe in it's holster yet again. Peace had been restored. 'this time, it may have been for good,' Link thought. 'but it is doubtful that nothing else will happen within my life, just as bad as this. oh well,' He shrugged and walked over to Shadow, lying on the ground. "Vescreth, why didn't you heal him?" Link asked, pulling out a life potion.

Vescreth looked apologetic, and then rubbed the back of his head. "Well, my healing only works once with each person, their bodies develop a type of immunity to it after that," he said. Then he walked over to Sonic and Tails, standing together looking at Link give Shadow the potion.

Tails suddenly looked very worried. Sonic looked over at him, and then back at Link, then Tails, and Link, and so on, until he asked Tails "what's wrong?"

" being in the past and all......what about Eggman?"

"D'oh!" Sonic exclaimed, smacking his forehead. "Well, we can take care of that after we get home. Who knows, maybe Link can come and help," Sonic said looking over at Link, who had given Shadow the potion. Shadow sat up.

"Link, do you think we changed history by coming here?" Shadow asked, rubbing the spot where the beam had hit him. Then it hit him, Shade was not there anymore. "Maybe we shouldn't mention the whole Shade thing, people will get worried, no doubt,"

"Well, if you did change history, let's hope it wasn't anything bad...but you are right, we probably shouldn't talk about Shade, especially if we don't know where he could be...(A/N: this will be short, just wanted to say that Shade will NOT be in this chapter, not till the sequal)" Link said. Sonic and the rest nodded. Vescreth looked up, the Blue orb holding Malon lowered down, and as it touched the ground, the prison disapeared.

Malon fell to the ground, not concious, before she hit the ground, though, Link caught her, and layed her down gently. He looked at her worriedly. 'come on, get up,' He silently wished. And suddenly, as if on cue, Malon's eyes slowly opened. She managed a weak smile. Link smiled, relieved that she was okay. She did need rest though, as she once again closed her eyes, still smiling.

Link lifted her up in his arms. "Let's take her home, I'm sure most of the people will be waiting there at the ranch. All of Ganondorf's spells wore off when he died, and I'm sure they want to celebrate it," Link said, he was glad to finally say the words, 'he died'. they all set off to get out of the dark, gloomy environment they were in.


Link walked in, and everyone there looked over and began to cheer and congratulate him. He entered the now rebuilt house to bring Malon up to her room. As he got back out, he had to shake hands and tell stories. "I couldn't have done it without them," Link said about Sonic, Shadow, Tails, and Vescreth, remembering how many times they saved his life. without them, he would never have succeeded. They all looked at him, smiling. Sonic Shadow and Tails were looking around at all of the people, and Vescreth was in the stable with the horses, he volunteered to feed them.

Link was still telling stories, and now Sonic and Shadow were, also. Tails was taking some small children on short flights. Just as Vescreth left the stable, Sonic was seen jogging past him, racing the rabbit guy. Shadow and Link were still talking with people. Tails was done giving rides, and was also telling some stories.

The chaos of the party had worn down to some light conversation and still stories. Malon came out of the house just then, rubbing her eyes and stretching. She looked over at the crowd gathered in the fenced area. She saw Link shaking hands (still), and talking. "Link!" She shouted, and ran toward him. Link looked over after hearing his name. He saw Malon running to him, and smiled.

She got to him and he opened his arms, and then they were caught in each other's embrace, both happier than they had been for weeks. "awwww," The entire group of people said at the exact same time.

"Shut yo mouth!" Sonic said, and everyone went back to conversation.

"I'm glad you're safe, Malon," Link said, still keeping a tight but gentle squeeze around Malon. Malon nodded, her head buried in Link's chest.

"Hey, uh, not to break up the tender moment or anything, but we need to get home and stop Eggman in our time," Shadow said. Link squeezed Malon tightly one more time, and broke the embrace to turn to Shadow and the others.

"You're right, I think I will come with you," Link said.

"I will also accompany you, for I was headed there soon anyway," Vescreth said.

Link turned to Malon. "I am going to go with them. I promise I will be back soon," Link said. "It is only right that after they help me, I help them, right?" he said. Malon started to nod slowly, and then looked down at the ground. Link saw a small drop of water hit the ground beneath Malon.

Malon looked up at Link. "Come back in one piece, okay?" Malon said, tears streaking her face. Link leaned in and wiped a tear off of her cheek, and held her face in place by her chin. He leaned in, and they shared a light, short kiss.

"I promise," Link said. He turned away, and Malon smiled slightly.

'well, at least he's going for a good cause, and he is going with those friends, they seem strong,' Malon thought. She sighed as Link left the ranch to go to the forest for rest. Soon he would be leaving, and she couldn't stop him.


As Link and others got into the forest, the kids had a small group assembled at the entrance. Similar actions from before took place again, what with the rides and stories. after about an hour of that, Link led everyone into his house. Sonic and Shadow slept there, and Vescreth and Tails slept on Mido's floor.

The next day, everyone met up in the middle of the forest. Vescreth had told them what to do. Everyone was connected somehow to Vescreth, and then, in a blue flash, they disappeared through time, ready to face Dr. Robotnik's plot...



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