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Part 3

Their match against Slytherin was that day and all Oliver could think about was finding Kaya and asking her not to say anything about them until he had time to tell his team, or more importantly, Katie. He'd been seeing Kaya for two weeks now and had managed to keep their relationship a secret from everyone but she was getting mad and he knew he'd have to tell people soon.

"Hey, baby." He kissed her gently on the lips before glancing around to make sure no one had seen them. Kaya noticed what he was doing and locked him with a fuming stare.

"God, Oliver, if you don't want people to know about us maybe we should just break up," it was a threat that she hoped he wouldn't make her follow through with. He shook his head and she breathed a sigh of relief.

"No, no I'm going to tell my team tonight after the match and tomorrow you can tell the whole school, just let me tell my friends first, okay?" he held both her hands as he looked into her eye which were beaming.

"Okay, I guess I can wait one more day."

"Good, well I got to go, the match starts soon. Remember not a word until tomorrow." He kissed her gently again before taking off, tonight he'd tell his team, tonight he'd tell Katie.


They'd won…again, only this time there had been a little doubt since it had been against Slytherin. But they'd done and it and like last time, Katie wasn't really feeling up to the arrangement she had with Oliver. Fortunately she had decided to do it anyway, Oliver had been waiting for this match.

"Hey, Bell, where've you been?"

"Fuck, Wood, how did you get in here?" Oliver pushed himself off of her desk chair and moved towards her.

"I walked in, Katie." He smiled at her and she glared at him.

"Funny. I mean did anyone see you?" She clarified as she pulled off her Quidditch shirt to reveal the tine white tee shirt under it.

"No, they're all too busy partying."

"Then lets get right into this," she wanted to get this over and sleep. Katie moved to him and ran her hands through his messy hair.

"Bell, wait, I…" he caught her arms and she flicked her eyes up to his before smiling.

"Don't worry, I locked the door." She pulled her arms out of his grasp and pulled his Quidditch shirt over his head before letting her fingers trail down his bare chest. It never ceased to amaze her the way he was built, like a sculpture or a Greek god; solid. Oliver shivered at her touch and all thoughts of telling her about Kaya slid from his mind; he'd tell her after. His hands came down on her shoulders and shoved her onto the bed. She cried out as he found her nipple with his fingers and pulled until it stood at a hard point. She gasped when he lowered his head and took it in his teeth through her tee shirt.

Katie felt his heart pounding as he took her lips in to another kiss. Sliding to the edge of the bed she slid her hand across his hips and cupped his erection, causing him to moan. Katie trembled as his mouth left hers and slid to the hollow between her shoulder and neck biting it. She continued stroking him, learning what made him moan.
"Bell, I need to feel you." Oliver whispered against her throat before roughly pulling off her tee shirt and letting her breasts fall out. He lowered his mouth to her breast, sliding his tongue around her nipple, teasing her, she moaned out loud. Circling his tongue around one nipple, Oliver let one of his free hands come up and play with the other breast, rubbing it roughly. Soon he changed over, nibbling, then sucking roughly on the tip of her other breast. Katie began making loud, incoherent noises so he moved down her body. Oliver stopped when he can in contact with Katie's Quidditch pants and wasted little time of pulling them, along with her underwear, off. 

"Beautiful." He whispered, knowing it wasn't loud enough for Katie to hear as he took in her body. She groaned when his touch slid down her body to her center. She arched into his hand when his fingers slid it past her folds.
"You're so wet," Oliver hissed with a smile, liking the fact that he did that to her. 
"Sod off, Wood" she cried out as his thumb brushed her clit, and he slid a finger inside her. She met him thrust for thrust before he slid in another long finger.

"Wood," lost in the sensation of Oliver's fingers fucking her she could help but moan out his name. Even in the mist of what they were doing she still called him Wood and it irritated him to no end. He pulled his fingers out of her suddenly and she whimpered at the loss.

"I was so close, Wood." She opened her eyes to look at him as he removed his pants, letting his erection pop out freely.

"Tell me what you want Katie." He told her, waiting for her answer.

"I want you to finish it, Wood, I want you inside me, now." She begged him and he smiled as he crawled above her and positioned himself at her entrance.

"Say it," he ordered her but she was too far-gone to understand what he meant.

"Please, Wood." She needed him, now.

"My name Katie, say it." It was an obsession with him to have her say his name, to know that she knew who she was with and to hear his name on her lips but he had hoped that for once, she'd do it herself.

"Oliver, please, " She looked into his eyes and moaned as he slowly slid into her wetness. Gradually he picked up the pace, sliding in her before pulling out and then slamming into her again. Lifting his head he noticed that she had closed her eyes again.

"Open your eyes." He whispered and she did as she was told; only to be rewarded with Oliver sliding his hand between their bodies, and moving his fingers over and around her clit again. He felt her muscles tighten around him and she screamed out his name, tossing her head back and forth as she came. Moaning loudly, eyes still locked on her, he buried his face in her shoulder before growling out her name as he came. He collapsed on top of her before catching his breath and rolling off Katie. She automatically moved away from him but he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him.

"Stop trying to get away," he whispered, knowing that this would be the last time he'd ever be near her.

"Sorry," she yawned, if she hadn't been so tired she would have picked up on the need he had to have he near, but she was beat.

"Do me a favor, Bell, be here when I wake up." Even in her half asleep state Katie noticed the urgency in his voice then.

"I'll see what I can do, Wood." Katie told him, not wanting to make a promise she wasn't sure she could keep. He arm tightened around her.

"Promise me Katie." He growled into her ear and she shivered.

"Fine, fine I promise Wood." She had just screwed herself by promising, not to mention ruined a wonderful tradition of always being gone before he got up.

"Good, and its Oliver." He told her, the name thing really bugging him.

"Right, Wood." With that she drifted off, leaving Oliver a wake and thinking about what he'd have to do. Somewhere deep down he didn't want to stop this, tell her, but he knew that he had to. Still a small part of him didn't want to let her go and it wasn't for the sex.


Morning came quickly and Oliver was a little surprised to fine Katie still in his arms; it was different. He pushed back a piece of dark hair out of her face and smiled; somehow during the night she had rolled over and was now facing him. Oliver let himself relish in the sight of her, knowing that this was the last time he's ever hold her and wishing that she had let him see her like this before. He played with the ends of her hair, silently hoping she'd never wake up but, unfortunately, she started to stir, small sounds escaping her.

"Morning," he caught her attention and she looked at him before stretching; the top of her breasts barley staying under the covers.

"Morning," she pulled the covers up before smiling at him. "Anyway I kept my promise and didn't leave, so what did you need?" she had this ability to know when something was bothering him. Oliver wanted to be a gentleman and tell her that she should get dressed before he told her, because he knew she'd be mad, but he couldn't; wanting to see her in just bedcovers for a little longer.

"You know me too well," he laughed a bitter laugh causing Katie to slip on his oversized Quidditch shirt; she knew something was wrong.

"Just tell me Wood," she put some space between them and it killed him.

"Say my name Bell," he needed to hear her say his name one more time before he told her because he knew it would be the last time.


"Just say it, Katie. What's my name?"

"Oliver," she whispered, looking at him but he couldn't help but stare at the hickey he'd left on her neck, his mark.

"God, I wanted to tell you last night, Katie, I did but you looked so good and I couldn't. I wanted you." He rushed, knowing that he was delaying the inevitable.

"Tell me what?" he was scaring her and she unconsciously pulled the covers closer around her.

"Katie, I'm going out with Kaya Smith, the Hufflepuff." She let out a sigh of relief; at least he wasn't dying.

"Oh, cool, what did she stop you yesterday after the match and win you over?" she asked him, they had always made it clear that they could leave at any time.

"Something like that," he laughed nervously and then it hit her, he'd been with Kaya for a while.

"How long, Wood?" the tone in her voice wasn't what killed him, it was the name she called him.

"Two weeks now, I tried to tell you last night, Katie, to stop this…" she cut him off; slipping off the bed and letting the covers fall from her body.

"You obviously didn't try hard enough. So, what the hell was last night, Wood, a 'good bye I'm off to screw someone else fuck'?" she yelled at him but when he didn't say anything she wanted to die.

"You've already slept with her." It wasn't a question; it was an observation. She backed away from the bed and he jumped off it to grab his pant and pull them on.

"Listen it's not what you think," he tried; she was pulling away.

"Get out, Wood" she wrapped her arms around herself as she locked him with a cold stare.

"No, Katie, listen to me, this wasn't suppose to happen, I was going to tell you." He reached out to touch her but she jerked away.

"I bet you were," she told him lifelessly and he grabbed her before she could move.

"Please, Katie," he whispered before kissing her. She pulled away from him.

"What are you begging for, I knew the rules and so did you, you're free to be with whoever you want, just know that it will never be me again, Wood." Something broke inside him at her words but he had to accept them and nodded. She turned towards her bathroom and it hurt to know that she wanted to wash him off herself.

"And be gone when I get out, Wood." She made a point of not looking him in the eyes, and calling him Wood before disappearing into her bathroom, leaving him standing there.