Summary~ (AU) Inuyasha is filled with anger and hatred. He has done
everything wrong in life and enjoyed it. He meets an eccentric blind
girl, can she heal his stubborn heart?

A/N ~ this is set in a unorthodox hospital~ if you're wondering, just
read it.

Ch.1~ Prologue ~Putting Life on Hold

"I love you." She said, and I knew she really meant it. I looked in her
eyes, and saw her hopefulness. I wanted to smother it, like she was
smothering me. I pushed her away from me. I looked at her emotionlessly,
and saw her hopefulness shatter.

"You know that I do right?" She persisted. I picked up my suitcase, and
started to walk out. I could vaguely hear her talking to me, but I
ignored her. She ran after me, but I did not slow down or speed up. I
walked across our large lawn, and managed to crush some of her flowers
with my boots. She loved those flowers, almost as much as she loved me.
Ha! Like I care.

I reached my BMW, and popped the trunk. I hefted all my bags over the
side. I heard her light footsteps coming down the pavement. I knew she
wanted to yell at me for walking across the grass, w hen I should have
taken the sidewalk, but I lived to make her aggravated, so hearing her
yell would have made me smile.

I climbed in my car and started the engine. I was going to shut the door,
but she caught the door first. Her sad eyes beamed down on me. " I'm
doing this because I love you. I need to know you'll be okay. You
understand that right?"

For the first time in a while I lost my emotionless mask. I let only a
tiny part of my anger show. I glared at her. "Whatever you say, Mom." I
let my contempt for her show in my voice, especially when I said her
name. I grabbed the door handle, and shut it softly. I put the car into
gear and drove away.


After hours of driving, I reached my destination, Suzuka Hospital. It was
a small hospital, with flowers blooming everywhere. I could even smell
water nearby. This was more like a house than a hospital.

Suzuka was not an ordinary hospital. It was more of a rehab center. They
catered to people who weren't sick enough to be in a real hospital, but
not well enough to be at home. Somewhere there because they didn't have
anywhere else to go.

A band of independent doctors and nurses started this place twenty years
ago. They also had some of Japan's best psychologists. Suzuka was highly
recommended to drug addicts, the physically incompetent, and the mentally
challenged. It was also for people like me.

I have been in therapy for three years, but according to everyone, it
hasn't done me any good. My mother was running out of options, so she
wanted to send me here. "To help you straighten yourself out." I didn't
want to go, and told her so. I'm eighteen, so she couldn't make me go,
but she did hang something over my head so I would go.


My parents are rich. They have millions of dollars to toss around. Since
my father is dead and so is my elder brother, Sesshomaru, I would inherit
everything. My mother decided to change that.

She said that I would inherit it all, if I went to Suzuka. If I didn't
she would cut me out of the will altogether. It would most likely go to
some distant relative. She also knew that I was probably the dumbest
person in Tokyo, and finding a job would be next to impossible. So, for
the first time in my life, she had me cornered. I either went through
this therapy program or live on the street. I guess you can tell which
one I chose.


I parked my car in a vacant space. I slipped my sunglasses over my eyes,
and I was about to get out, when I noticed silver flash in the mirror. I
thanked God, for letting me remember my appearance. I closed me eyes, and
concentrated. My silver hair quickly changed to black, and my yellow eyes
turned gray. Whew! That was a close one.


I opened the glass door, and let it slam behind me. I strolled up to the
front desk, and looked at the secreatery. She smiled, and I let a smirk
cross my lips. "I'm Takashi, Inuyasha."

"Hello, Mr. Takashi!" Said a voice from behind me. I swivled around to
see a balding man in blue jeans. He grinned happily. I raised an eyebrow,
but went over to him. "We've been waiting for your arrival. Let me show
you around the center."

I followed the man, and tuned out his annoyling cheery voice. People
brushed past me, and all were wearing jeans or sweats. I didn't see
anyone in a white lab coat or hospital gown. What was wrong with these
people? "Why aren't you dressed like a doctor?"

The man cocked his head to the side, and replied, "We believe that the
formal hospital attire should remain in a formal hospital. Suzuka is a
place where people are just people. No one is better than anyone else,
and we let people have their breathing room. This is a place to get
better, and you can't get better if you're not comfortable." With that,
he restarted the tour.


"Well here is your room. Your things should already be in there. Dinner
is sometime around seven. You're free to roam around the grounds, or
whatever. Here is your class schedule. If you have anymore questions,
please ask." I watched the tiny man walk down the hall. I turned around
opened the door to my room, with the key he gave me.

It was a room done in light blue, with a large window. The full sized bed
had a white comforter on top. There was a tv, and two dressers. A large
desk sat in the corner of the room. I locked the door behind me, and
flopped on the bed. I transformed into my true form, and inspected my
claws. They were sharp, and in perfect condition.

I decided to take a nap. Tomorrow would be a long day of introductions,
and "help sessions", and I would need plenty of energy to keep my costume


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