Hello, welcome to my first ever gamer story.

I have never tried my hand at writing a gamer story before so I feel it would be a good thing to let you the reader know what kind of story you will be reading if you decide to continue to read this story.

Basically the MC was a good and decent man who dies and ends up in a gamer afterlife.

So with that said this story will contain sexism, real and fictional racism acts of rape, torture, genocide and all the evil things that so called *civilized* society frowns on but that content will not be the main focus of this story.

So if you continue to read this story and become offended by what you read you don't get to give me any kind of grief about the contents of this story since you chose to read it knowing full well that this has evil and politically incorrect content.

So with this warning out of the way I hope you will enjoy this story and if this type of story is not your thing then I wish you well in finding stories more to your liking.