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"Little Fluff"

Yami was stranded in a meadow of flowers, with only his daily clothing and Duel Monsters deck. He gazed around warily, sure that he was forgetting something (especially since he had no memory of how he had become to be stranded in such a place). He shuffled through his deck, and looked at the first card in his hand-Kuribo; he gasped as it first blinked and then jumped out of the card. Yami pocketed his other cards and watched as the brown creature circled his head gaily. It soon began to sing (to the tune of Ode to Joy).

"Kurkurkuri, kurkurkuri, kurkurkurkur, kur, kuri~! Kurkurkurkuri, kurkurkurkuri, kurkurkurkur, kur, kuri~!" Its face glowed with bliss, and it happily nuzzled Yami's face. Yami blushed, laughing in spite of himself.

"Aww…Kuribo, stop! That tickles!"

"Kuri!" Yami sat down and Kuribo bounced on his lap.

"So, Kuribo…why did you come out, anyway?" Kuribo settled on his lap and looked up at Yami with watery eyes. It wailed, and proceeded to share its woe. In kuribish, naturally.

"Kurkuri…kukurkuri~!" It shuddered and attacked Yami, large blue tears cascading onto the boy's shirt. Yami looked startled, but then his expression softened and he began petting the creature's head.

"You were lonely and scared? Aww…don't worry, Little Fluff! I'll protect you!" He huggled Kuribo to show that he meant his statement. Suddenly Kuribo backed up, watching Yami. It seemed to have come to some sort of decision, and its face glowed with a pinkish hue. It nuzzled Yami again, voice quivering with joy.

"Kukuri!" Yami paled and pushed Kuribo away.

"What do you mean? You love me?!" Kuribo looked anxious.

"Kukukuri?" Yami appeared aghast.

"No, I do not love you….like that!" Kuribo looked angry, and seemed ready to attack. Yami pulled a card from his pocket in order to set a defense. The card glowed, and Yami peered at it; he paled. "Multiply?!" The Kuribo was cloning itself one hundred times over, and soon Yami was facing an angry army. He ran for it, and he could hear the Kuribo racing after him. He looked back, and suddenly tripped. He stumbled over a cliff and fell into darkness; the Kuribo chased after him.

Someone was shaking Yami, and the teen opened his eyes. He found himself at home in bed, his hikari kneeling next to him.

"Are you okay, Yami-chan?" Yami nodded.

"Hmm? Oh…yeah…" Yugi smiled and climbed into the bed. He was hiding something behind his back, but Yami ignored his curiosity and huggled Yugi. "Oh, Aibou…I had such a horrid dream…" Yugi looked concerned for a second, but then spoke.

"I thought that you were having a nightmare…you were speaking in your sleep, you know," he frowned, "Something about lemmings…." He grinned, "Anyway, I bought you a gift!" He took out the thing that he had been hiding, and Yami's eyes widened in horror. "It's a life-sized Kuribo plushie! Look, it even talks!" Yugi's face glowed in excitement as he took a hold of the pull-string on the doll and yanked.




Poor Yami, heh ^^''

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