Yu-Gi-Oh subtitle mistakes I've noticed ^_^ Try to figure out who everyone is!


All of the main characters (and random individuals) of Yu-Gi-Oh were visiting Otogi one day, and on the way there they got stuck in the lift (and we're not talking about any old lift…it was a MASSIVE lift! A stadium sized lift! *cackles*) Anzu, Honda, Jounochi, and Yugi were slouching in one corner of the delayed lift, when a familiar cold hearted CEO and his younger brother stalked towards them. He spoke:

"Well, if it isn't Mouto." Yugi nodded in response, but Jou became miffed and began shouting at the man.

"Whaddya want, Seahorse?!" Kaiba frowned.

"And look…Gugi's brought along his little pet…how cute!" Yugi's eyes narrowed and Jou's face flushed in anger.

"Scram, Seahorse Lion! If it wasn't for Wooden-horse there…"

"Keihei can take care of himself, mutt." Kabai's face then became serious. "Now, the only reason I came over here was to challenge you two to a duel…" He glared at the two boys. "Accept?"

Anzu protested, "Wait, Shingnon…" She looked at Jou meaningfully and stepped in front of him. "Two against one isn't fair!" Honda agreed.

"Yeah-" Yugi interrupted them.

"Taylor, Tee Gardner, stay out of this. If Yeto wants to duel like this, then we'll accept." Anzu sighed and backed away.

"Alright, now I'm dueling for my sista'!" Jou winked at Shizuka.

"Gambate, Wheeler!" She cheered for her older brother.

"Don't worry, Chinshin! I'll win for ya! Heh…I summon Real Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Jou laid down his card, and Kaiba's turn began. He too used a monster card.

"Go, Green Eyes White Dragon!" Ryou walked over to watch the duel, and was greeted cheerfully by Anzu.

"Hi, Mokura!" Bakura grunted and ignored her as a penguin waddled up to her and spoke – "Wanh." Finally, it was Yugi's turn, and Pegasus strode over to watch as the boy also laid down a monster card…a certain Pokemon-ish one that happens to look quite a bit like a brown puff ball with green appendages.

"Go, Furry Guy!" Pegasus squealed with glee.

"Oh! It's Little Fluff! Unbelievable!" Yugi looked annoyed at the man's loud interruption.

"Shush, Paccasi. We're dueling." Pegasus looked put out, and sighed. Suddenly, a squirrel found its way into the local power plant and chewed on a certain red wire…and the lift's lights were extinguished. A certain Yami started cackling maniacally. The others froze, shivering as a certain Kuriboh said:



Lol, random enough for ya? ^_^