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Ken Hawthorne didn't know what to expect as he drove to his brother's house in Newcastle, he had received news that his sister-in-law had just given birth last week. Ken would have visited sooner, but he was really busy and only now had time to see his new nephew or niece. Ken was in his mid 20s, with neatly combed black hair, always dressed casually and seemingly always with a smile on his face, however, the smile started to vanish when he could swear he could see smoke coming from the street where his brother lived. The look on Ken's face turned to one of panic when he could see the house more clearly, and the flames that roared from it, Ken could only stare at the house, worried about his brother, his sister-in-law and their newborn.

Ken's attention was grabbed when he could hear something coming from upstairs, it was crying, the baby. Ken didn't know how his brother and sister-in-law were, if they had died in the fire or if they somehow escaped, but he knew the baby was alive. Ken ran forward and kicked the locked front door open, bits of the house were falling apart, he pulled some sort of stick from his sleeve and carefully made his way through the burning house. The stairs were blocked by the flames and Ken pointed the stick at the fire.

"Aqua Eructo."

A clear jet of water shot from the tip of Ken's wand, allowing him to extinguish the flames and make his way upstairs, where he entered the baby's room, shocked when he could see the dead body of his sister-in-law on the floor, covered in blood, Ken could see the baby in its crib, when a large piece of rubble fell from the ceiling.

"Accio Crib."

The crib slid along the ground, dodging the rubble. Ken picked the baby up from the crib and ran back outside, escaping the burning house just as the firefighters arrived, along with the police. Ken looked down at the baby in his arms, still scared, their name stitched onto the front of their blue onesie, John.

Ken had been questioned by the police, they originally believed he started the fire and tried to kidnap the baby, but a neighbour had confirmed that they saw Ken arrive after the fire started. The body of Ken's brother was not found in the wreckage, he was now regarded as a missing person, Ken was the closest living relative to take care of John, and Ken accepted the responsibility.

About a week later, Ken returned to the house, John was in his car. Ken looked through the rubble that had been left behind by the fire, seeing if anything had survived, maybe they could help figure out what happened. In the end, Ken could only find one item that had not been damaged by the fire, in fact, the small box he found looked absolutely brand new, not even dirty from the ash. Ken pocketed the box and returned to his car, taking a look at his sleeping nephew, before driving off.

Ken drove outside of Newcastle, to the countryside where he lived, he picked up his nephew and took him inside. He saw an elderly woman in green robes sitting at his dinner table.

"Wasn't expecting to see you here, Professor McGonagall."

"I wanted to give my condolences, I heard about the fire."


"The Ministry of Magic have their suspicions."

"Well, I don't want to hear them."

"Is this the little one?"

"His name is John."

McGonagall looked at the baby sleeping in his uncle's arms.

"I can see quite a lot of potential in him."

"You believe so?"

"No doubt in my mind, I can already see him getting his acceptance letter for Hogwarts one day."

"Me too, and I'm going to make sure he's ready when the time comes."

"I know you will, good day."

"Uh, Professor, does the ministry have any leads on where my brother is?"

McGonagall frowned.

"I'm afraid not, I will inform you of any news."

"Thank you."

Without another word, McGonagall left the house.