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""Have you ever seen Senator Whitlock? He's hot, and so young, only 32. It's impressive the work he has done" Angela says while I put down my bag.

""I've heard from Senator Whitlock, but I've never seen him" I tell her honestly. She comes to me extending her arm and showing me her phone, there I see the picture of Senator Whitlock.

He is hot, but not my style. We seem to be the same height, around 5'10, lean with blonde hair and he has clear baby blue eyes and I've always found them a bit disturbing. When I was growing up in Mexico, blue eyes were rare, and any really clear color eyes would remind me of the girl from the Exorcist. Funny, I know.

""He is hot, something pretty to look at on your first day" I nod.

Someone knocks on our door, "Ready ladies?" Mike asks as he opens the door, we nod and follow him.

""Angela, you'll help to make sure the whole event goes smoothly, please make sure the microphone is working for Senator Whitlock' speech and that the podium is set up for when the Ambassador comes." He shows us the space where we're setting up, it's a private conference room quite perfect for the announcement they're making today.

"Isa, you're in charge of welcoming the Senator, he is bringing a couple of friends with him, businessmen and businesswomen who are interested in working on our joint proposal, please make sure they have everything they need once they're here"

"I mean, I do feel like a glorified hostess but I guess it is not the time for me to start voicing this concerns. As Mike walks away and I'm left in the conference room with Angela, I do have to take a step back and realize how lucky I am to be here, I hope papá is proud.

"Bienvenidas, mi nombre es Rosa. I see Mike just left you here to wonder, I am the personal assistant of the Ambassador and I've come checked everything is working fine." The blonde working in front of me is gorgeous. She is very tall, taller than me right now since I'm not wearing heels, her long blonde hair is falling behind her beautiful red suit and most importantly she looks important.

""Isa Swan" I tell her as I shake her hand. Angela proceeds to introduce herself. Then as we check the room, we see that everything is in place, there are some journalist ready to cover the event.

"We start in 10 minutes, come Isa, I'll introduce you to the Ambassador before we begin" I follow her nervously, I didn't think I'd meet him on my first day class

"Rosa guides me through the hall to the big office, she gently knocks and I'm biting my cheeks so hard because I'm nervous.

"Isabella Swan, ¡qué gusto en conocerte!" The Ambassador tells me. Aro Volturi-Aguirre has been working here for the last two years, President Andres López Obrador appointed him and he has had a tough agenda to deal with, migration, covid, and the negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement, he's a star in the diplomatic world. And he knows my name.

"Embajador Volturi-Aguirre, el gusto es mío, gracias por la oportunidad." I'm blushing, I'm certain of it.

"It's not always that we meet someone who seems so well versed with the relation between Mexico and the United States, you're an asset to the embassy, I'm glad you accepted to join us." He smiles kindly. The ambassador most be around 65 years old, very formal with a sense of seriousness surrounding him but at the same time, he seems approachable.

I can only nod. I'm speechless and that rarely happens. Rosa gently moves my arm to get my attention. "Come, he's here."she tells me. "Ambassador, we'll go meet Senator Whitlock downstairs and we'll see you in the conference room".

"I wave goodbye and as we go outside, I see the black Suburbans parking on the entrance of the Embassy. We take the stairs since there's no time to get to the elevator and we walk at that precise time, Senator Whitlock comes through the door with a good entourage of 3 people, a tiny lady with short black hair who seems to be very comfortable with him, a big muscular guy who I think it's his security. No, scratch that, it's his personal assistant.

And most importantly, he's accompanied by a pair of green eyes that give me goosebumps. His bronze hair seems to be trying to be tamed by the gel in his head, his navy suit is tailored to perfection and he is much taller than Senator Whitlock, perhaps Of many things I'm certain, but crushing on my first day in the job, probably is a big no-no.

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Bienvenidas, mi nombre es Rosa. - Welcome my name is class.

"Isabella Swan, ¡qué gusto en conocerte!" - Isabella Swan, nice to meet class.

Embajador Volturi-Aguirre, el gusto es mío, gracias por la oportunidad." - Ambassador Volturi-Aguirre, the pleasure is all mine, thank you for this opportunity.

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