Part 1 - Meeting And Love Blooms

Bella was down at La Push, despite Edward told her not to, but she wanted to go and told him to stop being so controlling with herself and being an ass around her, and she left him and the rest of his family standing in shock of her words at him, as they believed the two had gone back after he came back from wherever he left to after breaking her heart, and now she seemed to have changed and aged quite abit aswell gained some bad language that Edward and the rest of them hated with passion.

Bella came to Sam and Emily's place, and out came Emily, who was smiling big and Bella smiled too, and came out of her noisy car, and gave the woman a soft hug, as she greeted her with happiness and passion in her voice, and Sam came out and smiled too, as he had told her that due time since they first met in the unfourtane way of her being found in the woods after Edward dumped her that she had become like a friend then later on a sister to himself, and Emily already loved her so it was a win-win situation.

"So whats brings you here then, Bells?" Bella sighed, then told them everything, and both were shocked of course, but also worried, and Sam said

"Well then, that solves it, you are more than welcome to stay here indefiantly, as Charlie is not here anymore and I hate you live on your own in his old house in Forks, Bells."

Bella nodded, as she pulled out a rolling bag from her new car, as she got new one after Charlie's death and that her own car had died on her, and due to sale of the cars and the house in Forks also on its way to happen, she was happy that she would have a place to live at, in Sam and Emily's until she found her own place here down in La Push. Both of them smiled, and lead her inside, and showed her the room she had slept in before, and knew this would be her room for now while staying here, and she was happy with that part.

She then told Sam, that he should call Carlisle of a meeting at the treaty line, as she needed to tell them some things aswell as Sam needed to talk to them about the new rules in the new, written treaty form, and that was all thanks to herself, as she had told the pack and the Elders of the reservation of everything, and they had been appaled and worried for her psyche but seeing her that passionate, they knew she was that good again in her mental and psycical health, and she was damn ready to find love again, but it would not be with Jacob, as he was not her interest, no that belong to a childhood friend of hers, that recently had joined the pack, but was not allowed yet to see her, as he needed time to control himself and she understood that more than anything.

Jacob himself did not know this part yet, as he had not changed yet but close to it, like his two best friends since diapers age, would also do soon. Who was she speaking of, well his name is Jermey Christopher Cameron, older brother of Jared, whom she was friendly with and his own imprint, Kim, was a shy but a hoot to be around.

Jeremy had been her friend since childhood, when she wanted to get away from Jacob, he came around that time, and the two became secret friends and kept contact over the years, even when she was dating against her own will with Edward Cullen, and when he had dumped her like he did, Jeremy beside Sam, Jared and Paul had been there for her through it all, and he had been amazing friend, and someone she truly was in love with, but due to this imprinting stuff, she was unsure to presude forward, as she knew she might not be his imprint.

So she kept her feelings for him on the low side, to protect herself and her heart of course, and would wait and see what happens when they do see each other again after his change. As he knew everything now, but also what she told him before he shifted, he knew not to hate her and felt she was some disgusting person who had fallen in love with a leech, like Leah were telling her when they had to see each other, and she had no issues to tell Leah, that unlike herself, Leah couldnt and wouldnt move on with her own pathetic life without Sam around her and that she is weak not to do so, and she was not in love with a leech, nor in love with Edward, never was.

Leah had been shocked of her words to her, but said nothing but phase out and leave Bella standing where she was and Bella was proud of herself of saying so, and just shrugged it off and went off to do something else instead of just standing there. Sam didnt know this, but she was going to tell him now. So she did, and while it shocked both himself and Emily, they were grateful that she had the courage to tell that girl off on her own issues and really move on and grow up for once aswell.

Bella just smiled, and while sitting there talking to them, the door opened up, and in came Jeremy and his little brother Jared and his own imprint, Kim. Bella gasped then yelped out;

"Jer!" And flung herself into his arms and hugged him, while he was in shock before his own arms went around her, gently hugging her back, and she pulled back her head, and locked her eyes with his, and there it happened, infront of the others in the house, and all of them were in shock both by her actions before it happened, and now it really had happened to him. Both smiled then, he said

"B, what are you doing down here?"

And Bella told him everything literally, and while he was furious, her hand on his chest made his anger simmer down abit, and he looked calm down at her, while he just gave her a kiss, and she responded back with passion behind hers. All of the others were in shock, but cheered happily for the two's happiness. And this bond now made Bella off-limits to those leeches who still believed that Bella belong to them, and to Edward, as he believed that she was his true mate, now they knew for sure she was not and Edward would find out soon enough too.