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Chapter 1 New strange boy.

It was an ordinary morning before school. You have the battle in you r mind should you wake up or not and you'll finally get yourself up and go brush your teeths and decide what clothes you take.

That was just like the morning Kagome had. An ordinary morning eating breakfast and then leaving for school. It all felt so ordinary. Birds were singing and sun was shining and with school it felt much better after getting into high-school. You didn't need to think on how to get in there anymore.

She had been three weeks in the school already and some like Hojo got into the same school with her. However she wasn't overly happy with the school. It was the least respected high-school in Tokyo and mainly cause of it's badly habited students.

Kagome would have liked to change the school anytime, but she was stuck in here and she would do her best thought the teatchers aren't best ones. She still had friends who would help. She thought on these things when running down the stairs of the shrine and running toward the school.

It wasn't far away in the end. Still she had to leave quite early to be in time in school. She had to even walk to the worst parts of Tokyo. It was greepy there she had to admit. People were staring you and looking into the trash cans for something to sell. It was real creepy and Kagome run even faster. She had gotten better in running since she started in this school.

"Oi, Kagome!" someone greeted from the side when she was on her way.

"Oi, Shippo!" she greeted her young classmate. He was cute guy who you could hug and a bit naive. He was perfectly adorable!

The two of them often made the same way to the school and when they got there Sango was waiting near the parkinglot with Miroku. Often when they got there Miroku had a huge red mark on his face by then from Sango.

This day wasn't any different. Miroku had again tried something real perverted. However, it wasn't big deal when you were friends. Together the four of them reached the school building and there was Ayame waiting for them. Together all the five of them got to their first classes.

Like I said it was a real ordinary school morning, but it was only until the lunch.

***hours later while lunch break***

Kagome was sitting with her group of five in their constant table. Ayame was sitting betvin her and Shippo on the other side and Sango desided to be brave and sit with Miroku on the other side. It didn't. however take long before Miroku's hand had grept down Shango's back and he got a slap on his face.

It was so ordinary that the others didn't pay attention. There was usual shatting until Sango, who was on the second grade, got something real interesting to tell.

"You know" she said getting everyone elses attention. She leaned nearer the others and they did the same. "We got a new guy into the class." She nodded having a knowing smile.

"What?" Kagome asked.

"Who?" Ayame added.

Sango leaned in again. "They call him Inu-yasha" she explaned. "He's kinda strange. Sitting alone silently and having a hood on his head all the time. He." Her voice trailed away when she lifted her gaze. The others turned to look at the door of the huge hall where all the studen't were eating by tables.

Gin, one of those with who you wouldn't want to deal with, walked inside with her group. Her appearence often silenced the people in there untill she was in line waiting for fod. She was somewhat feared, hated and as well respected. You did best if you staid far from her and her group.

With her there was Koishi from Kagome's class, Kouga from Sango's class and Kagura from Miroku's class. Now there, however, was one new with them. "It's him" Sango whispered when everyone looked at the hooded boy beside Gin.

"Why is he wearing the hood all the time?" Shippo asked from Sango.

"I have no idea" she answered.

Everyone went silent again when Gin's groups got their food and started toward them. The five of them came to sit by the same table with Kagome and company. Koishi came to sit beside Kagome and Gin with this new guy sat beside Miroku. Kouga and Kagura took extra chairs from other tables to the ends.

This wasn't anything unusual from them. Miroku partly belonged in Gin's group and so they often came uninvited into the same table. There was a long silence that made Gin, who had her long white hair in pony-tail, lift her other brow when she leaned on the table with her elbow. Then after a moment she hit the table startling everyone and making Kouga's drink got over the edges.

She didn't care about Kouga's mean look when she said "Everyone." She got their attention easily. "This is Inu-yasha. A friend of mine who just moved to Tokyo." She pointed on the guy on her left.

Everyone greeted the new one. Kagome looked at him with coriousity. What kind of reason he could have to keep that hood all the time? Suddenly she noticed him to stare at her. He had shining amber eyes and when the light showed his whole face from under the hood you could say he was real good looking. Some locks of white hair wasn't under the hood. And Kagome wondered how long his hair is when the back of his head was so big. He had to had lot of hair to hide there!

Kagome started to feel uncomfortable when Inu-yasha just continued to stare at her. Why was that? His other brow was liften up and he was seemingly about to say something when Gin was again opening her mouth.

"Inu-yasha" she said to get his attention. "You know already my group, but this on my right." She pointed on Miroku feeling how his hand was too low on her back for her liking. She immeditaly knocked him down from the bench and continued. ".Is Miroku. Sango you maybe know from your class." Sango waved shyly giving a small smile. ".Shippo, Ayame and Kagome are from first grade." Gin got over the introdusing.

Since Kagome's name had been said Inu-yasha hadn't been staring at her. She noted that, but didn't think on it more when Ayame whispered something into her ear and she started to giggle. It was a sign for all to start their chats.

"Do you do any sports?" Shippo asked Inu-yasha trying to come up with something. The new one was just about to answer when Kouga, who was sitting on their end shout some comments to Ayame and Kagome of their talking.

Inu-yasha shaked his head to Kouga and then answered Shippo "I do some sports." He took the chopstics in his hand and took of the food that wasn't really something you could call food.

"Oi, Inuyasha" Miroku called suddenly coming from behind him landing his hand on his shoulders. Shippo saw from his face that the new one didn't really like of this. "Do you think they have right to hit me every time I do something?"

This had something to do with Miroku's talk with Sango, Shippo knew. He leaned his head on his hand that leaned on the table when he looked at Inu- yasha's expressions and Miroku. "It depends on what you did" came Inu- yasha's answer.

"Nothing serious" Miroku assured Inu-yasha. "Just rubbed their but a bit." The voice faided and when shocked Inu-yasha turned to look at him he was gone. He turned to look at Shippo askingly.

"He's always like that" Kouga explaned before Shippo had the chance. Then he consentrated on his food only.

Miroku still hadn't gotten to his place and now it was Kagura's turn to shout and get up. She was just about to slap the perverted third grader when he was already on move and going toward people on next tables. Sango couldn't do anything else than laugh when Miroku satt betvin new first graders in another table. The girls there seemed real shocked and more so when they got a good rub on their behinds.

What happened next was a good one to censor.

After a moment the mood in the table changed a lot. Gin suddenly glide on the tabled after everyone had eaten and started kinda dance making real loud noises with her shoes. That woke the attention of the teatchers.

"Get down from there Gin!" one of the teachers shout and got two with him when going toward the group.

Inu-yasha was kinda shocked and Kagome, Ayame and Shippo started their way out laughing. They didn't want to meet the teatchers just now. Gin wasn't alone anymore when Kouga glide up on the table to join her.

The shouts from the teacthers didn't stop and last what Kagome could hear with her small group of three was that all around that table on the moment got detention. Outside the hall the three of them laughed.

"Why Gin always bring drouble to them?" Ayame asked betvin her laughing.

"I don't know" Shippo answered. "Maybe she just wants to piss of the teatchers with stupid things and in the end escaping the detention trough the window."

That was a quite good guess cause when the three of them and Miroku, who wasn't by the table on the right moment, was walking outside just to wait for the bell to ring they noticed how the window of one of the classes opened.

"Gin!" shout one of the teatchers that was guarding the detention. "Get back here!" It was too late thought cause Gin jumped out from the classroom and started toward the maindoor of the school just when the bell ringed.

On the same moment Kouga, Kagura, Koishi and after them Inu-yasha jumped out the window. It seemed like the teatcher had left the room to get Gin back. Koishi walked toward Kagome and her group leaving the others. "Let's go to the class" he said to Shippo, Kagome and Ayame who were first graders like him.

"Bye, Miroku" Kagome said waving to him when he wrapped his arm around now- free-from-detention Gin's shoulders. That gave him a powerfull hit on the face and he was knocked down on his back. Kouga and Inu-yasha stared at the lecher for a moment but then they started to head for their own class. Kagura, however, had to help Miroku to get into the class and believe me it was nothing fun for a girl.

"Why didn't Sango escape?" Shippo asked from Koishi while they were in the class listening on the teatcher (not listening but anyway).

"She didn't want to go listen on that boring physics teatcher" Koishi answered with a grin.

"Good for her", Kagome yawned and barely stayed awake when the teacher continued.


Author's Note: This isn't the best chapter I have wrote, but this is more like an introducion of the characters. This isn't a fanfic of only humans. There are demons! Just wait! Also more characters will appear. I haven't read real many of these Inu-yasha-school fics so I don't know if this may go too near any that have been already written. If this is too like someother story I'm real sorry, it wasn't my intentions. If your interest for this fic didn't yet come up I hope it will when I get more of it here ;) Have fun!