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"talking", 'thinking', ***new place/time***

Chapter 4 Inu-yasha enters!

It was pretty ordinary school day when Kagome walked trough the corridors of the school with Shippo during the brake. The student of the school laughed happily around them and the weather outside was nice and warm.

"It would be a real great day for a picnic with friends" Kagome said sighing happily.

"That sounds good" Shippo said cheerfully carrying his books in his arms.

They were heading for the math class. The brake would be over soon and the class was in the other end of the school so they had to hurry. However, on this beautiful day, neither one of them wanted to hurry. They would like to be outside now sitting in the sun or something.

Shippo stopped by a window staring out at the yard of the school. "Kagome" he said silently getting her attention.

"What is it Shippo?" she asked walking beside him and looking out from the window.

In the yard there were three big trees that were usually taken over by the gang of the school. It was no different his time, but what really catch Kagome's attention was someone she had never seen and especially around the gang. On top of that this person seemed to be very familiar with Gin who wrapped her arm around the person's shoulders.

Kagome didn't see so clearly from this far how the person looked like, but he had a red blouse with a hood. Cause this person was back toward the school were Kagome and Shippo was they couldn't see the color of the person's hair cause of the hood.

"Who..?" Kagome asked, but Shippo just shook his head.

"I have no idea" he answered. "I have never seen him before."

***Lunch brake***

"Did you already see that new guy in Gin's gang?" Kagome asked Ayame on the lunch brake. She was sitting with Shippo and Ayame on a round table. There were maybe five round tables in the big dining hall. The rest of the tables were rectangles and big.

Their table was in a corner where behind Kagome was a wall with big windows when behind Ayame was a wall with out windows cause behind that wall was a class room.

"A new guy?" Ayame asked her two friends.

"Yes" Shippo said. "We saw this guy with a hood on his head all the time. We didn't see well cause he was too far, but he was with the gang."

"We thought you would know" Kagome added waving her hand.

Ayame just shook her head. She hadn't heard of any new guy even thought her brother belonged into the gang. Then she shrugged her shoulders as and apology. Shippo and Kagome sighed still wondering who this guy was.

"Please, Sango" they heard someone to plead. They turned to look at the entrance of the dining hall. There was Sango walking with all her school books in her arms and Kouga after her.

"Why can't you help me with biology?" Kouga asked when walking after Sango who only sighed. "You get always the best points in biology! I suck in it and I gotta pass the exam!"

"Won't you ever give up?" Sango asked boringly.

Kouga stopped pleading but followed her anyway when they went to Kagome's table. Sango sat down beside Shippo and nodded as greeting to the others. Kouga took a seat from beside his sister.

"What's up?" Sango asked when taking out a lunch she had prepared at home. Usually they ate the school food, but they have heightened the prizes. Today wasn't any good food to buy anyway so most of the students let it be.

"We asked Ayame about this new guy we saw" Shippo explained.

"Hey, Kouga" Kagome said getting Kouga's attention who sat almost opposite from her. "I believe you can tell who this new guy with your gang was?"

Kouga stared at Kagome for a moment wondering for a moment. "Ah... You mean the one with the hood all the time" he said leaning backwards a bit. "He's Inu-yasha. Some cousin of Gin, who was transferred from another high- school."

"Inu-yasha, you say" Kagome muttered under her breath.

"I think he's in our class, right Kouga?" Sango said turning to look at Kouga beside her.

"Uh-huh" Kouga nodded. "Thought, he's a strange guy."

"How come?" Shippo asked leaning on the round table. Kagome leaned nearer as well when Ayame took her bag to find her drink and Sango was concentrating on her lunch.

Kouga was surprised by the sudden interest in Shippo's and Kagome's eyes. "Well..." he muttered when looking around and then he saw something. "Why don't you ask him yourselves?"

Shippo and Kagome noticed Kouga's grin and how his eyes turned to their left. The two of them turned to look at that direction seeing Gin coming toward them with this new guy and Kagura.

"Sango" Gin said with a cheerful voice when coming to them. She wrapped her arm around her shoulders. "Wouldn't you be nice and teach me some biology?" Gin asked with a grin.

Sango lifted her other brow and sighed. "You too, huh? You think I have time?"

Gin seemed like she knew about the answer she would get. She straightened her back at the same time when Kagura stole some food over Sango's shoulder.

"Inu-yasha here will help with your math if you help me!" Gin announced when putting her arms around the new guys shoulders and pointing at him with a finger.

Sango turned to look at Gin quickly. "Deal!!" she exclaimed. She was bad in math, but very good in biology. Kouga and Gin, both suck in biology.

Kagome and Shippo were studying this new guy. Inu-yasha had his hood on his head all the time. From the hood fell some white strands of heir and from the shadow of the hood a pair of golden eyes were studying Kagome.

Kagome gulped and looked quickly elsewhere when their eyes met. Shippo lifted his brow when turning to look at Kagome. He saw her slightly blushing.

"Oh... How rude of me!" Gin exclaimed suddenly getting everyone's attention. She was sometimes acting as a bully but sometimes she was like this - cheerful and almost friendly. She was like a split personality.

"I didn't introduce you at all!" Gin bowed slightly as an apology. "This is my cousin, Inu-yasha, from northern Tokyo who was just transferred here from his old school." Everyone nodded to Inu-yasha as a greeting.

"Here is Sango, Shippo, Kagome, Ayame and Kouga you already know" Gin said grinning and Inu-yasha nodded. He stared at Kagome for a moment longer and then turned his eyes away from her.

Kagome felt somewhat relieved when Inu-yasha's eyes stopped staring. Why was he staring at her? Was there something on her nose?

Somehow after the introducing the mood somewhat relaxed. Kagura sat on the same chair with Kouga despite his protests. Gin took a chair from another table when Inu-yasha seemed to prefer sitting on a table right behind Kouga.

"By the way guys!" Gin suddenly exclaimed again getting everyone's attention just when the group was about to relax even more and start to talk about their own stuff. "I'm going to have a party on next week's Friday. I invite you all if you buy your own stuff and get a ride!"

Kouga, Kagura and Inu-yasha already knew about the party so they didn't really stare at Gin like the others. How the She was inviting them to her party.

"Why do you invite us?" Sango dared to ask.

Gin was silent for a moment. "Just wanting to get a big group!" was her simple answer.

"Where would it be and how would we get rides?" Ayame asked.

"Well... We'll go to a bar. At least that's how it looks like now" Gin said leaning heavily on her chair and scratching her chin. "I think I get the rides arranged so those who are coming should tell me if they don't have a ride and I'll get it arranged."

"You are sometimes simply too systematic" said a voice from behind Gin. Everyone looked up at Koishi who had his hands on his hips.

"That's just the way I lead you" Gin said leaning so far back that she almost fell with her chair. However Koishi took a hold of the chair just in time.

"That you maybe do, but you don't know what's carefulness" Koishi smirked. "And you are heavy..."

"Well, excuse me!" Gin said like she would be deeply sounded when she sat better on the chair. Everyone however knew that something like that wouldn't wound Gin at all.

"Basically I let anyone who wants to come" Gin said like nothing had happened. Koishi sat down beside Inu-yasha on the table.

"By the way" Ayame suddenly said. "I have been wondering why we haven't seen Miroku in a long while."

Everyone turned to look at the red haired girl.

"Now that you mention" Shippo muttered.

"He's got a detention again" Koishi said boredly from beside Inu-yasha. "His lecherous side had come up again during the class I heard."

"Did it?" Gin asked with wide eyes like a stupid kid. "I didn't notice."

"That's cause he fears to try anything on you" Kagura hissed trough her teeth bitterly. "He tried to get the all other girls!!" She shout out her last sentence.

Kouga looked at Kagura with wide eyes when he was sitting with her on the same chair. "You don't need to shout" Kouga said with calm voice.

"Ah... We are getting late!" Koishi suddenly exclaimed getting down from the table. "Coming along Shippo, Kagome and Ayame?" he asked his classmates.

"Yeah!" Kagome exclaimed taking her bag when Ayame collected all her thing into her bag. Shippo took his bag and took all the trash from the table so that he could throw them into a pin when they left the dining hall.

"Maybe we should go too, Sango" Kouga said stretching his back when the first graders had already left the hall.

"We should all go" Kagura said standing up. Inu-yasha got down from the table when Sango stood up. When they were leaving Gin was the last to stand up and to leave the dining hall that was slowly getting empty when the classes started.

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