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'Hn, such pathetic creatures to be defeated by Inuyasha so easily. They even had jewel shards to help them.' A figure looked down at the two bodies lying on the ground. One he could still sense the barest of life energy from. 'Perhaps he will be of use to me.'

The figure roughly picked up one of the bodies on the ground and left with it. 'He may be just another weak youkai, but I have a feeling he'll be very willing to help me.'

**** months later ***

"Can't we rest Inuyasha." Kagome said for the fifth time that day. She was getting gradually angrier at the hanyou who was being a slave driver to the small shard hunting group.

"I have to agree with Kagome-sama. We have been traveling for a rather long time." Miroku said.

"Fine." Inuyasha finally relented. "Stupid weak humans." He muttered under his breath. He knew they needed to rest and he needed it too, but he felt they were close to getting the shards. Those shards were his last chance at happiness.

Kagome pulled out her sleeping bag and then grabbed some ramen from her pack to eat for dinner. 'We're going to need hot water first before anyone can have dinner.' Kagome thought and grabbed the kettle. "I'm going to find some water you guys."

"It would not be wise for you to be walking alone, Kagome-sama." Miroku said from his position of leaning against a tree.

"Houshi-sama is right. You might get hurt." Sango agreed.

"I'll be fine." Kagome said a little bit more confident in her growing miko abilities than apparently her friends were.

"I don't want you to get hurt Kagome." Shippou said from his place sitting on her sleeping bag.

"Shut up brat. If the wench wants to go out by herself that's her problem, but she better not get lost because we still have shards to find." Inuyasha called from his tree branch.

"At least take Kirara." Sango said while glaring at the insensitive hanyou.

"Okay." Kagome relented and walked off into the surrounding forest with Kirara trailing behind her.

"Can you sniff out any water nearby?" Kagome asked her little companion. Kirara gave a small mew and started walking in one direction and Kagome followed. Soon they came to a little stream.

"I'm not sure if I'll last till the water is boiled." Kagome said while yawning. "Is it just me or is Inuyasha being more of a slave driver than normal?" Kagome asked turning to the little kitten like youkai. Kirara just gave another mew which Kagome took as an agreement.

"I mean it's not like we don't all value the shards for something. I mean I promised Kaede I'd get the jewel back together. Sango and Miroku want it as their way of ensuring a final battle with Naraku. Inuyasha only wants it to become a full youkai." Kagome sighed.

She lowered the kettle into the stream and silently wondered about the ornery hanyou back at camp. 'I had hoped that with friends around he would have realized he doesn't need to change. I thought he liked me, maybe loved me, he was treating me so well.' Kagome sighed again. She noticed she had been doing that a lot lately.

'He was treating me well until Kikyou showed up again.' She reminded herself. 'Do I really look so much like her that he would only see me as her replacement?' Kagome asked herself as she looked at her reflection in the water. She knew that everyday she gave up on the hanyou a little bit more. She had hoped he would change, but it seemed that he still only wanted power and Kikyou. 'He'll never be anything but a selfish little child.'

Movement in the reflection of the area behind her caught her eyes. She saw a shadowed figure walking in the brush. 'It can't be Miroku, I'm not bathing. Inuyasha wouldn't care and Sango wouldn't hide.' Kagome heard Kirara begin to hiss at the surrounding area.

"W-who's there?" Kagome asked looking at the surrounding trees. "I know you're there and I'm not afraid of you." She said trying to sound intimidating. "Show yourself you coward."

'Still as stupidly courageous as I remember.' The figure thought as he watched the girl trying to hide her fear.

No one answered and only the sounds of the night and Kirara could be heard. "Maybe...we're just being paranoid." Kagome said to the fire neko. However, neither Kirara nor Kagome were fully convinced that they were the only ones around. Kagome turned back to the stream to grab the kettle and gasped at the reflection she saw of who was behind her.

She whipped back around to see if she was hallucinating, and found no one was there. "Did you see that?" Kagome asked Kirara, but the youkai only gave her a confused look. "I must be overworked." Kagome said to herself and started walking back to the camp with Kirara.

"What took you so long wench?" Inuyasha called from his new position near the camp fire. "I'm getting hungry."

"Thanks so much for your concern, baka." Kagome said as she set the kettle over the fire. She then went to sit next to Sango. Shippou jumped onto her shoulder and began to play with her hair.

"Are you okay Kagome-chan?" Sango asked since the younger girl seemed to be lost in thought.

"I'm fine, it's just that..." Kagome started, but stopped since she knew it was stupid.

"Just what, Kagome-sama?" Miroku asked listening to the two girls.

"It's just I thought I saw something that I know I couldn't have seen." Kagome said and then got up to make the ramen since the water was now boiling.

"I wouldn't be so sure. We've all seen things that we thought could never happen." Sango said.

"I guess you're right." Kagome admitted and passed the first bowl to Shippou.

"Hey, wench, you're wasting my ramen on that brat." Inuyasha said and grabbed the next bowl from her.

Kagome glared at him. She was getting incredibly tired of being called wench. She just sighed and continued making dinner for everyone.

Later that night Kagome lay awake in her sleeping bag and wondered if what she had seen really had been there. Shippou cuddled against her for warmth and she hugged him close. 'I must just be going crazy.' Kagome thought.

'If who I really saw there was really there, why didn't he attack? I would have thought he would like nothing more than to kill me and Inuyasha. But when I turned around no one was there.' Kagome was just utterly confused. She tried to think of the short time she had actually spent with the person she thought she had just seen. 'Hiten...'

*** flashback ***

She sat in the corner of the room almost completely terrified. She couldn't help but wonder what would happen once they found out what she had told them was a lie. There was no way Inuyasha would be smart enough to play along. She was also afraid of the younger brother who wanted her skin. She began to unconsciously brush her hand against the smooth skin of her cheek.

"I guess you better remember the feel, since after Manten is through I doubt there'll be much left." Kagome looked up to see Hiten standing in the doorway. She pulled her hand away from her cheek and pulled her knees up to her chest. "You're afraid of me." Hiten said with a smug smirk on his face.

"Well, wouldn't you be afraid of some guy who threatens to kill you and you know he's ruthless enough to do it seeing as though he killed his mate!?" Kagome didn't know what came over her, but as soon as the words left her mouth she greatly regretted them.

Hiten's smirk only widened. She wondered what he was thinking about. He walked over to her and ran his hand across her cheek. Kagome couldn't help but flinch in the face of the hands that could kill someone so close to him. Hiten gave a small laugh when she flinched. "She was nothing but a bed warmer." He said and then got up and left.

*** end flashback ***

Kagome had wondered at that time as she did now why he had told her that. 'I wonder why he left me alive. He wasn't foolish enough to really think that I was Inuyasha's. I could see it in his eyes that he knew I was lying.' Kagome had often thought about why he hadn't hurt her or killed her at that time.

He was supposed to be dead, Inuyasha had killed him. 'That was a good thing right? He had killed Shippou's father. He was an evil youkai.' In the pit of her stomach Kagome truly wondered if that was the case. He had obviously cared for his brother and had even helped her at one time, well sort of.

*** flashback ***

"Why can't I just skin her now?" Manten was practically whining. Kagome was still cowering in the corner where Hiten had left her before. "With her skin I could become as handsome as father was."

"First we get the jewels from that Inuyasha and then you can kill her." Kagome looked up at Hiten in shock. Her eyes locked with his since he had been looking directly at her as well. "Then again I guess you could and we could just tell the hanyou we have her..." Hiten said seeming to be considering it.

"Really?" Manten asked hopefully.

"No I don't think so." Hiten said his eyes never leaving Kagome's. Kagome was ready to hit him if she thought she'd actually had a chance. On some strange level she knew he was teasing her, but he was also the only one keeping her from being skinned.

*** end flashback ***

'I should get some sleep while I can. No doubt there'll be little rest tomorrow.' Kagome closed her eyes and fell into an unpleasant sleep filled with thoughts of the lightning youkai who had confused her greatly.


'She's finally asleep.' A figure noticed. A second figure next to him turned and looked at him expectantly. "What?"

"We are to return once they're all asleep and give a report." His female companion said.

"Why should we? They haven't done anything interesting yet." He responded.

"We have orders."

"I don't follow the same orders you do."

The female stopped talking, she knew he was right. 'Why is that I'm the one who will die if I disobey and yet he's just waiting till he fully heals and can escape?' She thought to herself. "You're not free yet. Neither of us is and until then we follow orders. Naraku is waiting, Hiten." Kagura said and pulled out her feather and flew away as Hiten followed on his cloud.

'Once I'm strong enough to break this hold Naraku has on me, be sure I'm coming back for you Inuyasha.' Hiten thought as he followed Kagura. He tried to keep his mind on getting revenge on Naraku and Inuyasha, but he couldn't keep his mind off the raven haired girl he knew almost nothing about, but was still incredibly drawn to.


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