The Darkest Night

Disclaimer: I own nothing…everything belongs to the amazing JK. I only own Rose…

Summery: A chain of right and wrong decisions ruined Remus Lupin's life. In one night he lost everything. But now, years after one night can make him whole again. The story of Remus Lupin and the woman he loved. RL/OC.

Rating: PG13. There might be some mature themes.

Also, a little A/N this story has a certain format that can confuse a little so if you have any questions you're more then welcome to ask. Also, the entire idea of this format is taken from another wonderful Remus's story I read called 'Echoes in Eternity' by the Jedi Wizard Hobbit, read her stuff, she's brilliant!


Chapter 1: The Hospital.


The night was quiet, too quiet.

The wind blew gently, cooling the hot streets. It was the middle of the summer and the air was humid and heavy. The houses were fully lit and you could see the people inside, relaxing, opening the windows in order to feel the cool breeze.

Only one house was surrounded with blackness.

It was a small, wooden house, carefully surrounded with magic like the rest of the houses in Godric Hollow. The door was slightly ajar and every time the wind hit it it would move…back and forward…back and forward.

Inside the darkness, black hooded figures moved slowly around the house. Rose Lupin stared at their feet from her position on the ground. She was on the floor, her head resting on the cold, hard wood and she couldn't move. Panic rose inside her when her mind registrated that fact. She couldn't move anything starting from her fingers and up to her neck and head. She opened her mouth and froze with horror.

She couldn't scream either.

But she could feel. She felt the taste of blood in her mouth and felt her own blood dripping from her wounds. She couldn't remember the curse she was hit with. There was the Crucio, of course. But there was something else that she couldn't understand; she never heard that curse before.

Closing her eyes, she realized that she wouldn't make it. She didn't know how they managed to get pass the defense wards but it could have been her fault. She forgot to lock the door, how stupid of her. The blood continued to stream from her body and her mind seemed in haze. I'm loosing the baby; she thought but couldn't do anything about it.

She saw a pair of legs approaching her and one of the legs moved to hit her stomach with a sickening thud. The force of the blow sent her flying backwards and her body hit the wall. Her automatic respond was to scream with pain but she couldn't scream…her mouth opened but nothing came out.

A pair of ice blue eyes looked at her and then back at his fellow deatheaters.

"Burn it. Burn the house."

A howl of hatred rose from her throat but nothing came out, she could only stare at his face with a mixture of disbelief and hatred and to pray that she heard him wrong.

But she didn't. The deatheaters spared no room in the house and tossed burning flames everywhere. She stared and the flames that grew higher and nearer and found out that she couldn't even cry.

It didn't matter now. She was going to die.


"Thanks for coming with me, guys, I didn't want my grandma to know I'm coming over here today."

"Sure, Neville, no problem." Harry Potter and Hermione Granger smiled at their friend.

Neville's parents had their anniversary today and Neville wanted to go and get them some flowers for the occasion. It didn't matter to Neville that his father wasn't really talking and that his mother used to wander aimlessly all around the hospital and sometimes forgot where her room was. It didn't matter to him…they were still his parents and he loved them dearly.

"Grandma has a really hard time around this date." Neville explained. "I suppose it's because she remembers them the way they were when they were young and…" he paused for a moment and a look of hatred rose on his features."…Healthy."

"I suppose it's hard." Hermione smiled softly. "But it's a good thing you're here."

"She'll kill me if she ever finds out." Neville muttered and then smiled at the sight of his mother.

Alice Longbottom sat in her bed, staring at the blue curtain that surrounded her and her eyes lit at the sight of her son, or was it the roses he held in his arms, Harry couldn't tell. Neville walked over to her and kissed her cheek. Then he gave her the flowers and sat next to her on the bed.

"Hello mom, happy anniversary. I just visited dad and he gave me those flowers for you. Do you like them?" Harry and Hermione grinned at each other, Neville sounded very sure of himself and his mother beamed even more.

The curtain around the bed opened and the three wizards turned around to see a woman looking at them with question in her eyes. The woman stood there, wearing white hospital gown. She was barefoot and smiled at Alice and the roses she held in her arms. She had long; brown hair that curled at the end and brown, hazel eyes that shined with mirth.

"Hello, Rose, how do you feel today?" Neville asked her.

The woman nodded a little and then stared at Harry and Hermione with interest.

"Oh, these are my friends: Harry and Hermione. This is Rose." He introduced them and Rose shook hands with them. Then she turned to Alice again and once again smiled at the roses she held.

"I think she might want one of those." Hermione said quietly, Rose faced her and nodded with excitement.

"Oh…mom, can I give Rose one of your flowers?"

Alice nodded and gave Rose one of the flowers. Rose smiled and inhaled the soft scent. Her brown eyes twinkled with joy and she kissed Alice's cheek.

"Where is she?" They heard a new voice and the three of them froze with shock. "Honestly, she managed to get out of bed a week ago and already you let her wander off like that?"

"It's alright, sir." The nurse answered. "She's right next to Alice. I saw her walking over there a few minutes ago."

They heard the sound of footsteps approaching and tried to make themselves as small as possible. Rose turned around and smiled.

"Oh, there you are. I thought you went for a walk again. Hello, Alice, how are you?"

Harry, Hermione and Neville stared with wide eyes at their former professor, Remus Lupin. He looked at Alice and didn't really see them sitting in the corner. Alice showed him her flowers and Remus told her how beautiful they were. Then he returned his gaze to Rose who offered him her Flower.

"For me?" He asked and she nodded. "Thank you." He took the flower and inhaled it just like she did before. Then Rose nudged his shoulder and made him look to the side where he met the apologized looks of his three former students. He stared at them for a moment and then smiled faintly. "Good Evening, guys, I didn't know you left headquarters." The three stared at each other and smiled sheepishly.

"We can say the same about you." Hermione said softly.

"Right." Remus nodded. "I'll see you later, then." With those words he turned back to Rose. "Come along, now, were going to bed." Rose glared at him and shook her head violently. Remus sighed and held her hand. "Fine, where do you want to go?" now smiling, Rose led him outside.

The three wizards still stared at each other with wide eyes. What they witnessed was a piece of Remus's life they had no idea about. "Neville? Have you ever seen him here?"

"No…" Neville shook his head. "But then again, she only came up here about six months ago. I suppose it makes sense that we never saw each other."

"So, she's in this situation for a half a year now?" Harry asked. "How come Remus never told us?"

"No, she's been in here for the last sixteen years." Neville shook his head slowly and his friends gaped at him. "I heard the doctors talking one night when they thought no one was here. Someone jinxed her with an old curse that makes you shut inside yourself. You can't talk or move…you can't do anything on your own."

"But…she was walking and smiling."

"The curse wears off…like most curses do. It has no cure all you can do is wait. You heard Remus, she only started walking a week ago."

"Poor Remus…who do you think she is?" Hermione asked.

"I suppose she's his wife." Harry said.

The three stared at each other again and Neville seemed utterly upset.

"Isn't it amazing how unfair life can be?" he asked bitterly and his friends nodded.