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"This is someone talking" =This is someone thinking=

Chapter: 1 manipulation is the key

(2 weeks before Shinji originally has his first encounter with an angel and the Eva's)

Shinji is suddenly woken from his sleep with a cold sweat and a heavy felling in his chest. =When will I ever hear from you again? Why do I always have a sinking feeling that it will be soon?=

Just then the phone rang, making Shinji jump from his thoughts.

"Hello?" no sound but he knew that someone would answer. "Hello Shinji, I need you to come to Tokyo-3 right now. I require your presence."

=FATHER!! It can't be=

"Umm.. Father?"

"I have arranged a ride for you this evening, be ready at seven", just then Shinji heard a click.

=After all these years why does he call and ask to see me, and with such coldness in his voice. He knows I can't turn this down, I'll be ready...I hope.=

At seven on the dot a car arrived and Shinji knew this was it. He stepped in and the driver simply said "I'm instructed to accompany you to the train station and you are to take the 8 o'clock train to Tokyo-3, here is your ticket."

No more was spoken between the two. Shinji was trying to compose his thoughts, trying to think of something to say to his father when he saw him again.

Shinji took the train still lost in his thoughts. =It must be another dream, he couldn't possibly want anything with me. But never has a dream felt this real. I know this is going to be one of the hardest things in my life.= Little did Shinji know, this was going to be the least of his worries.

It was nearing 11 when the train stopped. =I'm here.=

"Hey you're Shinji Ikari right?" Shinji heard a woman's voice shout out to him.

"I'm Misato and I'll be taking you to NERV."

"Nice to meet you miss Misato"

Misato tried to make conversation over the uncomfortable silence in the car. "So Shinji, you're the commanders son huh?"

"Yeah." Shinji said with no enthusiasm.

"Gee don't we sound happy." Shinji just stared off into space before he said just above a whisper, "I haven't seen him in 7 years, why now"

Misato knew this was going to be a long ride. "Just try and cheer up"

Just then they pulled up to NERV headquarters and they were then lowered down into a geo-front. Misato saw Shinji's eyes light up, but still no one said a word. =Poor kid, I wonder how this big change is gonna affect him... and the commander?= Misato thought as the reached the bottom.

"Don't worry Shinji, we're going to take care of you here. You'll be feeling at home in no time at all." Misato then gestured her trademark peace sign with a wink of her eye. Shinji could only think, =is this what I want, a place to feel at home with. Or just a place that gives comfort for once?"=

Getting out of the car and walking to the large security door both of them were quite surprised at what they saw when the door opened.

"I'll take it from here." Gendo said in a commanding voice.

Shinji saw his father glaring at him when he spoke.

=I mustn't run away.=

Misato disappeared faster than Shinji could even acknowledge it. "Follow me third child." Shinji was nearly put into shock at how his father didn't even say his name. Only referring to him as a number.

Gendo walked down a few dark hallways with Shinji following with his head hung. They stopped in front of a door just as the hallways started to get brighter.

Gendo turned and said, "you have to be a pilot for the Evangelion unit 01" his voice was without emotion, no... there was almost anger in his voice.

Shinji stammered out, "why should I? I knew you were just going to use me,"

"Maybe so. but nonetheless you're going to do this. Just as your mother did." Just the thought of his mother made Shinji remember how angry he had always been with his father.

"I. I. can't do this for you."

=He's just about to give, I can see it in his weak eyes= Gendo thought.

"Fine then if you don't do it I'll get someone else" Shinji was surprised and confused all at once.

"In fact I already have someone else" Gendo said as he opened the door to reveal a hospital room.

=He will always be weak. He's still as I remember. He will be easy to control.=

In the bed was a young girl wrapped in so many blood stained bandages. She was asleep but you could see the discomfort in here face. Shinji was almost in tears, for he knew that she was the other pilot.

"She will die if she has to do it again, and it has to be done. You'll do it and follow my every command. Or she will do it and she will die a most painful death." Gendo said with such a hating and heartless voice that Shinji grabbed on to the doorframe from fear of collapsing at such words.

With that Gendo left down the hall with a grin on his face that was so fiendish it could have toppled the strongest will. =That takes care of him for now. I just have to make sure I can keep Rei in check with all that is to transpire=

"I have to do it." Shinji then slowly walked into the room and said down on the chair next to the bed. "How could anyone be this cruel...I'm the only one who can help her." He saw by her face that she had been crying. He didn't know if the pain was physical or not.

"I have to."


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